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What’s a Perfect PSAT Score and How to Get It

Oct 4, 2022

Do you desire a perfect PSAT score? And are you curious about how to accomplish it? You’re on the right page, then! Only rigorous exam preparation will result in a perfect PSAT score. Though getting the maximum score on this significant examination is no easy task, you succeed with the correct study strategy and resources.

This manual will explain what constitutes a perfect PSAT score and how to prepare to ace the exam. If you decide to embrace the challenge of getting the highest possible PSAT score, continue reading to understand how to do it.


What Does a PSAT Perfect Score Mean?

The 2015 changes to the PSAT examination have resulted in a different overall score range than the previous PSATs. The score ranges from 320-1520. Half of this score is determined by the Math section, while the other half is determined by the combined score of the Reading and Writing sections, consisting of evidence-based reading and writing, or EBRW. Scores for Math and EBRW range from 160 to 760.

To further classify it, you will receive a score between 8 and 38 in each of the four sections—Math, Reading, Writing, and Language. These determine your examination results (the results you receive before they are scaled).


To obtain your Math examination scaled score, you need to multiply your score by 20. For instance, scoring a 30 in Math would result in a final scaled score of 600 (as 30 x 20 = 600). The Reading and Writing sections are a bit more complicated. Since they are merged, you must add up your sectional scores before multiplying the total by 10. For instance, scoring a 30 in reading and a 34 in the writing section would result in a final scaled score of 640 (as (30 + 34) * 10 = 640). 

Thus, making 1520 the perfect PSAT score includes 760 on both the Math and EBRW sections. To get the PSAT max score, you must correctly answer every Math and Reading question. To get a perfect score in the Mathematics section, you must still correctly respond to every question. You can only answer one question incorrectly in the Writing portion to still receive all the points. Now, these sections have more flexibility because Reading and Writing are being evaluated collectively.


What Does Achieving the Perfect PSAT Score Mean?

For starters, achieving a perfect PSAT score demonstrates your thorough preparation and command of the Mathematics, Reading, and Writing abilities you’ll need in college. Achieving a perfect  PSAT score is exceptional, demonstrating how sincerely you took the examination and how well you pursued your objectives. 

Achieving a PSAT max score makes you feel extremely proud of yourself and prepares you for a National Merit distinction. National Merit Semifinalists are the top 1% of test takers, representing typically 16,000 students across the US. (A perfect 1520 would even surpass National Merit requirements!) You then have the chance to advance and be designated a National Merit Finalist and receive financial assistance (a chance to win a scholarship).


Some universities have merit-based scholarships for the National Merit Scholars. For instance, the Universities of Idaho and Oklahoma provide significant financial aid to students. Achieving the National Merit distinction on your candidacy is an excellent credential, even if your school doesn’t provide financial help.

As you may have noticed earlier, being well-prepared is essential for scoring well on the PSAT examination. A stellar academic background in class won’t lead you very far, even though the test calls for specific abilities in Mathematics, reading and comprehension, and grammar. These skills are tested in novel ways on the PSAT using questions designed specifically for the exam.


Even though the material isn’t always that complex, the questions are frequently phrased in novel or unconventional ways. It suggests that studying is helpful for performing well and that learners of all backgrounds can achieve high marks by using the proper strategy.

These are some tips on how to achieve a perfect PSAT score. 


4 Tips for Achieving a Perfect PSAT Score

A perfect PSAT score entails answering nearly all of the questions accurately. In previous years, to achieve the PSAT max score, you had to correctly respond to every question in the Mathematics and Reading sections. Still, now you have the flexibility in the Writing section of the examination. You can make one mistake or un-attempt one question in the Writing section before your scaled score begins to drop.

Today’s PSAT still has a challenging curve, particularly in Mathematics, as it accounts for 50% of your overall score. Reading and writing may allow for a bit more legroom, but you should still strive to answer every question correctly in these sections to receive the maximum of 1520 points.


Before beginning your preparation, determining your purpose is a good idea. Accordingly,  following a few weeks and months to keep yourself inspired and committed to your objective.

After reviewing the fundamentals, let’s check out the top four suggestions for preparing for the PSAT and achieving that perfect score.

  1. Set Specific Goals

It’s particularly challenging to pass the PSAT with a perfect score. But, you can achieve it if you sincerely desire it. Whatever your motivations, you need a strong sense of passion and drive to keep studying. Even though you’d rather play online games or watch movies, you must keep your attention on the 1520 target and link your everyday behaviors to your long-term objective.

According to former students and subject experts, outlining your goals before beginning your study strategy for getting a flawless grade is the best start for any examination. It will help you decide on all the other stuff you need to complete to keep you studying. Also, it will encourage you when you’re feeling down. Even if you aren’t yet getting perfect scores on your practice exams, you will be confident in your ability to succeed, which is a big part of this.

Once you’ve jotted down all your justifications for aiming for a perfect PSAT score, you must place that sheet on your study table or another prominent location where you can frequently view it. It will help you recall your initial goal and the upbeat attitude you initially established when feeling low.

Once you’ve committed to yourself and put your mind to it, you must start collecting all the resources and study materials that will enable you to get a perfect PSAT score.

  1. Make use of Superior Practise Resources

As previously stated, the PSAT’s latest release doesn’t include many approved practice materials. The College Board currently provides two complete practice exams and a selection of practice questions. Along with this, there are eight SAT practice tests, similar to the PSAT, except that they are substantially longer and more complex.

In addition to practice exams, you can watch lesson videos to review previously acquired material or to understand important SAT (and PSAT) concepts. To understand the PSAT’s framework, you not only need to focus on important topics,  such as arithmetic and grammatical rules but also on various other aspects, including time restrictions and all possible distraction techniques that can affect your performance in the examination. Because it is a nationally standardized examination, you may sometimes find certain question types are being repeatedly asked in various exams. You can spot a similar question allowing you to perform more quickly in the examination and helping you move towards a perfect score. Thus, solving practice paper questions can swiftly drive you towards the right answers and save your precious time for other challenging questions.

  1. Find and Evaluate your Strength and Weakness

Be sure to personalize your PSAT study plan to focus on your unique skills and weaknesses, employ high-quality resources, and keep a close look at question construction.

It will help if you focus your preparation time on areas that will yield the greatest results. Therefore, concentrate on reading comprehension review and methods if you have trouble finishing reading questions promptly. Take the effort to study specific grammatical rules if you frequently rely on what sounds proper to provide answers to grammar questions.

After noting your errors and the causes behind them, practice in those areas so you can avoid them in the future. The essential thing is to try to figure out why you dropped a question and, after that, take action to address the issue rather than just spend time reviewing your results. Finding the cause of a mistake will help prevent it from happening again.

You may improve the outcome of your preparation once you know the exact areas you need to focus on. In other words, you’ll need to drill specific material and practice questions with extreme care and concentration.

  1. Self-Reliant Drill Sergeant

To get a perfect PSAT score, you cannot miss any questions in the Math or Reading sections. You have an option to miss only one question in the Writing section. Thus, to strive for a perfect score, you must work on answering every question correctly in your practice test. Although it takes time and effort, this is what you want to achieve.

Keep studying and retaking the exam until you are answering every question correctly. Don’t let any mistakes get by. Although the content and language on the actual PSAT will differ, the questions will mostly be the ones you have already seen and responded to.


Create a study plan to achieve your goals, be sure to examine the material, take a practice test, evaluate your performance, and focus on the areas that require the most improvement. Make a timetable in writing, ensuring to allot a particular day or period each week.

More essential, focus on yourself. It will take some time before you get a perfect score. In addition, feel free to change to a more successful strategy if you discover your current one isn’t working well.

Perfect PSAT Score


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