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PSAT Practice Questions Section Wise

Oct 4, 2022

Several students take the PSAT, also known as a “preliminary SAT,” to get a strong foothold on their SAT preparations. Most high school eleventh-grade students in the United States take the PSAT examination. The test is also a requirement for students wishing to apply for the National Merit Scholarship Program. The SAT comprises an optional essay and sometimes has questions that are more difficult and advanced than those on the PSAT. If you don’t do well on the PSAT’s writing section, you’ll need to pay close attention to the grammar and vocabulary tests on the SAT. 

The PSAT practice questions replicate the SAT’s structure, question types, subjects, and time limits.


PSAT Questions: Sections-wise Question Distribution

So, how many questions are on the PSAT? Students would be given an overall composite score based on their sectional and sub-sectional performances. The PSAT examination is classified into four sections: Evidence-Based Reading, Language and Writing, Math (without a calculator), and Math (with a calculator).

1. Evidence-Based Reading

The PSAT Evidence-Based Reading section analyses your ability to read a passage, understand its central elements and key details, and respond to questions about it. Your understanding of facts, terms in context, and interpretation in science, history, and social studies will be put to the test by these questions.


Along with evidence-based questions, you will be given a choice between four passage extracts, and you can select the one that best supports the prior question. Questions about vocabulary in context will center on secondary word meanings.

The passages on the reading test are from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. You may be required to research hypotheses, evaluate facts presented differently, and perform additional analyses on some PSAT questions that depend entirely on what is said or implied in the text.


2. Language and Writing

The PSAT language and Writing section analyses your ability to identify and correct grammatical errors and alterations of phrases and terms to improve content. The Standard English Principles topic PSAT questions cover aspects including parallel construction, the usage of punctuation, and verb agreement. On the subject of Expression of Ideas, you’ll be evaluated on sentence structure and the purpose of transitional words or phrases used within the text.

3. Math

The PSAT Math questions are divided into two Math sections: One that permits using calculators and another that does not. Both consist of multiple choice questions (with four possible answer options) and short answer grid-in questions with possible answers from numerals 0 to 9, the decimal point (.), and the fraction bar (/) as answer choices. Sometimes, the info from the first segment of some questions is used to address the question in the second segment, which has two sections connected by a common theme.


PSAT Questions: Test Structure, Format, and Question Types

After the 2015 changes, the PSAT questions are framed in an updated manner. The new PSAT format tests students’ ability to answer reasoning questions. It places greater emphasis on the information, abilities, and understandings that are essential to achieving success after high school. The revised format gives more weight to a student’s capacity to understand word meaning in broader contexts and how word choice affects meaning, tone, and intensity. 

The three sections of the examination- Reading, Writing, and Math—measure a student’s proficiency in two fundamental subjects: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math. A modified PSAT exam pattern is used to assess the students’ knowledge. The total examination duration is 2 hours and 45 minutes.


Following is a preview of each section:

SectionSubsectionTotal Testing TimeTotal QuestionsTopics Covered
Evidence-Based Reading and WritingReading60 Minutes47The readings in this part are drawn from American and international literature, sociology, history, and science.
Evidence-Based Reading and WritingLanguage and Writing35 Minutes44The passages’ grammar, structure, and language may have certain mistakes that the response options need to correct.
MathWithout Calculator25 Minutes17Problem-solving, data analysis, and algebra’s core concepts to more advanced math concepts.
MathWith Calculator45 Minutes31Problem-solving, data analysis, and algebra’s core concepts to more advanced math concepts.

PSAT Practice Questions: The Best Way to Achieve Success

Even though the PSAT is frequently seen as an SAT warm-up, getting a qualifying score in it can make you eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Some of these scholarships cover the entire cost of education. Therefore, you should adequately prepare for the PSAT due to the possible benefit of performing well on this crucial test. Utilizing top-notch study resources is essential. It is also beneficial to use PSAT practice questions to see whether you are test-ready. You may check out the most recent PSAT practice questions for free, available on various websites. So you don’t have to pay much money for high-quality PSAT study resources.


Students can find various links online to practice PSAT questions freely. The PSAT practice questions will evaluate your knowledge and show how well you’ve studied for the actual PSAT. The practice questions will also show which topics require further research and comprehension.

For instance, when taking a PSAT practice exam, you must note down for each question whether the following claims are true or not.

  • I was sure I knew the right response.
  • I was apprehensive about my decision, but I picked the right response.
  • I had no notion which selection represented the right response.

By approaching the practice test, you may identify your strengths and weaknesses and select how much time to spend studying. You won’t need to invest much time preparing for the questions you confidently responded to in the affirmative. Still, you might want to quickly revisit this material to make sure you fully understand why you chose the response you did. 

The questions that you correctly answered but were unsure of may require a bit more time and attention. Naturally, most of your study hours will be devoted to the previous set of questions for which you were unsure of the right response. Don’t let these questions discourage you!

PSAT Practice Questions

Evidence-based Reading and Writing Questions

This section includes comprehension-based reading and writing exercises. There may be narrative sections, persuasive passages, and instructive portions among the passages you read. You won’t ever need to draw on any of your existing past knowledge on the subject because the passages will have all the information you need to respond to the test’s questions.

Psat Math Questions

  1. A player can solve simple or complex problems in one particular game. A player receives 30 points for correctly resolving an easy puzzle and 60 points for correctly resolving a difficult puzzle. Tina completed 50 puzzles while playing this game, scoring 1,950 points overall. How many difficult puzzles did Tina crack?

     A) 10

     B) 15

     C) 25

     D) 35  

2. Allan charges $15 for using his tools and $8.50 per hour spent trimming a lawn. Taylor bills $12 for his tools and $9.25 each hour he spends trimming a lawn. What are all the values of x where Taylor’s total cost exceeds Allan’s total cost if x is the number of hours spent trimming a lawn?

A) x > 4

B) 3≤ x ≤ 4

C) 4≤ x ≤ 5

D) x < 3

3. What is the value of b if x – 2 is a factor of x2 bx + b, where b is a constant?

Q) Calculate the value of c if (2c + 3) − (4c − 8) = 7 ? 

Q) Tyra has a subscription to an internet gaming service that costs $5 per month and $0.25 per hour of premium gameplay. Which of the following functions provides Tyra’s dollar cost for a month during which she plays premium games for x hours?

A) C (x) = 5.25x

B) C (x) =5x + 0.25

C) C (x) = 5 + 0.25x

D) C (x) = 5 + 25x

4) A soda manufacturer is using a 500-gallon tank of soda to fill bottles of soda. How many 20-ounce bottles can the tank fill in total?

(One gallon equals 128 ounces.)

A) 25

B) 78

C) 2,560

D) 3,200

5. During a three-hour journey, an automobile averaged 80 miles per hour and used 34 miles per gallon of fuel. How much petrol did the car use overall for the three-hour journey?

A) 2

B) 3

C) 6

D) 7

6. A basketball team from a high school last year won nearly 65 percent of the games they played. Which of the following could be true regarding the team’s overall season’s game count?

A) 22

B) 20

C) 18

D) 14

Conclusion: Correct Method for PSAT Practice Questions

Using the following strategies will help you get ready for the PSAT examination:

  • Solve the PSAT practice test and note down each question as previously mentioned. You can also utilize your PSAT study material. On this first practice test, don’t worry about the time.
  • Use the free online PSAT study guides to get a deeper knowledge of the regions that performed badly. You can click out the explanations of all the key ideas you need to be familiar with to perform well on the PSAT.
  • Try to use one or two study resources as much as possible while you take another PSAT practice exam. 

And, always remember, success on any exam comes from repetition and practice.

PSAT questions


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