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How to Get Your PSAT Score Report

Oct 4, 2022

The PSAT is a mock version of the SAT exam. You can check your preparation level for the SAT, depending on your PSAT scores. It also lets you identify your strong and weak points.

But how do you check your PSAT score report? When will it be declared? How can it help? What is mentioned in the PSAT score report?


These are some questions that beginner students frequently ask. If you are also looking for answers to such questions, this article is just for you!

Declaration of PSAT Score Report

Every year the College Board holds the PSAT test in October. When the administrators analyze the tests of all the applicants, they send an email to the relevant candidate in the name of the College Board. You can check your PSAT score report online via the College Board account you created earlier.


If you have your College Board account, create it as soon as possible by visiting their official website. This account is also accessible for the SAT and also for receiving AP test scores. However, if you are facing trouble accessing your College Board account, contact your high school guidance counselor. They will provide you with your access code for your online PSAT score report.

You will also receive your on-paper PSAT score report by the end of January.


What is Mentioned on the PSAT Score Report?

The PSAT score report includes your overall performance on the test. The PSAT score report comprises all your weaknesses and strengths in a detailed way. It also includes a percentile ranking of every student. You can compare your skill level with this ranking.

Your PSAT score report also contains a detailed preparation plan for the SAT based on your incorrect answers. It will help you in preparing for the SAT. This way, you can personalize your SAT study plan. You can also know your weak areas clearly by the detailed PSAT score report.


Analyzing your scores, you can also predict the most suitable AP course for increasing your GPA. 

How to Download the PSAT Score Report?

It is not hard to download your PSAT score report. You can download it in three different ways. These are given below:


Method 1: Checking your PSAT Score Report Online

  1. Wait for 6-8 weeks After the Exam:

The PSAT is held annually in October, and aspirants can get their scores in early December. However, schools receive your scores last November on the College Board page.

  1. Create your College Board Account:

The online PSAT score report is only accessible when you have your College Board account. So, go through the College Board website and create your free account. Then sign in from your account to get your score report.

  1. Get your Access code:

It may be possible that when you sign in to your College Board account, you may be asked for an access code. You can contact the guidance counselor in your school for this code.

Method 2: Analyzing the PSAT Scores

  1. Check your overall PSAT Scores:

The PSAT overall score includes the sum of Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Mathematics scores. This score ranges from 320 to 1520. This score lets you understand how much preparation you need for the SAT. It also lets you win the National Merit Scholarship.

  1. Get scores in the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section:

It is section 1 of the PSAT test paper. The score of this section ranges from 160 to 760. Knowing this score can let you understand your level of preparation for this section of the SAT.

  1. Get Mathematics Scores:

It is section 2 of the PSAT test paper. The score of this section also ranges from 160 to 760. With the help of this section’s score knowledge, you can start your Mathematics preparation for the SAT.

Method 3: Evaluating more Information via PSAT Score Report

  1. Know your Percentile Rank:

It will let you know how many aspirants are comparable to you. You can check how many students score more than you, i.e., have a higher score. You can compare your percentile with other students in your grade.

  1. Know your Strengths and Weak Points:

The PSAT is a mini-version of the SAT. You can use it for SAT practice. The PSAT score report is broken into small parts where you can also check your skills and specific areas where you are lacking and gaining. It aids you in determining your focus areas for the SAT.

  1. Know your attempted Correct Questions:

The PSAT score report breakdown allows you to verify correct and incorrect questions. It also provides you with an explanation of all the correct answers for each question in the test paper. You can also verify the difficulty level of the test.

  1. Know your College Readiness Benchmark:

The PSAT score report also identifies your college and career readiness depending on your performance on the test. It is shown in three different colors depending on your performance level.

PSAT Score Report Sections

The PSAT score report does not tell you the scores you earned on the test. There are certain sections in the report. These are mentioned below:

  1. Aspirant’s scores: The PSAT score report includes your scores. These are broken down into subscore, section score, and other scores. This information lets you improve your overall performance, highlight your skills, and identify areas where you need to improve more.
  2. Feedback for each question: You can check the correct answers provided by the administration and your answers in the PSAT score report. You can also check the difficulty level of the test in your report.
  3. PSAT overall scores: You can verify your composite scores in this section. The composite scores include the scores of each section separately. The scores for both sections range from 160 to 760, while the range of PSAT overall score is 320 to 1520.
  4. Selection Index: This PSAT score report section is used for analyzing the NMSQT scholarship eligibility of the applicant. You can calculate your selection Index by doubling the sum of scores for all PSAT sections.
  5. Percentile rank: The PSAT score report includes your percentile rank. This way, you can differentiate your performance from the other applicants. Generally, the PSAT score report includes two percentiles, i.e., PSAT/NMSQT User and Nationally Representative percentiles. These percentiles indicate the comparison between your score with the US students in the same grade.
  6. College and Career Readiness Benchmarks: It provides feedback on your readiness for college-level academic projects. It is indicated via three different colored lines, i.e., green, yellow, and red. Green indicates exceeding benchmarks, while red indicates poor benchmarks.


The PSAT outcomes are accessible for students in early December every year. However, the College Board changed the PSAT score report format in 2015. The PSAT score report is available online, and school counselors can get it from the College Board website.

The students first need to create their online account on the College Board site. If you already have an account, you need to sign in only. If the page is asking you for an access code from your high school counselor or the College Board, do not panic. You can contact any of them and request one.

Whether you have specific section results or the overall PSAT result, you can check all the related information on your PSAT score report.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I access the online PSAT/NMSQT scores and report?

When the College Board declares the results, they inform it via your email address. Every year the result is announced in early December. Hence, to get access to your online PSAT/NMSQT scores and report, follow the given below steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your PSAT account on the College Board page or create one on their official website.

Step 2: Select PSAT/NMSQT score option to locate your PSAT score report.

Step 3: You can also select the ‘Missing Score’ option instead of following step 2.

2. What can I learn from my answers?

You can learn the following things from your PSAT answers:

  1. Difficulty level of the questions.
  2. Your incorrect answers and explanations.
  3. Errors you have made in the PSAT.
  4. Number of questions you skipped.
  5. Areas where you need more improvement.
  6. Topics you find difficult to tackle.
  7. Type of questions you missed and skipped.
  8. Questions you skipped are associated with which area, i.e., subscore or cross-test.

3. What is the best way to use the PSAT score report?

Some most basic ways to use your PSAT score report are given below:

  1. To practice more: Although PSAT means Preliminary SAT, you can read it as Practice SAT. It is like a mock version of SAT. It can also help you strengthen concepts and point out weak areas.
  2. To overcome low score stress: The PSAT is just a practice version. So, why are you getting stressed about receiving low scores? Moreover, the College Board has not put a limit on the number of attempts. So, take advantage of this opportunity and hit a high score.
  3. Do not feel proud of getting a high score: A high score on PSAT does not mean you are prepared for the SAT. SAT is harder than PSAT. So, please do not get overwhelmed and feel proud of it.
PSAT Score Report


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