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Apr 30, 2022 | Turito Team USA

coding and robotics

With the surge wave of technology, parents are now more inclined toward making their kids learn more about coding and robotics. This field has become popular nowadays. Do many people assume that robotics and coding are the same things? But exactly, what are coding and robotics? Are they opposites? 

To explain in brief, robotics can be understood as a field of technology that includes the study of both hardware and software of the project you are working on, while coding refers to the software part. Coding was present from the beginning of the technology era because even the largest or the smallest computer device needed to be coded. Robotics is a new technology field that is majorly dominated by AI worldwide.

So, what will be your preference when it comes to choosing between robotics and coding? Will it be coding? Or will it be robotics? If you still have any confusion about both terms, this article will help you understand the benefit of each field over another. The article states a simple comparison between coding and robotics.


Writing instructions for the computer to read and execute accordingly is called coding. In this, people create a command manual for the computer to follow and perform the task sequentially or as instructed by the coder. Coding is done for various devices, from your little smartwatch to your large display smart TV. The most popular languages in which these computer codes are written are Java, Python, C++, and Javascript. All the machines capable of reading a set of logical statements can be coded or programmed.

Coding is the foundation of our digital world. According to Usborne Publishing’s Flap Computers and Coding, “We take children to swimming courses because swimming is a crucial lifesaving technique, not just because we need them to grow as professional swimmers.” Similarly, knowledge of code is a critical life skill in the technological world. Not everybody will be a programmer, but anyone will require programming skills. You either produce, or you fall.


The field of science and technology that deals with making and programming robots are called robotics. It may sound easy and fun, but it requires a deep understanding of things that need to be done, in what manner, what are the requirements for making the project successful, and will it be beneficial for the public society. All these things need attention while someone is working on a project. Robotics includes the study of subjects like software, mechanics, electrical, and electronics. The usage of physics and math is present at various and maximum stages.

A common impression of a robot is a device with legs and arms that can work autonomously with only a few instructions. On the other hand, robots may be any device that employs detectors to access data and provide responses such as motion, illumination, warmth, etc. For example, if we develop a basic gadget that administers sanitizer when a hand is detected nearby, we have made a cyborg.

Importance of coding

Every day, we are a step closer to a fully digitized world. The coding skill will give us an upper hand in this modernized era. Coding is not about learning facts or using them in daily life, but coding is something that develops our brain to think about how to do a given task at hand rather than thinking about what to do to complete the task. Among the most effective ways to accomplish this is to provide them with tools to devise the best potential ideas, and programming is one of those skills.

A good age to start coding

When a child is young, the brain is in the most active stage compared to whole life. It is best to let kids learn to code while their brain is still in the developing mode. They will easily grasp the concepts and use them in the most efficient and unique ways possible. With their growing age, the practice of code and their experience will boost a lot. By the time they become teens, they will have a lot of knowledge that a normal teenager does not have.

The coding skill will give your kid an upper hand in society. The ability to make new things will open a world of exciting opportunities for them.

As the saying goes, learning has no age, and it is true in this field. Letting kids learn to code at an earlier stage of life can make their brains sharper, more active, and creative. It’s a good time to start coding when your youngster starts reading and writing.

Is coding required in robotics?

Yes, coding is required in robotics. Programming is a sequence of procedures that a robot can comprehend and follow. Robotics is the application of electronics, mechanics, and computer software to program robots to do certain tasks. Robots can readily execute activities that men are incapable of performing.

Skills you get by learning coding and robotics

Kids who know how to code are more likely to excel in the field where active learning is required. Their brains are already developed to face various life situations and know how to deal with them. They also have an idea about the best solution possible which will help resolve the issue at hand most beneficially. There are many other skills taught by the child who is inclined toward coding and robotics.

These skills majorly include the following:

  • Readiness: Industry is advancing, and students must be better determined to continue up.
  • Cooperation: Children work in groups to modify their machines to participate in a wide range of developmental challenges.
  • Coding abilities: In addition to learning how to write pieces of code, your youngster will find new approaches to solve issues.
  • Technical skills: Students must divide the issue into pieces and then solve it for large automation tasks.
  • Enhance your writing and speaking skills in communication: Interaction is a talent you will need throughout your life.

 5 ways to get started in coding and robotics

Xcode VR allows youngsters to program a virtual robot in various 3D environments. Here’s what to expect from VEXcode VR:

  • Virtual assistants: Users may program powertrains to maneuver, detectors to sense environments, writing capabilities to sketch creatively, and electromagnets to engage with game elements in tasks using a pre-built robot.
  • Virtual parks: Students may choose from a variety of 3D virtual play areas to test out the characteristics of their digital robot. The new features include viewpoint management when the robot executes code, visual statistics on the parks’ panel, play areas that include grids Map, Art canvas, Coral Reef cleaner, etc. There is no need to install any program because it is internet-based. Xcode VR also works well on a variety of PC and mobile browsers.
  • Transform blocks code to Python: By tapping on the coding reader console, learners may see their program in the Python language at any moment.
  • Sports and hurdles: The actions are focused on the parks that are accessible. And each park has a unique set of obstacles.
  • Joining the Bellingham coding and robotics club is an inclusive and fun space where coding and robotics kids learn a lot of new concepts. You will develop critical thinking abilities, coding, hands-on experience on robots and drones, learning 3D printing, and lots more. 

What’s next?

After learning about what is coding and robotics and coding and robotics classes, students must learn how to create something new out of what they have already learned. Experimenting with knowledge and creativity can work wonders. The best way to make the kid learn is to let them do whatever they want. Keep challenges, but interesting ones. Please do not compare the kids with each other or not compare yourself to others or their achievements. Bring on your computers and start coding and making robots. 

Q1. Are Bellingham coding and robotics clubs sufficient for coding and robotics kids?

Ans: After joining the Bellingham coding and robotics club, many normal kids became coding and robotics kids. Their community creates an environment that suits the kids and encourages them to create their robots using crazy ideas. The instructors set up a productive environment for kids who do not have prior experience. They help code and robotics kids pace up with the other kids in the class, thus enhancing their development progress.

Q2. Which one to choose – robotics or coding?

Ans: Coding and robotics help improve communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. While the former is the set of written instructions for a computer or robot, the latter will perform the task for which it was designed. Depending upon your interests, you can choose coding or robotics to increase your cognitive gains. 

Q3. Are coding and robotics important? 

Ans: Getting an education in either of the fields will help you find the best possible solutions to real-life problems. Yes, coding helps in that. And robotics will help you build up an effective problem-solving ability. Start reading coding and learn how to do things easily. Therefore, both coding and robotics are important as they are the future of the upcoming tech world. 

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