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Robotics Project – Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Mar 20, 2023

Robots are unique gadgets! Everyone will agree to it, especially kids. Robots can make the task easier for most difficult chores, and don’t we all deserve better now and then? Studying how to build robots is an even more approachable and appealing way to get kids interested in science and technology.

Mr. Robot Project: An Advanced Way of Learning!

All robots are captivating, from the meticulous robots in the factory line performing repetitive duties to the ones gathering data on the Moon. They even make excellent fictional characters and are adored and cherished by kids worldwide. Here are some interesting robotics projects for kids; these aren’t real robots because they lack computer chips, sensors, and decision-making skills. Let’s get started.


Mr. Robot Project: Interesting Statistical Data

By 2020, there were about 12 million robotic units worldwide. It’s estimated that between 2020 and 22, there will be a 12% rise in global robot exports. Around the globe, 88% of organizations intend to integrate robotic automation into their structure. These amazing robotics data reveal that the sector is at an all-time peak.

We’re certain that most children have a favorite robotic avatar or one they’ve made up in their imaginations. But what about making their robot? Isn’t that interesting?


Most children do not have an opportunity to learn about robotics in school. Despite that, it is a field that is receiving widespread attention, and academic institutions are now eager to incorporate robotics into their curricula. Let’s go over some of the top beginner robotics projects for kids.

Mr. Robot Project: Things to Keep in Mind!

Kids who want to start their robotics projects must first learn to make an appropriate decision. Robotics is a fun way to help children develop their inventiveness, rational reasoning, and passion.


The robotics projects for kids should be complicated enough to provide a meaningful hands-on learning experience while being simple enough that kids do not lose confidence and miss out on the fun of building them. All these young scientists should feel as if the robot is their creation.

Mr. Robot Project: Set Your Goals

Before beginning a robotics projects, it is essential to establish project goals. For example, a simpler robot that is less expensive and requires less time to create may be preferable for beginners or younger kids. On the other hand, a more complex robot project, which costs more and requires more time, would be ideal for an experienced or advanced student.


Another component of designing a robot that kids should consider before beginning the project is the goals or skills of the robot they wish to construct. Will it be able to move by itself? How will kids connect with and control the robot? Will the robot be able to avoid stumbling blocks? These are only a few things to think about.

Mr. Robot Project: 10 Robotics Projects for Kids

Here are 10 interesting robotics projects ideas to help kids get started on their robotic hand project journey.


Robotic Line Follower Project

It is the easiest beginner’s robotics projects for kids to get started with. Using IR sensors, kids can make a robot that can sense the black line and track it without any deviations. Kids can use simple drag-and-drop scratch-based programming to program the microcontroller and make the robot work. Kids can change the application in the future to perform other robotics functions.

Robotic Frog Leaping Project

It is a fascinating and really enjoyable project. Kids will require AA batteries, one battery holder, one pop can, and a DC motor popsicle stick to create this robot. The robot frog leaping project is perfect for beginners or those who do not have computer abilities as it does not involve coding!


However, to maintain safety standards, parents must watch their kids as they will be using equipment such as an X-Acto knife and scissors. The outcome would be a  robot leaping and jumping like a frog. It will be amazing!

Mobile Controlled Robotic Project

Did kids know that they can create a robot that can be commanded and controlled using their smartphones? The DTMF technology enables the robot to communicate with the user and take appropriate actions. In this robotic project, kids will utilize drag-and-drop scratch-based programming to enable the robot to work.


Robotic Firefighter Project

These robotics projects for kids are both useful and entertaining to build. The robotic firefighter will detect fire from a distant location and go in that direction to extinguish it. Kids need to use digital IR sensors to assist the robot in detecting the fire, DC motors will assist it in moving in that direction, and a DC micro fan will extinguish the fire. Kids will also need to utilize easy drag-and-drop scratch-based programming to make the robot work. 

Robotic Car Project

Toy cars are popular among teens. With this robotics projects, kids can comprehend the mechanics behind these toy cars. For building a robot car, all we need is two skewers, two AAA batteries, four bottle lids for wheels, a hard piece of foam, and straws.

Kids may add fun by adding funny eyes and accessories to their robotic cars. Kids must seek help from their parents and should work under their supervision. They will be using potentially dangerous tools such as an X-Acto knife, a hot glue gun, a butte knife, and scissors; therefore, adult supervision is necessary. The final results of this robotic project will be spectacular, leaving kids with a sense of achievement.

Mini Robotic Bug Project

It is an easy robotics projects for kids. Kids can turn a safety pin into a small robotic bug with a few simple steps. It requires affordable supplies like two LEDs for glowing eyes, paper clips, a coin cell lithium battery, one vibrating motor, and wires.

Place the little robot bug on flat surfaces and observe how quickly it moves. Adults can handle the soldering, or kids can do it under parental supervision. The final results are so thrilling that there will be no surprise if kids produce many of them.

Dog Robot Project

Now let’s study and progress a little further in the robotic projects. Four-legged may appear to be a difficult undertaking, but don’t worry, it isn’t. Moving forward step by step will make everything easier to implement. So let’s build a small robotic dog!

The small dog robot project was established to create a small, compact, clever, and competent robot dog that anybody can make from scratch using off-the-shelf components such as DC motors, a microcontroller, a battery pack, a battery holder, and other widely available electronics.

Because the robot must be as stable as possible, providing all legs the same length for smooth movement is always preferable. This project teaches kids about engineering principles such as body and leg motion systems.

Robotic Soccer Player Project

Kids adore soccer, don’t they? So why not build a  popular robotics soccer player project that is quite simple and interesting? Kids can call their buddies, gather around the table, and create their own mobile phone soccer-playing robots. The sport of robot soccer seems fun, so why not challenge one another?

Kids would need a graphical, kid-friendly coding programming software to create the DIY soccer-playing robot. It is one of the most fun and easiest robotics projects.

Robotic Hand Project: Gesture Controlled Project

Constructing a robot that can be commanded and directed with hand gestures is incredible? When kids move their hands forward, the robot moves forward as well. The robot will move back when the hand turns back. Isn’t it incredible? The robot hand project is based on the same video game concept as the child’s mobile phone. An accelerometer enables the robot to connect with the operator and take appropriate actions.

Kids will utilize drag-and-drop scratch-based programming to make the robot hand project work. Kids in this project can also use PictoBlox and the smartphone application Dabble.

Robotic Propeller Car Project

If kids like cars, they should try this intriguing and entertaining robotics propeller car project. All one needs is delicate items such as bamboo sticks, balsa, corkboard, rigid cardboard, or anything for smooth acceleration. Use lightweight wheels and make the car lighter to allow it to go quickly.

Kids can make a robotic propeller car by a simple and basic procedure. Kids can also coat their favorite bright colors on the car to make it more appealing.

Stair Climbing Robot 

For reconnaissance and/or search and rescue operations in structures and cities, small, tracked mobile robots have been developed. These missions frequently call for autonomous stair climbing. 

Robot with RF Control 

We begin with a simple Arduino-based robot. It can be controlled remotely via an RF remote control. This robot can be built quickly and affordably. Aside from being omnidirectional, the RF remote control has a good controlling range (up to 100 meters with proper antennae). The Arduino UNO board serves as the robot’s brain.

Robotic Arm Operated by Mouse on Computer 

Through the computer mouse, the robotic arm created for this project can be controlled. This project also uses MATLAB to make its own decisions regarding image processing.


Robots are well-known figures in today’s world, and their global economic and social influence makes it evident that kids must be technologically and intellectually prepared for it today. These beginner robotics projects for kids teach the fundamentals of Science, Physics, and Engineering.

Robotics as a subject has grown in popularity. Even some of the world’s best academic institutions are creating venues for kids to join, express themselves, and invent the future of the robotics world.

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