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Florida Bright Futures SAT Score & Scholarship Requirements

Oct 3, 2022

If you can get through the application process, the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship programs are fantastic college finance possibilities for Floridians. The qualifying standards for the scholarships available are exceptionally nitpicky and time-consuming. However, in addition to being a high-paying career, it is very competitive and has stringent qualifications. The standards specified in the Bright Futures guidebook might seem daunting, and students may be discouraged from applying. So we’ve done the legwork for you and simplified the criteria! Continue reading to find out all you need to know about the Bright Futures scholarship requirements. 

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Bright Futures Scholarships:

1. Florida Academic Scholar (FAS):

Florida Academic Scholar (FAS) awardees may receive support for a maximum of 120 semester hours toward the completion of a first bachelor’s degree for up to five years after high school graduation. All relevant tuition and fees are included. Students who attend a private university will receive an equivalent reward, however, they may not pay the whole cost. Winners will also get $300 every semester to help with further school expenses. This is only given to “A grade” students. This Bright Futures program is the most competitive and has the most stringent standards. 

2. Gold Seal Vocational Scholar (GSV): 

The Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars award acknowledges high-achieving high school graduates and expands postsecondary possibilities for Florida’s best vocational and technical students. GSV students can get up to 60 credit hours for an applied technology program or up to 72 credit hours for a technical degree program. Its GPA and test score standards are lower than those of Florida Academic Scholars and Florida Medallion Scholars.


3. Florida Medallion Scholar (FMS):

Florida Medallion Scholars will earn 75% of tuition and fees in the fall and spring semesters. Activity and service costs, health expenses, athletic fees, financial aid fees, capital improvement fees, campus access/transportation fees, technology fees, and tuition differential fees are all applicable. It’s aimed at “B grade” students. While FMS scholars get 25% less income than FAS scholars, the lower GPA, and test score standards ensure that this prize is offered to a large number of qualified students each year.

4. Gold Seal CAPE Scholar (GSC): 

The GSC scholarship is intended for students who achieved an associate degree via the CAPE program (particularly in the scientific or applied science disciplines) and plan to pursue a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Applied Science at a Florida college or university. GSC scholarship recipients get support for up to 60 credit hours in an appropriate degree program.


Bright futures sat requirements:

  • Florida Academic Scholar (FAS): 
  • Test Score: SAT 1330
  •                       ACT 29
  1. GPA: 3.5 Weighted
  2. Service Hours: 100 Hours
  • Gold Seal Vocational Scholar (GSV): 
  1. Test Score: SAT Reading 24, Writing Lang 25, Math 24

                    ACT English 17, Reading 19, Math 19

  1. GPA: For vocational education courses, the weighted average is 3.0 and the unweighted average is 3.5.
  2. Service Hours: 30 Hours
  • Florida Medallion Scholar (FMS):

                              Test Score: SAT 1210 


                                                  ACT 25

                              GPA: 3.0 Weighted


                              Service Hours: 75 Hours

  • Gold Seal CAPE Scholar (GSC): 

                         Test Score: SAT Reading 24, Writing Lang 25, Math 24


                    ACT English 17, Reading 19, Math 19

GPA: For vocational education courses, the weighted average is 3.0 and the unweighted average is 3.5.


Service Hours: 30 Hours

Trying to cram in 75-100 service hours in the short months before high school graduation would not be enjoyable (remember that your service hours all have to be completed before you get your diploma). If you begin volunteering as a freshman, you will only need to volunteer for an hour every 2-3 weeks to complete these requirements.

Bright futures requirements 2021:

  • You must be a Florida resident and either a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen. You are eligible regardless of where your parents live as long as you are a Florida resident.
  • Earn a diploma from a Florida high school or an equivalent high school. This diploma can be obtained at a public high school or a licensed private high school.
  • Be enrolled in, or planning to enroll in, at least six credit hours every semester.
  • Complete the Florida Financial Aid Application by August 31 the year of your graduation.
  • Enroll in a postsecondary education program in Florida.
  • Not have a criminal conviction.

Alternate ways to qualify for FAS and FMS Scholarships:

Students who do not satisfy the above-mentioned test requirements may nonetheless be eligible for the FAS or FMS. You are excused from testing if you have won any of the following awards:

  • Scholars and National Merit Finalists
  • Hispanic Scholars of America
  • Advanced International Diploma in Education
  • Diploma of the International Baccalaureate

Bright futures sat requirements(FAS and FMS):   

The Florida Academic Scholar minimal SAT score is 1330, which falls in the 85-90th percentile – suggesting that you should outperform around 85% of your classmates and rank in the upper 15% to obtain the FAS. To get the Florida Medallion Scholar minimum score of 1210, you should strive for the 75-80th percentile, outperforming 75% of your classmates and ranking in the top 25% of SAT takers. For the ACT, a FAS score of 29 places you in the 90th percentile, which implies you are among the top 10% of all ACT takers. For an FMS score of 25, you’ll want to be in the 78th percentile or the top 22%. These are outstanding test results all around. Studying for the SAT/ACT will be an important component of the application process for kids hoping to afford college through the Bright Futures Scholarships. Consider using free online resources, working with a skilled teacher, or forming a peer study group to assist you to get that 1210/1330 or 25/29 score.          

Bright futures GPA requirements(FAS and FMS):

The minimum GPA requirement for the Florida Academic Scholar award is 3.5, while the minimum GPA requirement for the Florida Medallion Scholar award is 3.0. Again, most students are held back not by the GPA criterion, but by a lack of test results. Maintaining a college GPA of 3.0 for FAS scholars and a GPA of 2.75 for FMS scholars is required to continue the scholarship for all four years. If each year equals 30 credit hours, students must maintain those GPA criteria each year to be eligible for financing the next year until they have completed their full 120 credit hours. Both the FAS and FMS awards need the following high school classes for your high school coursework:

4 English classes, with significant writing in three of them,4 Math subjects, each at or above the Algebra I level, FMS Natural Science has three classes, two of which have lab work, 3 Social Science courses, 2 World Language lessons in the same language, taken successively. If you only take three math courses (for example, missing a course in your final year), you may be in danger. If you want to be considered for a Bright Futures Scholarship, you should complete four English and four math classes, even if your high school does not require it.

Final Advice

If you’ve worked hard to get into college, you’re likely eligible for either the Florida Academic Scholar award or the Florida Medallion Scholar award. There are several strategies to improve your chances of receiving a Bright Futures scholarship. You may begin by ensuring that your exam scores and GPA are as good as possible. You may improve your exam results by choosing between the SAT and the ACT. It is also critical to select the finest teacher and decide the optimal time to take these examinations. The Florida Bright Futures Scholarships are an excellent chance for high school students to continue their education without incurring a major financial burden. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What ACT score do I need for a Bright Futures scholarship?

A.The Florida Academic Scholars program needs an ACT score of at least 29, while the Florida Medallion Scholars program requires a score of at least 25. Gold Seal CAPE Scholars have no minimum ACT score, and Gold Seal Vocational Scholars have varying minimum scores.

2. What is the bright future sat requirement?

A.To be eligible for the Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars grant, you must have a minimum SAT score of 1330 or a qualifying ACT score of around 29.

3. Is it possible to lose your Florida Bright Futures scholarship?

A. If you do not repay your Bright Futures scholarship, you will lose it forever. After repayment, those hours are added to your remaining hours for financing reasons. You may make a written appeal to FSU for hours dropped or withdrawn beyond the last day of the drop/add period if you have a genuine sickness or emergency.

Bright Future’s SAT Score


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