Cornell University SAT Scores, GPA Requirements

Sep 9, 2022 | Turito Team USA

Cornell University is among the eight Ivy League schools. Cornell University also provides more courses than most other universities. And if you like libraries, you’ll be pleased to know that they have the world’s finest academic libraries.

With all of this, many students want to study at Cornell. However, admission is not easy because it is considered one of the top colleges. So, are you also worried about Cornell’s average SAT and GPA? We believe you are incredibly fortunate to have arrived on this page, as we have prepared a complete guide for you. We’ll talk about what grades you’ll need to get into Cornell. Are you eager to get started? Let’s get started.

An Overview

Cornell University was put into place in the year 1865 in Ithaca (New York) by Andrew Dickson White & Ezra Cornell.

According to the “2021 US News ranking,” Cornell is the 18th leading University in the United States. As per the “QS world university ranking (2021),” the university stands out as the 18th best university in the world.

Cornell’s tuition is $59,316 for admitted students (2020-21). The school has a complete enrollment of 24,027 students. Cornell has a student-to-faculty ratio of 9:1. There is one faculty member for every nine students, allowing each student to receive personalised attention. At Cornell, 56.3% of classes have less than 20 students.

Cornell University has notable alumni from around the world. Some notable alumni include American lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Indian industrialist Ratan Tata, and American scientist Barbara McClintock.

What Qualities Does Cornell Look for in a Pupil?

Before applying to Cornell, carefully examine yourself to see if you possess the qualities Cornell seeks. You can’t expect to become a part of this Institution and then realise you don’t have what they’re looking for in a student. They go into greater detail about these topics here, and here they are:

  • Intellectual Capability

Cornell inquires this: “Have you pushed yourself to take the most challenging courses? How have you illustrated your eagerness to learn? ” They want to know if you’re the type of student who can develop and nourish your intellect. They also wish to see how sharp your mind is.

  • Personality

Cornell is looking for compassion, initiative, integrity, and open-mindedness regarding personality or character. They even inquire whether your recommendations and personal statements contribute to your dependability. In some ways, they wish to see a character who embodies the principles they describe while also reflecting on your own.

  • Involvement

They’re interested in how you utilise your time outside school because it is all about co-curricular activities. They even inquire as to what skill sets or interests you have developed. They wish to see a distinctiveness in you that very few students possess.

Reasons to Select Them

This component in Cornell’s shortlisting is distinctive because they desire to see how you will benefit from their services. They like to know why you chose to apply to them and why you believe it is the best fit for you.

Please proceed to the next step once you’ve spent some time comprehending what the University is looking for and are confident you have it!

Statistics on Cornell Admissions

When it comes to your admissions chances, three numbers stand out: your GPA, your SAT scores, and the acceptance rate. All of this adds up to tell you what grades you need to get into the prestigious Cornell University. Cornell’s average SAT composite score is 1480. Analysis of Cornell University typical SAT scores (New 1600 SAT) The New SAT score in the 25th percentile is 1420, and the SAT score in the 75th percentile is 1540.

 To be precise, 1420 puts you below average, whereas 1540 puts you above average. There is no abject SAT demand at Cornell, but they are looking for at least 1420 to be considered. Cornell’s average GPA is 4.07. Hence, it is clear that along with SAT, Cornell is extremely competitive in terms of GPA.

 At Cornell, the SAT is necessary but along with it, they expect you to be at the forefront of your class with a GPA of 4.07. To compete with other applicants, you will need to earn outright A’s in all of your classes. You must also have taken a significant number of AP or IB lessons to demonstrate your capacity to succeed in academic challenges.

 While you have to toil hard to maintain your SAT score, Cornell also makes it evident that if you’re a senior/junior, your GPA will be difficult to change from this point forward. If your GPA is lower than or equal to the average of 4.07, you will need to at least reach the Cornell average SAT score to help make up and demonstrate that you’re ready to tackle college academics. This will allow you to compete effectively with other applicants. SAT, Cornell has a 10.9% acceptance rate. In other words, only 11 of the 100 students who apply are accepted.

 This indicates that the school is extremely selective. Scores are critical for passing the initial round of filters. Following that, you will be required to impress them in ways other than your academic performance.

 Since this school is incredibly selective, having an excellent GPA and SAT score is essential for admission. If you do not meet the typical SAT and GPA requirements of Cornell University, they will most probably reject you without giving it much thought.

To be safe, aim for the 75th percentile, which requires a 1540 SAT and a 4.07 GPA or higher. But wait, guys, this is only the first step; you’ll need to enchant them with your achievements and extracurricular activities after that. However, if you are applying with a 1480 SAT or lower, your chances of admission are slim.


Cornell University is an outstanding institution. They desire the additional factors that make them an excellent institute because their students embody diversity.

The college values a context with experience. It demonstrates that they are always looking for students who are more than just a one-time show. They want the same student with some upsurge and a few solid points sprinkled in.

They’re looking for a student who isn’t well-rounded but rather one who rejects the conventional way of life. If you are that student, welcome to Cornell World!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the SAT or ACT preferred by Cornell University?

71% of students were only sent to Cornell SAT results. When applying, 44% of applicants include their ACT scores.

 2. What are my chances of admission to Cornell University?

11% of the students who apply are admitted to Cornell. Admission competition is fierce as the university has extremely high admission standards. Check to see if your Cornell University typical SAT scores and grades are adequate for admission.

 3. What is the minimum SAT score at Cornell that is considered necessary for admission?

The middle 50% of admitted students have SAT scores ranging from 1400 to 1540. When applying, 71% of students include their SAT scores.

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