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Digital SAT Hacks to Get a Better Score

Mar 14, 2024

For several students, the digital SAT exam format is a completely new pattern of examination. It can be challenging for them to prepare for it. Students might face several barriers in their preparation, such as stress, anxiety, financial constraints, and time management. However, it is crucial for them to remember that these barriers can be overcome with multiple resources and strategies that are available to help them succeed in the SAT exam. 

This article will help you acknowledge some of the best digital SAT hacks to get a better score in the entrance exam and grab a seat at your dream college.


Hacks to Score Better in SAT Exam

Look at what you must follow in order to clear the SAT exam.

New Reading and Writing Format

Prepare accordingly for the reading and writing section, keeping in mind the following factors:

  • Understanding of rhetoric
  • Use of language
  • Comprehensive ability

Mostly, the passages given in the reading and writing section are from different subjects, such as humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and english literature. This section is crafted to monitor your literacy, skills, and knowledge, with numerous topics representing the text difficulty you will face at college. Hence, to display your grammar and english skills, prepare yourself well for the section and try answering maximum questions correctly.

New Math Section

For the new math section of the digital SAT exam, your skills will be tested on the following subjects:

  • Trigonometry and Geometry
  • Problem-solving and Data Analysis
  • Algebra
  • Advanced Math

The number of problem questions that used to occur in the SAT exam has been decreased by the college board in the math section. They are now focusing on the application of the theory of mathematical concepts. Both student-produced responses and multiple-choice questions will be asked in the math section of the SAT exam. Hence, prepare well for the math section with regular and constant practice of questions and formulas.

Focus and Motivation

It can be a long and challenging procedure to prepare for the digital SAT exam. However, it is important for you to stay focused and motivated to score better.

  • Draw a preparation schedule and stick to it strictly. This will help you manage and utilize your time efficiently and stay organized.
  • Set certain goals for each day. For instance, try practicing 2 to 3 topics or more tests each day.
  • Take small breaks in between studying to refresh your mind and stay motivated.
  • Seek support from family, tutor, or friends.

Preparation Resources

Apart from the sample test questions, try developing your analysis and comprehension skills by following the key points given below:

  • Read historical speeches
  • Solves numerous questions from the old SAT format
  • Read newspapers to improve your vocabulary and reading speed
  • Stay updated with current global debates

Time Management

Your digital SAT score plays a major role in your admissions if you are seeking a preferable college for your higher studies. It is crucial for you to acknowledge the importance your digital SAT score holds, and you must learn the right process of preparation for the exam to raise your chances of getting admitted to your dream college. When preparing for your exams, it is crucial that you strictly follow your preparation schedule and align with the required time for each subject. Also, be sure to take small breaks of 15 to 20 minutes to relax yourself.


Language Barriers

If you are not very familiar with the English language and face difficulties while reading and writing it, then scoring good marks in your SAT exam can be challenging. Hence, in such a case, ensure that you invest ample time to prepare for the English reading and writing section of the SAT test. Try reading the English language as much as possible, and also improve your language skills by learning the grammar rules. In addition, you can also seek help from a language teacher or a tutor while preparing for the reading and writing section.

Stay Updated

It is extremely important for you to be aware of the latest updates and changes made in the exam format or syllabus. With the new digital format of the SAT exam, there can be relevant changes and updates made by the college board to enhance the testing experience. You can acknowledge any changes made by visiting the college board’s official website and prepare yourself accordingly for the exam.


Bluebook as a Platform

As you know, the digital SAT is administered on Bluebook, which is a student testing platform. The Bluebook app can be installed on your devices once you sign up for the digital SAT exam and create an account.

Shorter Digital SAT Format

The digital SAT has a shorter format than the earlier one. Whereas the old format was pretty extensive and required three or more hours for completion. The new digital SAT format is student-friendly and also releases the test scores just a few days after the exam. The test duration in the length of the digital SAT format is:

  • Reading and writing: 64 minutes for 54 questions
  • Math: 70 minutes for 44 questions


Now, you are aware of the digital SAT hacks to get a better score in the entrance exam. For a more comprehensive preparation path, consider checking the Reading and Writing Section preparation plan on the Turito online learning platform. It includes practice tests, questions, and additional SAT materials for both in-class and personal revision. Best of luck with your Digital SAT!

Turito, a live one-to-one online teaching platform, also provides live preparatory courses for small group batches. The Digital SAT Score Booster Live Prep Course offers numerous live lessons, practice tests, questions, strategy sessions, further SAT materials, and end-to-end support. Explore a free lesson to kickstart your preparation, and wish you success on the Digital SAT!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is digital SAT easier than the older format?

Yes, as compared to the older paper and pencil version, the digital SAT format is much easier.

How many modules are there in the digital SAT exam?

The digital SAT exam has two sections, with each section divided into 2 modules of the same length.

What is the new update in digital SAT?

The new digital SAT has combined the writing and reading sections, which were separated in the older format.

Digital SAT Hacks To Get a Better Score


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