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Sat Test Scores: How to Send SAT Scores to Colleges?

Dec 21, 2022

How to Send SAT Scores to Colleges

Are You Ready to Send Your SAT Scores to Your Dream University? If Yes, Read Now!

Once a student graduates from high school, deciding the subject of study they should pursue is one of the most important decisions of their lives. Confusion, frustration, aspirations, and other emotions abound throughout this time in a student’s life, and above all, studying abroad seems to be out of reach. Just imagine how difficult it would be. Now, what if studying abroad could be your cup of tea? 

You must have cracked a smile. Continue to preserve your smile till the end of this blog. 


So, if you are a committed student and prepared to put in the effort, you can complete your degree from your ideal university overseas. Yes, you heard it right. All you need to do is send SAT scores to your dream colleges. Keep flowing with the contents of this blog to know further.  

The Expert’s Guide to the SAT Dreams:

Many students want to study abroad but are unsure of where to begin. The first step in doing this is getting accepted into the foreign institution or university of your choice, and to do that, you must have a definite SAT score. You must take the SAT to enroll in any college program, notably US universities. One needs to be aware of the SAT exam specifics for the same.


You must be thinking of searching for the SAT complete form in another browser tab. Do not do this, as this blog will quench all your thirst.

The term SAT connotes the ‘Scholastic Assessment Test.’ It is an admission exam for students hoping to enroll in undergraduate programs of institutions in other countries. It is a written test that assesses applicants’ language and quantitative reasoning abilities. 


Additionally, the institutions you apply to examine your SAT results when evaluating your application for admission.  We will discuss in the coming section how to send SAT scores to colleges to which you aspire. 

Furthermore, SAT exam has components for math and evidence-based reading and writing. The exam also includes an essay portion, though it is not mandatory for applicants. The maximum score on the SAT exam is 1600, with a total score ranging from 400 to 1600. It got discovered that in 2019, SAT average was 1059. Sub scores and cross-test scores are additional metrics used in the SAT exam to assess a candidate’s degree of proficiency.


The Most Awaited Gem of this Blog

How to send SAT scores to colleges? Do you understand what your SAT results mean in terms of your personality?

Well, just as you would carry identification to demonstrate citizenship in a particular nation, your SAT scores indicate college readiness.


Interesting, isn’t it? 

There are Two Ways for Applicants to Submit Their SAT Results to Colleges: 

The first method is free, After you take the SAT, your results are made public between two and six weeks after the test date. Colleges can receive the results of four tests for free. The names of the universities should only be made public before the test if the candidates have indeed decided and are confident they will perform well on it. Ten days after the official announcement, the college board sends the results.


Furthermore, students do not need to spend extra money to transmit their scores to 4 universities. The registration charge gets subtracted from the fee. 

As per the second method, candidates who pay the required fees may receive supplementary score reports, which get included in the standard score report.


Let us now Discuss the Steps Required to be Complied with in SAT Sending Scores.

  1. Go to the website for your college board and log in with your account. Next, select the link that says ‘Send Scores’ that is visible on the page.
  2. Select the option to ‘send available scores’ now if you wish to send your results right away or if you have signed up for the upcoming SAT exams; click on ‘deliver scores when accessible’ in the alternative.
  3. Classify and choose the colleges you want based on state and name. Click ‘add’ after picking the colleges to designate them as score report receivers.
  4. After you have included all the collages in your inventory, pay the fees if you ship the results to more than four collages.
  • Sign in after the SAT examination date to see if the results are submitted or not.

The applicants may also mail the SAT scores. Candidates must fill out an application form provided by the College Board and send it to the University Board to request supplementary score reports.

The Other Spicy Ingredients in the List 

You must be wondering when the inquiry of what SAT score data gets communicated with colleges will arise. Well, now is the time. 

Your report should include total and section results that should be translated to the College Board’s 400–1600-point range for all SAT course exams and a duplicate of the essay if applicable. The candidate’s College Board account now contains previous SAT results. The candidate can provide whichever SAT scores he wants with the help of the Score choice option.

Now, let us talk about some money matters or fees to be paid. 

  • If you send four free registration score results accessible for nine days following the test date, there is no fee to be paid. 
  • If you are sending more than four score reports beyond the time frame mentioned above, then the fee to be paid is $ 12
  • If the results via phone are sent simultaneously with scores online, then the fee to be paid is $ 15 per call. 

So, all the students should therefore set aside some cash for Christmas, or they can even ask Santa for some.


A common dream is to study abroad. Live your dream now. Send your SAT scores so you may create the future you choose. I hope your first rung on the success ladder will be this blog, and after reading it, you must have followed the instructions of SAT scores sent procedure.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you send SAT scores after applying?

Yes, you can. Once you complete your application, many institutions ask that you email them your SAT results. You might not be aware of it, but this is a crucial step in the application process for colleges.

2. Can you edit the colleges you selected when you signed up to share your SAT scores?

It is possible to update your chosen decisions. However, this facility won’t close for another nine days following the test.


How to Send SAT Scores to Colleges


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