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MIT SAT Score and GPA

Oct 8, 2022

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is on the college wish list of countless students. It is a renowned and highly selective college that is known for its programmes in engineering and physical sciences. If you are also among those students that wish to be admitted to MIT, you need to have an excellent SAT score and GPA.

It is only the combination of these that can help you get into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, MIT has neither established nor stipulated a required MIT SAT score for the undergraduate courses. The requirement to pass the SAT was only specified as a requirement for admission. 


However, looking at the statistics and previous years’ data, it is clear that you can’t get admission to MIT without a good SAT score. This is simply because of the popularity of the institute and the high number of candidates applying for admission.

This article will guide you through the details of SAT scores, GPA, and other factors that will help you in your journey to gaining admission to MIT;


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MIT SAT Requirements

If you want to have the best shot of getting into MIT, aim for the 75th percentile with a 1570 SAT. You must at least have an SAT score of 1500 to have a chance of being considered for admission to MIT. If we investigate the data of previously admitted students to MIT, the lowest SAT math score was in the 700-740 range. 


The lowest SAT ERW score in the 600–640 range was obtained by 1% of the accepted students. This indicates that admission to MIT is attainable if your aggregate SAT score is between 1300 and 1380. However, the majority of pupils fall between 1510 and 1580.

A 1500 SAT score will make you an average candidate, while a 1570 SAT score will take you above average and increase your chances of admission to MIT. As we have previously mentioned, MIT has no specific SAT requirement. But a score of more than 1500 will increase your chances of being considered for admission and getting into MIT.


If you have less than a 1500 score, we highly recommend you consider retaking the SAT. By taking time to prepare and boost your scores to above 1550, you will directly increase your chances of getting admission to MIT. 

Get Benefits of SAT Super Scoring Policy

MIT allows a score choice policy named “super scoring.” In this, a student who has taken the SAT twice can match their highest scored sections of the SAT and create a new super score. For instance, if you took the SAT the first time, got a Math 700 score and an ERW 680 score, and decided to retake the SAT exam. On the next attempt, you got a 690 score in Math and a 750 score in EWR. In this case, super scoring allows you to have a new composite score of 1550. 


This helps you to submit your best score to MIT and boosts your score and chances of getting into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

GPA Requirements at MIT

In addition to the SAT exam, GPA also holds equal importance for admission to MIT. is equally essential. Most institutes specify the minimum GPA requirement, and MIT calculates GPA following its method. The average GPA required for MIT is 4.17 or higher. However, if your GPA is lower than 4.17, you can try to compensate for it with a higher SAT/ACT score.


Even though a good GPA is crucial, you must not be disheartened if your GPA is not that high. You can always make up for your abilities with a good ACT or SAT score to prove your abilities. Remember, getting admission into any college is usually holistic. Simply put, they look at your application as a whole to understand you and your potential as a student.

Calculating the student’s GPA gives higher weight to more challenging courses/subjects. The Subjects/courses like Physical education are not included while calculating their GPA.


MIT ACT Requirement

Besides the SAT, you can also consider taking the ACT. Candidates can either take the SAT or ACT to apply to MIT. You can choose the one that best suits you.

When it comes to submitting the scores on the SAT and ACT, there is a little difference. While submitting the SAT, most schools ask you to submit every test score you have taken. Even though the super college scores your tests, they can still see the number of attempts you have made and all your scores.

On the contrary, in ACT, you can choose which test score you want to send to the colleges of your choice. In this case, you have better control over what score you want to send. So you can retake the exam, improve your score, and submit only the best score to MIT.

How to improve your chances of getting into MIT?

It must be clear that the testing requirements are essential for getting into MIT. So, prepare for the SAT or ACT and take care of your GPA. But besides all these testing requirements, it is equally important to focus and become your best self.

This can be quickly done by pursuing your interests and the best of your education. The MIT school appreciates individuality, creativity, and enthusiasm. Therefore, ensure that your application also portrays your authentic personality and true self.

Some tips in this regard can be: joining extracurriculars that align with MIT’s values, being part of school groups with a collaborative spirit, getting experience in research work, working voluntarily in non-profit organizations, and more. 

The last tip is to have a flawless application form. Make sure that there are no grammar, computation, or spelling errors. Your application form must be flawless and should be everything that represents you. One suggestion to make it flawless is to ask someone else to go through it. This will help you put your best foot forward.

SAT Requirements For MIT


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