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SAT Score Reporting

Oct 15, 2022

An SAT score is a prerequisite for enrolment in many competitive colleges in foreign countries. Myriads of students take the test each year, aiming to earn high scores to help them secure admission to top colleges and universities. 

The College Board is the body in charge of disclosing SAT results. The College Board is the authority responsible for releasing SAT scores. They do it within two to four weeks after the exam. Before we talk about reporting the SAT scores, let’s learn about the SAT score.


Checking the SAT Score

To check the score online, go through the following steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the College Board and log in to your College Board account.
  2. In your profile, proceed with the ‘My Organizer’ option.
  3. Here, one may find the ‘SAT Test score’ option. After that, go to ‘Access my score’.
  4. Re-enter your username and password to access the SAT score.
  5. Now, on clicking ‘My test score’, your SAT score will appear on the screen.

In addition to online, one can access one’s SAT score results via phone or email. 


Reading the Score

There are various types of scores in the report. It is imperative to understand what each score means. These are the essential, relevant terms one must understand in the report.

  • Total Score: The range of this score is between 400 and 1600. Evidence-based Reading and Writing and Math sections exam scores can be found here.
  • Percentile Score: Like any other competitive exam, the percentile score helps compare a candidate’s performance with other students’ SAT scores. It shows the percentage of the candidates who scored better or worse than the candidate in question.
  • Section Score: The SAT exam comprises three sections–evidence-based reading, writing and language, and math. The scores of the reading and writing sections together give EBRW scores. The math score is given separately. The addition of these two sections gives the SAT total score. The range is 200 to 800 per section. 
  • Score Details: This identifies a detailed report of various test parts and the percentile score for each. This section details test scores, cross-test scores, sub-scores, and essay scores (optional).

How to Report/Send SAT Scores to Colleges?

Now that we know how to check and then read the score, it is time to report it. The SAT score is a crucial component of college admission, and various educational institutions frequently vary the criteria. While registering for the SAT, candidates can choose the college or scholarship programme to which they wish to send the score. After the results are announced, one can send scores to other educational institutes. SAT scores can be sent at the following two points of time during the process:


Sending SAT Scores at the Time of Registration for the SAT Test

At the time of registration, the candidate can opt to send the score report to any college or scholarship program. Please note that, on this point, the candidate can send four reports free of cost. Through this option, the candidate sends their reports without knowing the score.

Sending SAT Scores After the Test Scores Are Declared

After the results are announced, the candidate has the option of sending the score reports to the college(s) of his or her choice. This is advisable if the candidate only wishes to send the best of all the scores they have gotten over the attempts. However, a $12 fee must be paid for every college.


A rush report delivered in 1-4 days costs $31. You can send score reports to four institutions for free if you send them when you register for the test or up to nine days following the test. 

The candidate may follow these steps to send the SAT report to colleges.

  1. Log in to their College Board profile.
  2. Go to the ‘Send SAT Score’ page.
  3. Candidates eligible for the waiver of a fee may choose the suitable option. Also, ignore it.
  4. The college(s) must be chosen by name or by the code assigned to that college. Click on “Continue”.
  5. Send SAT scores to the colleges on the list now. Here, the candidate is advised to read the relevant guidelines of the institutes being opted for. If they have given SAT exams earlier, a candidate has the option to send their scores of choice.
  6. Review the details before confirming through the final step.
  7. Complete the application on payment of the fee.

Total Time for Sending the Reports:

It takes around five weeks after the test date for the SAT results to be declared. If the candidate has already selected the college(s) to which their score report will be sent, the report will be delivered within ten days of the score’s release.


In the case of candidates who have earlier SAT scores, they can choose the score to be sent to the colleges of preference. However, it is advisable to read the policy regarding the scores of the institute. While some colleges ask for all the test scores, others may require the overall best score. Some others look out for the ‘Super score’.

A candidate’s “super score” refers to a score in which colleges consider a candidate’s highest scores for each section from all the previous SATs they have given to date. Simply put, the college considers the highest maths score and evidence-based reading and writing (EBRW) from any of the attempted scores. The overall score is the combination of all the best scores.


Types of SAT Score Reporting:

There are several ways in which the SAT scores are reported. A candidate is advised to know these before reporting the SAT scores.

  • Additional Score Reporting

In the event the candidate has applied to send the scores at the time of registration, he has the option to send a total of 4 such score reports in 9 days. Sending reports after nine days will be called “additional score reporting. For each such report, the candidate is charged $12. 

  • Rush Reporting

Through Rush Reporting, the candidate has the option to send a score report in 2-4 days. To avail of this, they have to pay $31 extra. 

  • Score Archived Reporting

If there is a gap of over a year for candidates who have given the exam earlier, the scores go down in the archives. Payment of an additional fee of $31 is to be made to retrieve that report. Further, a payment of $12 is essential for the additional report. Therefore, a fee of $43 must be paid to retrieve the old score.

Understanding SAT Score Reports 

The important information is typically contained in SAT results and score reports. They consist of the following:  

SAT Total Score: As the name of the section clearly states, the total score, which can range from 400 to 1600, is the sum of the two section scores.  

SAT Sectional Score: The candidate’s performance in the Evidence-Based Reading Writing and Math sections determine this score, which typically falls between 200 and 800. 

SAT Subscore (marks awarded for each type of question): These range from 1 to 15 points for the Reading, Writing, and Language sections as well as the Math section. The main goal is to provide insightful information about the pupils’ performance. 

Scores on the essay section of the SAT range from 2 to 8 points for each of the following categories: reading the essay, analyzing it, and writing it. These will be displayed in the Essay Details tab. 

When and how to acquire your results: SAT Score Reports 

Approximately two to three weeks following your child’s test date, the SAT score report will be made available online. Your child must request a paper score report at the time of registration if they enrolled for the test online and want to receive both the online and paper score reports.

A paper score report will be delivered to your child automatically if they registered by mail and do not already have an online account with the College Board. You can find particular online score release dates by visiting our SAT Test Dates page. 

We hope we have solved all your queries about SAT Score Reporting!

SAT Score Reporting


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