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Northeastern University – SAT Scores And GPA Requirements

Oct 6, 2022

The prestigious Northeastern University is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and offers cutting-edge research facilities along with experiential learning opportunities around the globe. Only the top applicants who are most closely meet Northeastern University’s admission requirements are accepted due to the university’s extremely high standards. 

The University of northeastern SAT scores requirements guidelines, Northeastern University GPA cutoffs, and additional information on the Northeastern University application process will help you make the most of your application. 


What is Acceptance Rate at the Northeastern university? 

A 20% acceptance rate makes Northeastern University’s admissions the most selective. A score of between 33 and 35 on the ACT or between 1410 and 1540 on the Northeastern average SAT is shared by 50% of applicants accepted to Northeastern University. But out of the applicants who were accepted, one-quarter had scores above these ranges, and one-quarter had below them. At Northeastern University, the application deadline is January 1, and there is a $75 application fee. 

The GPA of a candidate is a very significant academic factor in the eyes of Northeastern University admissions officials. Northeastern University admissions officers consider an applicant’s high school class rank and highly valued letters of recommendation if available. 


To be Considered for Admission to Northeastern University, What SAT Scores must Applicants Submit? 

Northeastern University typically prefers applicants who score in the top 4% of SAT takers. The Northeastern University SAT composite scores are as low as 1410 on a 1600-point scale; anything less should be considered a stretch for admission. Some students, in our estimation, might be accepted with Northeastern SAT scores as low as 1340. 1480 out of 1600 SAT composite for freshmen accepted is the estimated average.  

Regarding the highest average SAT composite score, Northeastern is ranked #5 in Massachusetts and #23 overall. The Northeastern SAT scores are from 39% of applicants. 


Typical Northeastern SAT Scores

Northeastern University’s average SAT score is 1435. 

The SAT scores of 50% of accepted students range from 1410 to 1540. More than 25% of accepted students had SAT scores of at least 1540. Among the bottom quarter of admitted students, 1410 is the lowest SAT score. 


To be admitted to Northeastern University, your SAT score must be at least 1410. Even with an SAT score below 1410, you may still be in, but your application must be exceptional. 

 Math SAT scores for Northeastern University typically range from 710 to 780, while reading and writing SAT scores often range from 700 to 760. 

New SAT Score 25th Percentile Midpoint 75th Percentile 
Math Score 710 753 780 
Reading and Writing Score 700 732 760 
Cumulative SAT Score 1410 1485 1540 

Typical ACT Scores at Northeastern University 

The ACT scores of fifty percent of the admitted students to Northeastern University range from 31 to 34. The top quarter of accepted students had ACT scores of at least 34. 

If the rest of your application is strong and your ACT score is 34, you have a solid chance of getting into Northeastern University. The ACT score of the worst 25% of admitted students is less than 31. 


To have a chance of being admitted to Northeastern University, your ACT score must be at least 31. Math ACT scores for Northeastern University often range from 27 to 34, and reading and writing ACT scores typically range from Not available to Not available. 

ACT Scores 25th Percentile Midpoint 75th Percentile 
Cumulative Score 31 33 34 
English Score 27 31 34 
Math Score 27 31 34 
Writing Score 7 8 9 

 What GPA is Required by Northeastern? 

It is a question that many students ask before applying. Schools frequently mention a required minimum GPA. This is typically necessary to prevent your application from being rejected right away. The average GPA of the current student body can be used to estimate your GPA requirements for Northeastern. Most admitted candidates have unweighted GPAs of 4.04 or higher. 


The accepted students’ average GPA at Northeastern ranges from 4.1 to 4.5. (midpoint of 50%). You might be asking yourself how students can achieve GPAs above 4.0. Some high schools use a 5.0 scale rather than a 4.0 scale to grade advanced courses. You must receive mostly As in your high school courses to achieve the typical Northeastern GPA. 

How Difficult Is It to Admit to Northeastern University? 

It’s tough to get into Northeastern. Just 13,199 of the 64,279 applications the university received for the incoming class of 2020–2021 were accepted, representing a 20% acceptance rate overall. With a 38% decision admission rate, Northeastern received 1,882 applications through its early decision process in 2020–2021, of which 709 were accepted. 

The acceptance rate at Northeastern is less, yet your chances of getting in depend on how strong your profile is. Using data from your grades, test results, and extracurricular activities, the free admissions calculator, can help you better understand Northeastern while estimating your chances of acceptance and offering suggestions for strengthening your application. 

Applicants’ Evaluations by Northeastern 

The rigour of a secondary school record, GPA, standardized test scores, the application essay, and recommendations are the five elements Northeastern ranks as “very important” to its admissions process. Extracurricular activities, talent or ability, character or personal qualities, and volunteer or paid work are “important.” The following are the “considered” factors: first-generation status, race/ethnicity, class rank, shown interest, and place of residence. 

The admissions committee selects applicants after conducting a thorough evaluation. In the words of the Northeastern admissions officers themselves: “Candidates who bring diverse views, work, and knowledge to our environment are chosen by the Admissions Committee.” 

Should I Make a Northeastern Application? 

You will probably need to have excellent SAT scores and nearly perfect grades and graduate in the top 10% of your high school class because Northeastern gets more competitive every year. If you find yourself “on the cusp” in terms of admissions, applying to ED will give you a significant advantage. 

Every teen planning to attend college should create a list of potential colleges that includes both “target” and “safety” schools. You should cooperate with an admissions staff member (including your high school counselor). 

When will Northeastern announce its decision? 

By the first of June every year, prospective transfer students anticipate hearing from Northeastern University regarding their admission status. The decision date is always December 1 for prospective transfer applicants for the spring semester. 

Takeaway: What You Should Know About How to Get Into Northeastern? 

A top-notch institution with many outstanding programs is Northeastern. The Northeastern SAT and ACT requirements are stringent, but a solid overall application will precede any individual scores, despite the latter’s high expectations. 

Nevertheless, you must try to achieve the best possible SAT, ACT, and GPA scores. In this way, you will have a comfortable cushion going into the admissions process, and your test results may even be what makes your application stand out! 

Northeastern University Application Deadline: 

Applications are Due 

Jan 1, 2023 

Applicants have 62 days left until the Fall 2022 term applications are due on Jan 1, 2023. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. 2022: Is the Northeastern test-optional? 

Yes. Potential students can apply test-free to Northeastern for the 2022–2023 school year. Students who opt to apply for tests optionally won’t face any consequences or disadvantages. 

2. How fiercely contested is Northeastern? 

Northeastern’s acceptance rate for the 2018–19 admissions cycle was 18%. Accordingly, 18 out of every 100 applicants were accepted, making Northeastern’s admissions process extremely competitive. 

3. How likely am I to am accepted at Northeastern University? 

Only 20% of applicants are accepted by Northeastern. The college has stringent entrance standards and fierce admissions competition. Check to see if you have the grades and scores required for admission. 

4. What SAT score is required for Northeastern University? 

The central Between 1410 and 1540 on the SAT account for 50% of admitted candidates. 39% of applicants submit their SAT results. Check to see whether you have a suitable SAT score for admission. 

5. What ACT score is necessary for admission to Northeastern University? 

The central ACT scores between 33 and 35 are achieved by 50% of admitted candidates. 45% of applicants provide their ACT results. Check to see whether you have a suitable ACT score for admission.


Northeastern University


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