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SAT Essay Examples For High Scoring Student

Apr 6, 2023

SAT Essay Examples

Just like with essays on other exams, the secret to excelling on the SAT essay section is by pre-planning the examples and evidence that you wish to use. But you might be wondering how it can be done on the new SAT essay as the whole point of the essay is to use information from the given passage while answering and you don’t know about the essay ahead of time.

Well, the truth is that while the specifics of each example depend on the passage and obviously change with each exam, the pattern of the examples you choose to discuss can be defined, and therefore, planned ahead of time. 


In this blog, we will discuss a few good SAT essay examples that will help you in formulating almost any essay SAT gives you. By practicing examples of the most common types of essays asked on SAT, you will cut down on planning time during the exam and increase the amount and quality of content you can write in a limited time. This will help build your confidence and enable you to walk into any SAT essay exam with a positive attitude.

If you are looking for an answer to the question, “Is there an essay on the SAT?”, here it is: The College Board in January 2021 announced that the essay portion of the SAT will no longer be asked after June 2021. Some schools with school day testing still offer the SAT essay section. Therefore, now it’s no longer possible to take the SAT Essay, unless your school offers it during SAT School Day Testing. 


While the SAT Essay scores were already made optional by most colleges, this means that the SAT Essay cancelled section is now not required by the College Board. It will also probably result in changes in college applications such as not considering the essay scores for ACT or SAT anymore, in addition to requiring more writing samples for placement. 

For every passage, you should play for its particular strengths. If there are a lot of statistics or facts involved, you can discuss those in your essay. If it dwells more on personal appeals or anecdotes to emotion, you can discuss those. But if you struggle with analysing in a limited amount of time, it is best to memorize these types of examples beforehand so that you get a helpful checklist to get through while you read the essay prompt. This will point you in the right direction.


Below we have discussed a few examples of SAT essays on different topics such as evidence and reasoning that you can use as stellar evidence to support your thesis. We have also guided you on how you can use the evidence type to support your thesis across a range of SAT essay prompts for each example. After you go through the blog, you will realize how helpful pre-planned high-scoring student SAT essay examples are. 

Example of Evidence

The most fundamental technique that the author uses to build an argument is by supporting his points with the help of evidence. Many different kinds of evidence can be used by the author to support his/her claim. But here we will discuss a single one (facts and statistics) that is commonly seen in official SAT Essay prompts. 


Example 1: Facts and Statistics

Using facts and statistics to bolster one’s argument is one of the most reliable techniques authors use to build an argument. It is more commonly seen in essays written about social studies-related and scientific topics where specific facts and data are readily available.  

How to Identify it?

Statistics are usually found in the form of specific numbers about the topic under study. It may be shown in the form of tables, percentage, or as a way to communicate other information. Below are a few examples of statistics from an official essay prompt of SAT, “Let There Be Dark” written by Paul Bogard. 


Example: In United States, 8 children born out of 10 will never get to know a sky dark enough for the Milky Way

Example: In Western Europe and the United States, the increase in the amount of light in the sky is about 6% on an average year


Non-numerical information can also be used to depict factual evidence. You will often encounter facts being presented with references to the research survey, study, expert, or other sources from which they have been derived. Below is another example from the same topic.

Example: The World Health Organization already classifies working during night shifts as potentially carcinogenic for humans. 


Why is it Persuasive?

Statistics and facts are persuasive argument building methods as the author is not just making up random points for why the argument could be possibly right. There is actually some data, statistics, research, or other types of reliable information that backs up the author’s argument. 

In the above examples, Paul Bogard reveals specific information regarding the issues with light pollution (when he says that most children in the United States won’t be fortunate enough to see the Milky Way) to back up his argument that light pollution is a real issue. He then proceeds to present information indicating how light pollution is a major problem (working during the night is carcinogenic for humans).

By presenting valid facts and information instead of just forcing a subjective opinion and beating about the bush, Paul Bogard empowers the reader to connect the dots themselves. This gives the reader a power or ownership over the argument, rendering it more persuasive. This is because the reader concludes the same statements even on his own, rather than blindly trusting Bogard on telling them what to think. 

Example Type 2: Anecdotes

Another technique often used by authors as an alternative to presenting evidence with facts or statistics is using the anecdote. This type of evidence can be found more commonly in speeches or other types of SAT essay prompts that are personally directed towards the reader. 

How to Identify it?

An anecdote refers to a short story about a real event or a person. It is when an author goes about discussing their own personal experiences or that of someone else they know or have heard of. Below is an anecdote example from an official SAT essay prompted that has been taken from the foreword by Jimmy Carter, a former U.S. President. 

One of the most humbling and unforgettable experiences of our lives happened on the coastal plain. During our trip, we had expected to see the caribou. However, to our amazement, we saw the migration of thousands of caribou along with their newborn calves.

The sweep of tundra surrounding us was flooded with life in a matter of a few minutes with the sounds of clicking hooves and grunting animals filling the air. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see the dramatic procession of the herd of the Porcupine caribou. We now understand why this special birthplace has been described as “America’s Serengeti” by many. 

Why is it Persuasive?

Although anecdotes are not facts or statistics, they can be a reliable technique to express information because it’s more interesting for the reader to go through the anecdote rather than read dry, boring facts. People tend to trust the experiences more if they can personally relate or connect with them, although it does not always mean that the statement is true.

In the example stated above, instead of talking about the statistics supporting the creation of wildlife refuges, rather an anecdote is used by Jimmy Carter to represent the same point using illustrations of the wonders of nature, which works more effectively. By allowing the readers to vicariously experience this majestic event of the migration of the caribou, Carter stimulates the empathetic sense of the reader towards wildlife preservation and therefore makes it more likely for the reader to agree with him on the topic of wildlife preservation. 


We hope that the essay prompts given above help you in your SAT preparation and in getting a SAT good essay score. Don’t forget to check out our other blogs on how to prepare effectively for the SAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it helpful to prepare SAT Essay examples?

The SAT essay examples will help you get a sat good essay score as they have several things in common with the exam pattern:

  • All of these passages try to convince the reader of the veracity of the claim of the author. 
  • All of these are around the same length.
  • All of these can be analysed and written about in a relatively short time period 

2. How can essay example practice help to get a good SAT essay score?

By practising these essay examples you will have a decent idea ahead of time regarding argument-building techniques that will help you greatly on the test day and increase your overall SAT essay score. 

3. Will the techniques used by the author on the SAT be complex?

The main techniques used by the author won’t be too complex. This is because you just can’t afford the time to analyse and write about complicated techniques. Therefore, you can prepare yourself beforehand with SAT essay examples found across persuasive passages on many common topics.

SAT Essay Examples


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