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A Complete Guide On SAT Reading Practice

Oct 7, 2022

Your Guide to SAT Reading Practice 

The SAT examination has three main SAT sections are very important and will affect your overall score. There are various tried-and-true methods the learner can use to boost their reading comprehension, assuring better practice and better results. 

The role of high-quality SAT reading practice materials: 


Reading is undoubtedly a valuable skill. But choosing the appropriate sat reading practice material is also very important. The student’s entire language abilities will develop by selecting the proper material with good quality, vocabulary, and sentence construction. 

The Reading Section has Two Components Essentially:   

  • Questions 
  • Passages 

The student should ensure that the difficulty level of the questions, as well as the passages, are of the same level- to ensure good practice and sharpening of the skills.  Along with using quality materials for reading practice, it is important to set realistic time frames while pursuing practice tests. One cannot emphasize enough the importance of doing practice tests and previous year’s papers to be confident for the main SAT examination. Keep in mind to have practical time constraints- so that the optimistic attitude will not be missed. 


 Time is an important resource when appearing for SAT, just like most competitive examinations. Managing the time in the right sense, and dividing it accordingly to complete all the sections well within the time limit is of high value.

The 65-minute SAT Reading Practice Test consists of 4 solo sections and 1 pair of passages. This pair will consist of two condensed, connected passages from various authors that cover the same subject or concept.    


Each passage or pair will be between 500 and 750 words, for a total of 3250 words. Hence, the student needs to be very attentive in reading, to catch the right information required to answer the questions and understand what the topic is all about.  

Tips for SAT Reading Practice: 

  • Apply the Reverse Strategy:

Usually, the student gets tempted to read the whole passage in a zeal to understand what the topic says. But ultimately, one must remember this is a competitive examination and the number of correct answers will determine the higher score.


Hence, go through the questions first and reverse engineer your way to reading the passage well. By reading the questions first, you will get a clear roadmap on how to read the passage- and extract the information that is only needed for answering a question.  

  • Practice Two Forms of Reading:

There are two forms of reading which every language enthusiast is aware of:  word-by-word reading and skimming.  While word-by-word reading is time-consuming but gives an entire picture of the passage, skimming is a useful tool to get a quick idea of what the passage is talking about. Both these skills are useful for reading passages– and depending on the time constraints, and the individual reading preferences, along with the speed in answering the questions- the student should have a tailor-made approach when it comes to reading.  

  • Set Your Priorities Right:

Reading and answering comprehension questions need the student to approach in a particular way. The student needs to prioritize answering the question right- over the idea of getting a good knowledge of the topic. Remember, SAT is a competitive exam and evaluates purely on how you answer the question correctly.  

Nothing else matters, except the right answer! A lot of students get carried away in gaining knowledge of the passage topic, forgetting about answering the questions correctly. Be wary of this trap and be alert in answering the questions right.  


 The student can either choose official sources for reading practice but fortunately, there is an ample number of unofficial sources that the student can follow for additional practice.  

 The College Board 

Following the Official College Board questions is the most obvious approach to ace the SAT reading section. The website provides you with fast feedback on whether you answered a question correctly and thorough answer explanations, making their online resources for sat reading practise questions the best you can find. 


There is no other best way than an official board to get the best reading material online. Hence, the student preparing for SAT reading should first access the college board.  


SAT Reading Practice might look overwhelming in the first place for the students who want to score higher on the overall test. But with official sources, along with multiple unofficial sources that are available online, the students can easily get good practice with various passages from versatile topics to ace the exam with higher scores. 





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