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SAT Checklist – What to Bring to SAT Test Day

Apr 8, 2023

What to bring to SAT test?” – If this question has been bothering you for some time, don’t worry! We understand how crucial it is to pack right on the day of the SAT examination. After all, you would not want to bring anything to the examination hall that is not allowed. So, what are the things that you can get on that day? Well, before heading onto that, let’s dive into what you can expect on the examination day.

What Should You Expect On The Day Of The Test?

Here’s a basic outline of what will occur:

  • Arrival and Check-In:

You will find the check-in area when you reach the test center. There you have to submit your photo ID and entry ticket. Thus, photo ID and entry ticket fall into the SAT what to bring list without fail. 

  • Settling In:

When you check in, the administrator may allocate you to a testing room or guide you to one once the test begins. When you and the other candidates enter the room, you will be allowed a few minutes to settle down and bring out your pens. Your test room administrator will greet you and review basic testing procedures and rules.


Except for your calculator and pencils, you will empty your desk and put everything away. The administrator will then give you a test booklet and an answer paper and ask you to fill it out with some basic information.

  • Test Will Begin:

The examiner will divide your test into two sections. You should open your test booklet and begin once your test room administrator gives you the go-ahead. Do not jump ahead in the test booklet; work on the part that the supervisor has highlighted. When time is up, the supervisor will notify you and break times. If you finish a section before the time limit, sit quietly and go over your work until the time gets over. 

  • Breaks:

The examiner will give you two breaks. The first one will take place immediately after the 65-minute Reading Test. This will last ten minutes. After you’ve completed the Writing & Language Test and the first segment of the Math Test, the next one will take only five minutes. You will get the third break before the Essay portion if you attempt it. This pause could be as short as two minutes.

  • After the test:

Your test room administrator will take your test booklet and answer sheet when the timer goes off for your test. You’re free to leave when the administrator dismisses the group. 

  • Scores:

After several weeks, the Board will announce the test results. When your results are ready to view, they will be notified by email. You’ll be able to see your results online, and you’ll be able to request status reports to be sent to colleges. When you sign up for the SAT, you will receive four free score reports up to nine days after the test.

Ensure you select the four colleges when you enroll or no later than nine days after you sit for the exam to take advantage of this benefit. The regular score report cost is payable ten days after you sit for the exam.


What to Bring to SAT Examination?

Now you know what you can expect during the SAT examination. So based on that, here is what to bring to SAT examination list. Follow this checklist, and you will cover all the basic things that are a must-carry to the test hall.

Admission TicketYes 
Pencils And SharpenerYes 

1. Admission Ticket

While thinking about “What to bring to the SAT,” you simply cannot miss out on the admission ticket. This is the essential thing without which you cannot appear for the examination. 


In addition, if you don’t bring it on test day, the invigilator won’t let you take the exam. So, as soon as you print your admission document from the College Board website, put it in your bag. 

2. Government-issued ID

Another important thing you must bring to the SAT examination is a government-issued ID. To be admitted to the examination center, you must have an authentic, hard-copy photo ID. The invigilator will refuse your entry if you neglect to provide identification. The ID must be the original, not a photocopy or a digital image from your phone. Your hard-copy school ID, driver’s license, and passport are all acceptable forms of identification.


To verify your identity, the exam proctors will cross-reference the information on your admission ticket and ID with the test centre roster. They will verify that the name on your ID and the ticket for entrance match. If you use a moniker, make sure it’s consistent across the board. 

3. Pencils, Eraser, and A Sharpener

The What to bring to SAT testlist is incomplete without pencils, an eraser, and a sharpener. You would not want to look around for a sharpener to sharpen your pencil or eraser to edit a sentence and get caught by the invigilator cheating. Thus, carry these small yet essential things so as not to waste time asking for these things during the examination. 

4. A Watch

Bring a wristwatch without an alarm (consisting of all smartwatches/fitness bands) if you want to keep track of your time. This will motivate you to keep track of your speed. However, it’s okay if you don’t have a watch. When you have thirty minutes left on each specific test, the test proctor will tell the time for you. 

5. A Calculator 

This is a must-include on the what to bring to SAT list. You cannot forget a calculator during the SAT examination. So get an SAT-approved calculator during the test to speed up your calculation process. This will save you time on a single question. But before you bring the calculator, here’s a suggestion—test whether the calculator works before the examination day or if it has a low battery. You can also carry batteries in the examination hall if there is a chance of running low on batteries. 

6. Snacks

If snacks have ever come to your mind while thinking aboutWhat to bring to SAT test,” then you are thinking correctly.  

7. A Jacket Or Sweater

Testing rooms are freezing. Thus, dress in layers to be able to endure such cold temperatures. You don’t want anything to get in the way of your test!

8. A Mask

In the examination room, you might need a mask. Before going to the testing center, double-check the COVID-19 guidelines.

What You Should Not Carry To The SAT Test

Now you know everything about what to bring to the SAT test. So, let’s move forward and see what is prohibited within the examination room. There are also plenty of banned items for SAT test days. We’ve included a few suggestions below, but your best strategy is to avoid bringing anything that isn’t on the above lists:

What Not To Carry

Other TechnologyNo
Other NotesNo  
Cheat SheetsNo 
  • You should not bring any other technology that is not a computer. No laptops, cellphones, tablets, cameras, timers, or audio recorders are permitted. As high-profile cheating incidents show, the College Board takes these things seriously. However, if you must bring your phone, switch it off before the test. If it beeps even once, your supervisor will seize it and instantly cancel your test.
  • Any extra notes, dictionaries, cheatsheets, dictionaries, books, translators, or papers you might have are also not allowed in the hall.

Tips For Getting Ready For The SAT Examination

  • Pack the materials and everything mentioned on the “what to bring to SATlist much before the exam. This way, you won’t be more anxious on the primary examination day.
  • Check the calculator to see if it’s working correctly. If it is not, buy a new one. However, if you plan to carry an old one, keep batteries with you in the test center. 
  • An admission ticket is a must. So, try to take more than one copy of the admission ticket. Then, even if you lose one, you will have duplicates to save you from any hassle.
  • Eat healthy before heading out for the exam. Do not starve or eat junk. This might make you feel sick during the examination.  
  • Before heading out, double-check if you have carried everything. You would not want to miss out on any important document. 


So, now you know what to bring to SAT test and what not to. So, whenever you feel puzzled about “What to bring to SAT test,” consider the list above and pack accordingly. Additionally, also keep the tips above in mind for complete preparation. This way, you will never go wrong with your SAT preparation.

what to bring to sat


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