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SAT Test Dates 2023-2024: A Complete Guide

Sep 6, 2023

Appearing for the SAT? Confused about test dates, test centers, the registration process, and the right date for you? The endless articles over the web are perplexing you?

Do not worry. We are here with a quick, concise, and to-the-point guide about everything you need to know about SAT Test Dates and choosing the right date for you.


In this article, we will also provide you with the complete information about aspects you need to consider before opting for your SAT dates, tips that will help you choose the date that fits in your schedule, and generalized observations to ease your selection for the test date process.

SAT is offered seven times a year and is generally offered on Saturdays. However, more SAT Test dates are offered in the fall. Usually, alternate Sunday dates are available for the ones who cannot take the test on Saturday due to religious practices and commitments. It is generally offered on fewer dates outside the United States and its territories.


The tables below provide you with anticipated SAT Test Dates 2023 & 24. The table for SAT Test dates for 22 is also mentioned to help you grasp the patterns of test dates and assist you in deciding the right SAT test date for you. The registrations for SAT generally begin in early July.

Note: The provided dates for 2023-24 are estimated dates and are yet to be confirmed by the college board.


SAT Test Dates 2023-24 (Anticipated) & Registration Deadlines 

Test Date  Est. Registration Deadline 
June 3, 2023  May 4, 2023  
August 26, 2023  July 28, 2023  
October 7, 2023  September 7, 2023  
November 4, 2023  October 5, 2023  
December 2, 2023  November 2, 2023  
March 9, 2024  February 23, 2024  
May 4, 2024  April 19, 2024  
June 1, 2024  May 17, 2024  

SAT Dates 2023-24 – Score Release Schedule

The SAT score release dates are as important as SAT test dates for you to decide the appropriate date for giving the exam. The table below presents the data of estimated score release dates for SAT 2023-2024

Test Date  Est. Online Score Release 
June 3, 2023  June 16, 2023  
August 26, 2023  September 8, 2023  
October 7, 2023  October 20, 2023  
November 4, 2023  November 17, 2023    
December 2, 2023  December 15, 2023
March 9, 2024  March 22 – March 29, 2024  
May 4, 2024  May 17 – May 24, 2024  
June 1, 2024  June 14 – June 21, 2024 

SAT Test Dates 2022 (Anticipated)

For the U.S. Students – U.S. deadlines apply to student testing in the United States and U.S. territories.

March 12, 2022February 12, 2022March 1, 2022
May 7, 2022April 8, 2022April 26, 2022
June 4, 2022May 6, 2022May 27, 2022
August 27, 2022July 29, 2022August 16, 2022
October 1, 2022September 2, 2022September 20, 2022
November 5, 2022October 7, 2022October 25, 2022
December 3, 2022November 3, 2022November 22, 2022

The Right Date For You

Now that you know the SAT test dates for 2023, the next step is to figure out which is the right date for you to give the exam. We agree that this isn’t an easy call and you don’t want to opt for the next available date, and we are here for you to help you through it. Here we will take you through resources that will provide you with tips and factors to consider while selecting the right SAT date for you and help you figure out an easier way to decide.


Studying Pattern From 2021-22 Data

  1. Studying the patterns of SAT test dates, normal and late registration dates, and online score release dates, here are our observations that might help you come to a conclusion:
    Since most of the college application deadlines are in late fall and early winter, the SAT test dates are tightly packed around the late summers and fall. These dates generally help the senior students to have multiple chances for hitting their SAT target score before the college admission application deadlines.
  2. Hardly any college application deadline occurs in spring, therefore, SAT test dates are more stretched out in spring except for May and June. These dates might help juniors and other students who wish to take early tests.
  3. The highly clustered test dates in the fall make it difficult to take two SAT attempts consecutively because, by the time the first test score comes out for you to make a decision, the late registration deadline for the next date is already over. In this case, if you decide to take the next attempt without knowing your previous scores, you might end up wasting resources and money unnecessarily if your score is higher than you expected. And if you decide to not take the next attempt, you might miss out on an opportunity.
  4. Taking consecutive SAT attempts also leaves you with a very low scope of improvement as the amount of time required for your preparation might not be adequate.

So it becomes important for you to plan out your dates well in advance if at all there is a need to or you plan to take multiple SAT attempts.

Best Date for you Following Your Current Academic Status

The best time to take the SAT test varies from person to person depending on various factors, but this generalized overview might assist you well.

  1. If you are in your senior year, the wisest decision for you would be to take the test in August, October, or November, keeping in mind the college application deadlines and the timeline of score release. Considering the earliest college application deadlines to be early January, these are the best dates for you. If your college deadlines are earlier than this, take August and October attempts into consideration and if the deadline is later you can also opt for the December attempt.
  2. If you are in your Junior year, the best possible dates for you to take your first attempt would be in October, November, and December. These dates provide you with flexible schedules for preparation and also give you enough time to decide if you want to appear for another attempt. Taking the tests in March, May or June is also feasible as it will give you enough time to evaluate your scores, prepare a list of colleges and figure out if you want to make another attempt in August.
  3. If you are opting for the early applicant, the best dates for you would be June and August SAT test dates since the early application deadlines generally are November start or mid. In this case, the October test date would be riskier if the deadline is early November because the scores might not reach your school in time. These dates provide you additional benefits of focusing on college applications instead of SAT prep.

Essential Factors to Consider for Deciding the Right Date

Even after this information, it might be difficult to take a call on your SAT test date. It is extremely crucial to decide the SAT date that is right for you. You can consider the below-mentioned factors to come to a conclusion.

  1. Your college application deadlines are the most important factor to be considered. Since the online test scores take time to be released and sent to your four selected scores, you need to decide on a date that is at least 7 to 8 weeks before your college application deadline. This will also give you enough time for your additional reports if you need to apply and send in your scores in more than four colleges.
  2. You also need to consider the number of attempts you will take for the SAT. To avoid back-to-back attempts you need to space out and decide the multiple dates that give you enough time for preparation and don’t give you added stress with college applications.
  3. If you are applying for SAT scholarships, know the deadlines for the scores reaching your school and opt for the test date accordingly.
  4. Before registering for the SAT, you need to schedule a spaced-out study plan that gives you enough time for preparation. Once you know the amount of time you need to dedicate to SAT prep, it will be simpler for you to select a test date.
  5. Be aware of your commitments, conflicts that might come your way, and your shortcomings. If a date feels overwhelming to you, the right thing to do is go for another one now rather than repent later.

There You are on the Day

Now that you are here and well informed about the SAT test dates and deciding the right date for you. We understand that it has been stressful and you can miss out on certain things and we don’t want your efforts to go in vain, so here are our final quick reminders for you for the test day.

  • Do not forget your admission ticket. Print it out well in advance by logging into your account and selecting the ‘Print Admission Ticket’ option. Easy, isn’t it?
  • Your SAT test dates and locations for 2023 will be mentioned on your admission ticket. It’s essential to know the exact physical location and the estimated time it will take for you to reach there. We don’t want you to rush and get tense, so make sure to plan your trip to the SAT test center well in advance
  • Lastly, know all the rules, the required, prohibited, and optional things for the exam and the exam center and avoid getting into end-minute troubles.


SAT test dates


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