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Sep 8, 2022 | Turito Team USA

When exams are around the corner, it is common to experience some amount of anxiety and stress. Please read this blog further to learn the best guides and tips for making it on the SAT or ACT.

Students aspiring to study abroad after high school know the importance of their scores on the  SAT or ACT. Every section of the exam format determines your chances of where you will end up studying further. You can only save your chances by preparing to be the best before you appear for your final SAT/ACT exam. But the question here is, how do you make it happen the way you want? Every section demands something new from you to stand out. It would be best to have practice, strong vocabulary, a credible tutor, and more. Don’t worry; we will help you with some SAT tips and tricks in this quest. 

Let’s find out SAT/ACT Prep online guides and tips that ensure you keep going with your prep.

1. Start Early –

No matter how important starting early looks(especially in exam prep), most of us procrastinate on this initiative and waste our time. When exams come around the corner, we stand on our toes and rigorously make an effort. But for exam preparation like SAT/ACT, it is always better to consider starting early as the first step towards your preparation. It allows you to see the bigger picture and every essential factor before getting involved in the preparation. You can plan better when you have time, and so you can prepare. Start early and don’t rely on last-minute SAT tips to dominate the scores in your first attempt.  

2. Get Familiar With The Format and Guidelines –

Starting the exam prep early will allow you to do this second step much better as it is important for scoring higher on the exam. Without knowing the do’s and don’ts of the exam, your path to clearing the SAT/ACT exam would not give you enough clarity and keep you in an eternal loop of doubt. To plan your preparation better, you require a good understanding of the exam structure, format, instructions, and the type of questions you will face. It will further save you enough time as you go forward in your preparation with a confident approach to the exam. Before preparing for the exam, you should understand the differences between SAT and the ACT in order to decide which one to take. Such information is available online.

3. Follow An Action Plan –

When preparing for exams such as the SAT or ACT, which determine your next steps, it is beneficial, to begin with an action plan for the various parts and challenges in the exam. An action plan enables you to manage your time, attention, and efforts proportionally to different exam situations. For example, how much prep time to give section-wise, how much time to take while answering a particular question, and how to tackle a situation when you have no idea and the only way out is to make a guess and move further. Even if you are academically prepared, managing your time and attention requires extra effort that determines the final output. An action plan ensures that you don’t miss anything essential and helps you make a balance.

4. Approach a Credible Tutor –

Well, you can’t discount the fact that it would be a massive risk if you didn’t approach a tutor or enroll yourself in a class online that could help you on your journey. While it is good to be confident enough to make it happen on your own, approaching a credible tutor will ensure everything else for you. because, as a new aspirant, you might not know everything about the exam. A tutor provides you with better ways to simplify and answer complicated questions. Sometimes the tutor updates you with any exam changes you might miss and regret later. Having a tutor beside you is always better while preparing for exams like SAT/ACT.

5. Practice Is The Key –

No matter how cliche this point looks, it has immense significance, and no one can deny this. The more you practice the exam, the more clarity you will have about the outcome of your invested inputs in preparation. You will know better about your strengths and weaknesses on your own and can work on them and come up with confidence on the final exam date.

6. Emphasize On Reading –

Every exam section has its own determining significance in the final score. The reading section includes long passages that you need to break down and understand first before opting to answer every question. While there is no negative marking for the wrong answer, you can’t just let your hand loose on any number of questions. The game is about scoring your best according to your targeted college, and the reading part significantly impacts the final score. To avoid such a helpless situation, follow this SAT reading tip so that you can read between the lines and answer more questions correctly.

7. Boost Vocabulary –

Well, this is what you need to help you read complicated passages, and also, reading those passages will give you unknown words simultaneously. You need to extract the resources of vocabulary as much as you can, as it will help not only on exam day but also during your lifetime. You will be more confident in your approach to English as a language.

8. Have Patience With Math –

We know math seems a nightmare for many, but it is equally essential when scoring the targeted marks individually. It will help if you follow the SAT match tip to keep patience while learning different math concepts and formulas. Furthermore, practising every question enough times makes you more confident for the final exam. You will also save enough time on the final exam if you understand the math formula and concepts better.

9. Write Simple Yet Effectively –

Another important exam section is writing, which needs your efforts that can’t be taken for granted. As an SAT writing tip, we suggest you not be filled with vocabulary and heavy context. Instead, it needs you to make your answer clear and compelling. The more precise and balanced your answer is, the more effective it will be for the reader and eventually reflect on your score.

Over To You

Even if you can apply for the SAT/ACT exam as often as you want, the tips mentioned above will play a part. Hence, it would be better that you practice it from the first attempt and clear the exam on your first attempt to lead your career with more confidence and clarity.

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