Top 200 SAT Vocabulary Words You Must Know

Feb 21, 2022 | Turito Team USA

sat vocabulary words

Many students relate the phrase “SAT” with vocabulary. But is good language important to pass the examination? In a way, yes. It can help the candidates get good marks in the SAT exam. Thus, investing some time in vocab learning is important for better academic communication. There are many vocabulary words in the dictionary. But here is a list of top SAT vocabulary words that candidates can refer to.

Words Meaning
Abandon Give Up
Abate Less Intense
Abet Encourage 
Accede Agreeing On A Demand
Adapt Adjust
Adequate Enough
Ambivalence Uncertainty
Analogous Parallel
Anomaly Oddity
Expect Predict
Antipathy Hostility
Apex Tip
Apprehension Anxiety
Articulate Fluent
Artificial False
Assertion Declaration
Authenticity Genuine
Avenue Path
Basic Fundamental
Bear Support
Berate Scold
Bias Partiality
Bittersweet Partly bitter or sweet
Boost  Increase
Bovine Relating To Cattle
Braggart A Person Who Boasts About Achievements
Brawl Fight
Brevity Shortness
Burnish Polish
Cacophony Harsh Mixture Of Sounds
Candid Frank
Capture Catch
Catalyst Substance That Leads To Chemical Reaction Increase
Cache Collection Of Similar Items
Censorious Critical Of Others
Clout Smack
Coincide Occur
Commission An Offer
Comparable Similar
Competent Capable
Complacent Self-satisfied
Concede Admit
Conceive To Produce Something
Conduct Manage
Constitute Compose
Course Route
Culmination Climax
Dearth Lack
Deference Respect
Demagogue Rabble-rouser
Demur To Object To
Deplete Use Over Time
Desolate Empty
Devise To Come Up With
Dilemma Confusion
Diluvial Biblical Flood
Diminish To Become Small
Dire Hopeless
Disdain Lack Of Respect
Dispassionate No Strong Interest
Doctrine Belief
Effluvia Harmful Odor
Eloquent Expressive Communication Skills
Eminent High Position
Emulate Match
Endure To Withstand
Entail To Invoice
Specify State
Epochal Significant
Erratic Deviating From The Norm
Establish To Found
Excel To Top
Exploit To Use For-Profit
Expound Present
Ferocity Violence
Flourish Prosper
Forcible Forceful
Frankly Directly
Fundamental Basic
Galvanizing Shock
Geriatric Relating To Old People
Hostile Aggressive
Hubris Excessive Pride
Impart Spread
Impartiality Unfairness
Imposition Forcing
Indifference Lack Of Interest
Indulge Give Away To
Importunate Persistent
Innovative Original
Inversion Reverse
Lament Groan
Locomotion Movement
Malicious Bitter
Materialistic Worldly
Modest Humble
Mawkish Sentimental
Novel Book
Null Invalid
Objectify Degrade To A Status
Omnipotent Supreme
Onset Beginning
Opine Suggest
Oust Expel
Pandemic Widespread
Paramount Most Important
Patrician Aristocrat
Peculiar Strange
Potent Powerful
Perish Fall
Persecute Oppress
Petulant Peevish
Pinnacle Peak
Pitiable Deserving Pity
Plausible Credible
Prompt Give Rise To
Polyglot Writing Or Speaking In Many Languages
Provocative Infuriating
Prescribe Order 
Prestidigitation Sleight Of Hand
Prohibit Banning
Placid Tranquil
Prosecute Criminal Proceedings Against A Person
Quantitative Expressible Amount
Quirk Oddity
Quarry Mine For Stone
Ramify To Split Up Into Branches
Rancor Bitterness
Rarefy Become Less Solid
Rash Reckless
Raw Uncooked
Reapproach To approach anew
Reform Improve
Refute Disprove
Reinforce Strengthen
Resilient Strong
Revile Criticize
Rife Widespread
Sanctimonious Pious
Satiated To excess
Savvy Sharpness
Scandalous Disreputable
Scorn Contempt
Sagacious Wise
Scrupulous Careful
Sedition Agitation
Sacrosanct Very Holy
Sentiment Emotion
Sheer Utter
Sallow Yellowish
Simple Easy
Sinecure Soft Option
Spawn Offspring In Great Numbers
Spur Incentive
Subordinate Junior
Stroke Strengthen 
Significant Important
Subtle Fine
Ample Many
Surly Grumpy
Surmount Overcome
Sybarite Sensualist
Tactful Considerate
Taut Tight
Teeming Be full of
Temperament Nature
Tentative Approximate
Terse Abrupt
Transparent Clear
Tremendous Extreme
Trounce Beat Hollow
Ubiquitous Everywhere
Unadorned Undecorated
Undermine Wear Away
Unwitting Unconscious
Underscore Line Drawn Under A Word
Undulate Surge
Unilateral Involving Only One Group Or Community
Upbraid Scold
Unjust Unfair
Uproarious Very funny
Unmitigated Absolute
Unprecedented Unmatched
Unveil Reveal
Urge Desire
Upshot Outcome
Usury  Lending Money
Validate Prove
Viability State Of Being Viable
Vital Important
Venal Corrupt
Vow Oath
Vital Essential
Warrant Authorization
Winsome Appealing
Wry Ironic
Yeoman Attendant
Yield Surrender
Yowl Making A Loud Cry
Zenith High Point

How Is Vocabulary Accessed On The SAT?

The SAT question paper has undergone many changes. Before, many questions used to come from the vocabulary. Today, only fewer vocabulary questions appear in the examination. But, learning the SAT vocabulary word list PDF can help the candidate come out with good results.

All SAT terms are tricky and examiners access them in the context of reading passages. Thus, candidates will have to solve more sentences. It is not a compulsion to memorize all the SAT vocabulary words in the PDF. But students can learn from the SAT vocabulary word list PDF to get good results. They can get better results than other students by going through the list.

What Is The Format Of SAT Vocabulary Question?

Few questions will come from the Vocabulary Cartoons II SAT word power PDF. Yet, you can expect roughly seven questions from the Reading section. Candidates will have to match a word with its correct definition. To solve this section, students need to learn the synonyms of words such as “directly”, “hold”, etc. They might also have to pick a word or phrase to clarify the passage. So, read the synonyms of the words mentioned in the Vocabulary Cartoons II SAT word power PDF. This will make your SAT vocabulary words practice more efficient. Also, it will help you get good grades in the section.

Is There Any Vocabulary on the SAT Writing?

Yes, some questions appear from vocabulary on the SAT writing. You will also find vocab questions in the Language and Writing section. This sub-section focuses on transitions, grammar, and tense. But you can also expect to get Precision questions. Only three precision questions appear in the paper. Here, you have to replace SAT vocabulary words with the words in the passage.

What are the 3 Essential Tips To Study SAT Words?

Now that you have a list, you must be wondering how to learn SAT vocabulary words in easy steps. We have mentioned three essential tips to help you understand the SAT vocabulary words.

  • Study The Flash Cards Using The Waterfall Method

This is one of the best SAT vocabulary words practice. For this method, make flashcards, i.e., write each word on a card and create a deck. For example, you can write all the Vocabulary Cartoons II SAT word power PDF words and build a separate deck. Now split the deck into 30-50 cards each. Now choose a deck randomly and look at each card. You can create a different pile for “Know” and “Don’t Know” stacks.

Whichever SAT vocabulary words you learn in the process, put them in the “Know” file. Put the others in the “Don’t Know” pile. Repeat this process until all your cards in the “Don’t Know” pile shift to the “Know” pile. Then, repeat the same process before your examination. With this pattern, you will have the best SAT vocabulary words practice. Besides, you will beat the tough questions like a pro. 

  • Pay More Attention To Unknown Words

Suppose you don’t have enough time to revise the complete Vocabulary Cartoons II SAT word power PDF. You can use our inventory to create a new vocab list with unknown words. You can skip the simpler terms. Concentrate on the ones you’ll have the most trouble remembering. Once you’ve compiled your list, review it using the waterfall approach.

If you don’t like paper flashcards, you can use digital flashcards instead. Several free programs use spaced-repetition software (SRS) to display more challenging cards. So, you can prepare these from online platforms. This will broaden your vocabulary. 

  • Take SAT Practice Tests

The majority of the SAT vocabulary word list PDF words are from actual SAT practice exams. So, you may put your learning into practice by taking mock tests. After you have studied the SAT vocabulary word list PDF, take the mock test to prepare better. This allows you to check if you understand the meanings of the words. Besides, it will also help you know if you’ll answer the questions in the timed test setting. This way, you can prepare for the actual SAT examination.

How To Make The Best SAT Vocab Flashcards?

You can make your flashcards. For this, you will need 300 blank index cards. You can buy them in various colors at low prices. You can use elastic bands to keep them together. Besides, you can also use binder-clipped flash cards. These flashcards are available in ready-made versions on the market. 


To sum up, these are some easy tips on learning SAT vocabulary words and memorizing them all. Vocabulary words don’t play a significant role in the SAT. Yet you’ll almost have some SAT word questions in the Reading and Writing sections. Thus, the SAT vocabulary word practice is essential to pass the exam with good results.

Making flashcards and the waterfall approach is the best SAT vocabulary word practice method. This ensures that you are familiar with the terms in your deck and not skipping any tough ones. But, if you don’t want to create flashcards, there is another way too. You can pick the difficult words and study them. No matter what method you choose, try to cover all the words. This is because all the words from the pdf come from SAT practice tests.

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