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SAT Score for Stanford 2024: Application Requirements Guide

Mar 21, 2023

Is Stanford University Your Dream University? Check The SAT Requirements Before It’s Too Late!

Today, universities are not just about education but about the ones where one can find decent jobs after their courses. And, after all, who doesn’t want to get admitted to a university that not only offers its students exceptionally rich intellectual and social opportunities but is also internationally recognized? 


The king of all universities, Stanford University, is located in California. So, if you are a student searching for a guide on the application requirements or the typical SAT scores for Stanford University, this blog is just what you need. 

The Ultimate Guide to Stanford University

Stanford University, located in California, is one of the most well-known universities in the world. Many IT companies, such as Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard, were founded by Stanford’s teachers and grads. It is also one of the colleges with the best success rates at luring venture capital, but at the same time, it is highly competitive. 


By now, this university must have piqued your interest, and you must be considering how to enrol in this university. Well, the applicants must fulfil three requirements:

  • Stanford SAT Scores
  • Acceptance Rate
  • Grade Point Average

Let’s discuss each of these requirements individually.


Everything You Need to Know Regarding SAT Requirements 

The College Board administers the SAT as a uniform admission test to determine if applicants are prepared for college. The three-hour exam consists of multiple-choice questions. A candidate’s chances of admission to elite institutions in several foreign nations are increased by a high SAT score. Stanford SAT score lies between 1440 and 1550. 

So, 1440 is the required Stanford average SAT score if you want to enrol in this college.  


Furthermore, this Whole Paper is Divided into Two Categories:

  • In the math section, you need to achieve a score of 770 on average, 740 in case of the 25th percentile, and 800 in the case of the 75th percentile. 
  • In the reading and writing portions, the average score is 735, 700 in the case of the 25th percentile and 770 in the case of the 75th percentile.

Remember, a candidate will be considered below average if they receive a score of 1440 and above average if they receive a score of 1550. 

Quite difficult, isn’t it? 


But it’s worth every bit of your effort.

All About Acceptance Rate at Stanford University: 

Stanford also requires an ACT or SAT score to be admitted. The typical ACT score at Stanford University is 99. Your ACT score should be near the average if you want to be a viable applicant to Stanford University.


The ACT score is required as follows:

  • In the case of the math subject, the average is 32
  • In the case of reading, the average is 33
  • In the case of writing, the average is 33. 

If you start to perspire after reading this, then it is normal. Keep a tissue box with you. Jokes apart, everyone knows how challenging it is to seek admittance to Stanford University. Don’t give up. As was already stated, it is worthwhile to go.


The Secret of Grade Point Average at Stanford University

Let’s talk about the Grade Point Average or GPA. The average GPA at Stanford University is 3.95. GPA is a requirement at Stanford University, which indicates that it is ruthlessly selective. 

To contend with other applications, a candidate must be at the head of the line and get extraordinarily high grades. If a person’s GPA is below average, they will need to make up the difference with a better SAT score to apply to Stanford and show that they are academically prepared for college.

At Stanford University, there are two different SAT exams.

  • One is SAT exam
  • Another is SAT Subject Tests

Furthermore, the purpose of the SAT Subject Tests is to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge of disciplines such as art, literature, science, etc. Stanford University suggests that students submit their scores from the SAT II or SAT subject tests. Although it does not expressly require these exams, students who score in the 90th percentile or better on the SAT subject tests should submit their results. 

A quick tip to all the readers, since results are scaled based on the number of applicants who take the test in a given year, students should utilise percentiles rather than raw scores when making decisions.   

Now Comes the most Asked Question, What are the Application Requirements at Stanford? 

The Stanford admissions officer considers several additional components of your application before making their final admissions decision. One of the main ingredients in this recipe for admission is academic excellence. Others are as follows:

  • The average SAT at Stanford, 2 SAT subject test results, and ACT results
  • A letter of recommendation
  • A high school diploma
  • An interim report
  • An application fee of $90 USD or a fee waiver
  • completed typical applications and essays tailored to Stanford 

A strong GPA and Stanford SAT requirements are required because admission to this university is extremely tough. One must demonstrate extraordinary accomplishments and involvement in extracurricular activities to secure a spot at the university.


Stanford University is one of the most renowned universities in the world. Becoming a student at this research institution was nothing less than winning a medal. It is just as challenging for candidates to get into Stanford because of the acceptance rate. But being one among the admitted freshmen is an accomplishment.

After reading the guide, by this point, your curiosity about this esteemed college and your questions must have been quenched. Stanford is a renowned institution with a wide range of students. 11.4 percent of Stanford University’s most recent graduating class comprised students from abroad representing more than 60 nations.

Graduates of Stanford University work for reputable companies, including Apple, Walt Disney, Harvard Medical School, and others. Why are you holding out? Put the horror of your SAT results aside and start shaping your future according to your terms and conditions.

SAT Score for Stanford


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