How to Get a Perfect SAT Score?- Complete Guide

Aug 19, 2021 | Turito Team USA



Everything about Perfect SAT Score

Getting a Perfect SAT Score opens new career gateways to the student and just like every other competitive examination, understanding the score and how the exam works becomes highly beneficial. The numbers and stats surely will inspire the SAT student to score higher and climb the ladder with better ease. Out of many students who appear for SAT every year, only the top 5% of them could attain the perfect SAT score – that is between 1400-and 1600. Though the figure looks overwhelming and demotivating for the aspirant, a strategic attitude, and a thorough understanding of the exam can make you the next high-scoring student this year!

Getting a Perfect SAT Score: How Difficult is it?

Securing a great SAT score demands hard work and a neat action plan. However, some of the success stories of how students scored high are surely inspiring and bring positivity to the aspirant. These real-time stories disprove the fact that getting a perfect SAT score is next to impossible.

The main pre-requisites that are required to get a perfect SAT score are

1. Widely spanned prep material that follows the exam pattern: When it comes to scoring high on SAT, knowing the exam rules and having excellent study material is undoubtedly the first step towards the big goal. The previous-year students who scored higher relied on excellent study material and also work thoroughly on practice tests- as much as they can. Practice makes the student perfect, and it applies greatly to SAT scores as well! Choose the right study materials that cover all the portions including Maths, Statistics, Language, and Data Interpretation.

2. Know Your priorities: To achieve a great score, knowing why you need to get it is quite important. Having a clear-cut goal ad understanding your priorities makes the perfect 1600 SAT score mark highly easier. Though there is no wrong reason to set a positive goal for SAT, having a concise goal will take you closer to the goal effortlessly. Ask yourself questions such as :

  • Are you willing to prove your capabilities as an SAT aspirant?
    Do you strongly believe that a perfect SAT score will give you higher career options?
    Are you dreaming of getting enrolled in prestigious Ivy League universities such as Yale or Harvard University?

These sorts of questions will lead the student to prepare with conviction and get the best results.

3. Be Consistent in Preparation: Taking one day at a time, and being consistent towards SAT prep is a well-proven strategy that all high-score students agree with. Maintain consistency in preparation and doing as many practice tests as possible -that not only brings confidence but also high optimism toward the preparation altogether.

4. Choose Smart work over Hard-work: The emphasis on smart work over hard work is being made off late because of the fruitful results it offers. Instead of slogging the day out and draining the energy, choose smart work by keeping productivity high in shorter bursts of time. Sprinting your preparation by having few effective hours than meaningless hard work greatly increases the chance of scoring higher on SAT.

5. Avoid Overthinking: This one habit can be highly detrimental to your dream of achieving a higher SAT score. Make strategy your important tool, but do not over plan anything relating to the examination. Get the information you need for scoring higher and simple, yet effective practices will bring significant scores- rather than a dramatic change in the usual schedules. The top scorers on SAT surely agreed on the fact that the exam is indeed tricky but not unattainable in any sense. Prepare in-depth but not over extensively- and this makes answering the questions quite effortlessly on the D-day of the exam.

Success Story of High SAT Scorer!

The journey to success to get the perfect 1600 SAT score is made easier and seamless through the inspiring stories of these following scorers who made it to their destination with ease.

Let’s hear it from Nithya, 1550 SAT scores

“I was on the lookout for test prep to prepare for my SAT exam and this is when I came across Turito. Following the demo, I decided to enroll with them. This was the best decision ever which helped me push my score to 1550. Their online classes and teachers (subject matter experts) were really helpful. They guided me in mastering shortcuts to answer questions and taught me effective time-management tips.

I especially appreciated their classes – which were interactive as opposed to the traditional one-sided lectures. We could clear our doubts without any hesitation and reach out to the teachers outside the classroom as well. As for the rest, it was all about practice, since SAT requires a lot of that. With Turito, we could take daily practice papers, which helped us immensely in understanding gap areas and improvising on the same. Overall, Turito was a great support in my SAT prep, improving my performance, and making sure I secured a higher score. I would recommend Turito for SAT aspirants, all the way!”

The Final Word:

By going deeper into the preparation strategies and high-scorers of SAT, some of the key tips that can be found in common and resourceful are:

  1. Have a flexible yet clear exam plan
  2. Believe in Perseverance and Positivity
  3. Practice as many tests as you can
  4. Research study materials and look for the best prep sources
  5. Stay focused and never give up!

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