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UC Berkeley SAT Scores – SAT / GPA Requirements

Jan 11, 2023

UC Berkeley has a comprehensive method to narrow down the pool of candidates. You, therefore, have a lot more to concentrate on than just your grades:

  • Grade point average
  • SAT results
  • Detailed profile

Your admission to this esteemed university will be decided after carefully considering each factor.


In addition to the anticipated UC Berkeley average SAT, you must have an extensive profile to be a possible Golden Bear. Your application will be examined equally, considering your academic performance, extracurricular activities, and personal experiences.

UC Berkeley SAT scores

The average SAT score for the University of California Berkeley is 1415. Therefore, 1415 is the UC Berkeley average SAT score you should strive for if you intend to take the SAT and submit your results.


Even though SAT scores are only one of several factors used to choose prospective Berkeley students, they can be pretty valuable if you get an above-average score. For instance, your application would likely be given more weight if you have a GPA below 3.0, but a UC Berkeley average SAT of 1480.  

What GPA is Required for Taking Admission to UC Berkeley?

Cal stipulates that you need a 3.0 GPA or above in courses 11 and 12. One of the main prerequisites that every applicant must fulfill is this.


The average GPA requirement at UC Berkeley is 3.8 based on submissions of GPA scores from the preceding year. To be a successful applicant to Cal, you must aspire to have a GPA of at least 3.8 throughout your high school years. All reputable American institutions typically require applicants to have an average GPA of 3.8, making UC Berkeley one of the world’s most challenging and selective universities.

What is the Acceptance Rate at UC Berkeley?

A university’s acceptance rate is one of the most critical considerations in deciding whether to admit candidates from all over the world. These elements, in addition to SAT results and GPA, aid in selecting prospective Berkeley students:

  • students that thrive in the classroom
  • students who are attending college for the first time
  • students from various cultural backgrounds
  • High-caliber students with a robust, holistic profile

These elements play a part in the comprehensive selection process used at UC Berkeley. Your chances of acceptance significantly increase, if your application checks off all of these conditions and the stringent UC Berkeley SAT requirements and GPA score. 17.5% is the average acceptance rate at UC Berkeley for any given year.

This suggests that only 18 students get admitted to Berkeley in each subject area in a year if 100 candidates submit applications. You must create an application that meets Cal’s standards and makes you stand out if you want to be one of the 17.5% of Berkeley students.


Application Requirements for UC Berkeley

The prerequisites and application procedure at UC Berkeley differ slightly from those at other colleges. The following is a summary of UC Berkeley’s application requirements:

  • fee for applications
  • test of language competence
  • reports and transcripts from schools
  • recommendation letter
  • Querying one’s insights

Let’s go through it in detail to understand what is expected of you and the typical GPA and SAT scores for UC Berkeley to submit a successful application.


Application Fee for UC Berkeley

You’ll see when you complete the Berkeley application form that you must pay an application fee to submit the form. The application price is $70 for citizens of the United States. There is an $80 application fee for all prospective international students at UC Berkeley, including Indian students.

You would need to pay Rs. 6,059 for this at the moment’s price. But to obtain a clear picture of the application price in Indian rupees, remember to check the conversion rates on the day you plan to fill out the form.

Application price for citizens of the United States$70
Application price for international students at UC Berkeley$80

Application Deadlines and Dates for Berkeley

Before submitting your Berkeley application, you must know several deadlines and dates.

Application Start FromAugust 1 to November 30
Required Documents/Forms fromDecember 31 to January
Application decision fromEnd-of-March to May 1
Financial Aid ApplicationOct to March

Please be aware that the application is only available between November 1 and November 30.

Submission of SAT Test Results to UC Berkeley

 Although submitting your SAT or ACT results is not a requirement for admission to UC Berkeley, you are free to do if you want. Use the code 4833 to send the institution immediately your UC Berkeley SAT results.

Submission of Language Proficiency Test Results

One of Berkeley’s most crucial admissions requirements is language ability. To show your skills in the English language, you don’t have to start speaking with an American accent. You must present your proficiency in the language to the admissions officer or interviewer. There are two approaches.

  • You are exempt from taking a language competency exam if you have studied English for over three years.
  • You may also select any of these three language exams and submit your results if you do not have 3+ years of English language competence or are willing to take a language proficiency test.

SAT Results for UC Berkeley Personal Insights Questions

Your test results reveal only a limited amount about you. Even if hundreds of students may have identical scores on the same topics, each student has a distinctive path or experience contributing to their academic and personal development. UC Berkeley requests explicitly that you emphasize this in your application’s unique insights questions section.

  • Have you had any difficulties as a young student? Could you describe how you overcame them?
  • Have you ever needed to choose between two possibilities? What decision did you make, and why?
  • What drives your interest in the topic of study for which you are applying, and how might UC Berkeley support you?

These are just a few subjects you might cover in this important application area.

Remember to draw from the following traits when you write your responses to the personal insights questions, depending on which ones best describe your experiences:

  • Leadership qualities
  • Innovative actions
  • Social welfare or community service
  • Accomplishments outside the classroom
  • Exposure to culture
  • What would they like to overcome if there were any hurdles in life?
  • An essential lesson learned from a challenging or unexpected scenario

You must choose four of the eight personal insight questions you will be asked to answer. Your language proficiency is not taken into consideration in this section of your application.

Instead, it assesses your personality, communication skills, and the clarity of your responses. Take enough time to plan out your answers, then go back and make any necessary adjustments.

Requirements for School Reports & Transcripts

Your academic achievements over the last two years provide important information about your development or progress in a particular area. The criteria used by each school to evaluate this part of your application are unique. UC Berkeley will use this to assess your academic performance.

Your school records and transcripts from classes 9 through 12, which span the entirety of your high school career, are required by UC Berkeley. Direct delivery of your transcripts to the university is advised; Parchment is a good choice. However, your institution may decide to mail a paper copy of your transcripts if it cannot deliver them online (by post).

Letter of Recommendation from UC Berkeley

You will be evaluated quantitatively using your high school transcripts, SAT score for UC Berkeley, and GPA requirements for UC Berkeley. It’s time to assess your profile qualitatively next. A letter of recommendation gives the UC Berkeley admissions officer a distinct perspective on your application.

A teacher with firsthand knowledge of your highs and lows and your strengths and shortcomings will undoubtedly have some observations or insights about your entire school experience. This adds much value to your application since the admissions officer will learn more about you from a teacher’s perspective.

The standard procedure at Berkeley is to submit two letters of recommendation. A teacher or professor who is an authority in one of the two major academic areas must write one of these two letters.

When writing a letter of recommendation for you, your teacher(s) should emphasize the following things:

  • Your academic standing
  • the capacity to learn
  • Creative thinking
  • features of leadership
  • Your style of communication or interpersonal relationships
  • Your perseverance

Please be aware that Berkeley must receive all letters of recommendation electronically no later than January 15. The last part of your application is now where you may express yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I prepare for the SAT?

It would help if you began studying three months before the SAT exam date to prepare for it adequately. Follow these four steps to get the best results possible:

  • For three months, study for 2-4 hours each day.
  • Rewrite all underlying principles.
  • In three months, take as many SAT practice exams as you can.
  • Work to acquire critical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, logical reasoning, and other essential abilities.

2. Can I apply for early action at UC Berkeley?

Many colleges, including Ivy League schools, accept both types of applications. The first is an application for early action or decision, while the second is an application for regular determination. However, UC Berkeley does not provide candidates with this choice.

Early action applications for students are not permitted. Students can only submit one application to the nine campuses that make up UC Berkeley. Contrary to the norm, Cal does not have distinct application forms for each campus. This extraordinarily distinguishes Berkeley. With just one application, you can apply to any degree or course at any of UC Berkeley’s nine campuses.

3. Is SAT score for the University of California Berkeley a Mandatory Requirement?

Following the global pandemic, UC Berkeley removed the necessity of standardized test results as one of the requirements for admission, just as many other American colleges.

Therefore, the SAT score for the UC Berkeley requirement is not mandatory for the academic years 2021–2022. However, you can submit your SAT score to the university of California Berkeley if you want to strengthen your application. Sat score for UC Berkeley, code 4833, is where you should send your results.

4. Who is qualified to administer the SAT?

The SATs can be taken by anybody, regardless of age. Anyone may sign up to take the SAT. Your SAT results, however, will only be recognized by foreign colleges if you have earned a diploma.


UC Berkeley SAT Scores


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