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UVA SAT Score Requirements, Scores & GPAs 2023

Oct 9, 2022

Every student aspires to get admission into one of the prestigious worldwide universities. To study your favourite subject, learn from the course, get your dream job, and live a happy life. Amidst the several prestigious universities and colleges worldwide, the University of Virginia or UVA is one of the most sought, popular, and competitive universities, where numerous students apply each year to try their chance of getting admission.

Are you one such applicant? If yes, then you’ve found the perfect place! This guide will focus on every detail you need to know to get admission to the UVA. From the admission necessities, UVA SAT scores, the UVA average SAT, and UVA SAT requirements 2022; you’ll find them all here!


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How to get admission to UVA?

Before we discuss the requirements, scores, and GPAs for admission to the UVA-main campus, let us understand how to gain admission to UVA:


Acceptance Rate:

The general acceptance rate of UVA- the main campus is around 23 to 26 per cent. Currently, the University of Virginia has an acceptance rate of 26%; that is, only 26 students get admitted every 100 applicants (recently, only 9,828 candidates got accepted out of 37,182 applicants). And this makes UVA a highly-competitive university in the US. Therefore, you must have an excellent academic background with stellar marks, grades, and GPA to get admitted.

Admission Requirements:

High School GPARecommended
High School RankRecommended
High School TranscriptRequired
College Prep CourseRequired
SAT (or ACT) Score Report Required

University of Virginia SAT Scores

Here is a list of the UVA SAT scores you must have, to increase your chance of getting an acceptance into the college’s course:

UVA SAT Score range1330 to 1510
Candidates submitting SAT scores78 per cent
25th percentile SAT Reading660
25th percentile SAT Math670
25th percentile SAT composite1330
75th percentile SAT Reading730
75th percentile SAT Math770
75th percentile SAT composite1500
UVA average SAT1415 to 1430

UVA SAT requirements 2022

The University of Virginia Main Campus is one of the most competitive and prestigious colleges in the US. It also has a high competence ratio and acceptance rate compared to the other colleges in Virginia.

Thus, to secure a seat for yourself at UVA, you must have a stellar academic background and a score higher than 75 per cent of the total scoring candidates sitting for the SAT exam. Since most of the SAT-taking candidates easily score in the range of 1050 to 1210 out of 1600, you need to score above 1300 to get admission at UVA.


To make things easier for you to understand, here’s a list of UVA SAT scores and other requirements for 2022:

High School GradeA
Necessary SAT Score1430 (above 1350)
GPA4.31 (at least 3.8)

The University of Virginia SAT Scores and GPA

Now, coming to the GPA requirement for the UVA- main campus. Since the overall academic score cutoffs are pretty competitive, you must have an excellent GPA and SAT score to get into the university. The average SAT score of the students applying for admission to the UVA college is 1350 to 1500 and an average GPA of 4.0.


Thus, as an aspiring candidate, you must have an above-average high school grade and a minimum GPA of 3.75 to 3.83.

Bonus: How to boost your acceptance rate for the University of Virginia?

While a solid academic background is a must, you must also align your skills and knowledge in favour of the University of Virginia- Main Campus requirements, values, standards, and preferences. It will help you have a better shot in the admission process. Follow these steps and ideas to increase your efficiency and acceptance:


Participate in Extracurricular activities:

Since the UVA prefers to see past your scores, it is always better to participate in different activities outside your academic background to establish your characteristics and ensure the board that you are an elite, selfless, hardworking, and contributing member of society. The list below highlights some ideas through which you can reflect the same in your persona- 

  • You can join a sports team, a band, or a group activity in your high school.
  • Cultivate hobbies that speak volumes about your personality and enhance your overall character.
  • Volunteer for selfless service in your hometown.
  • Spend your summer doing productive activities and work.
  • Put efforts into cultivating soft skills like leadership, communication, and time management.

Application Preparation:

  • Write an information-rich essay that reflects profound details the UVA board can’t discover from your application form.
  • Get a teacher’s recommendation in the preferred course department to reflect your academic scores, extra skills, and character.
  • Apply and submit your registration/application form before the deadline


And with this, we wrap our blog of UVA-main campus 2022 SAT requirements, scores, and GPA. Now, you have all the information necessary to boost your admission rate to your dream university by making your application stand out and get an edge over other prospective candidates. So, gear up and deploy all your strength, wits, and efforts to score the best and ace the admission process at the University of Virginia!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which one does the University of Virginia Main Campus prefer, ACT or SAT?

Ans. The UVA-main campus prefers both SAT and ACT applications for admission. Around 78 per cent of students apply through SAT, while 41 per cent of the candidates submit their ACT marks during the application process.

2. What chance do I have of getting accepted into the UVA Main Campus?

Ans. The acceptance rate at the UVA is 23 to 26 per cent, and the college has elite admission and academic standards for taking in students. So, the better you score, and the more stellar your grades are, the more chance you have of getting admission.

3. What SAT score do I need to get into the University of Virginia main campus?

Ans. The UVA average SAT score is 1415, and 50 per cent of the candidates applying for admission have SAT scores of 1320 to 1510. So, you must have a UVA SAT score of 1430 to get admission.

4. What is the application fee for applying to the University of Virginia- main campus?

Ans. As a prospective student, you must pay $70 to apply to UVA’s main campus admission process.

UVA SAT Score Requirements


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