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UVA Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements : What It Takes to Get In

Mar 2, 2022

The University of Virginia Quick Facts

Type of University Public
Founding Year1819
Total undergraduate enrolment (Fall 2020)17,311
Campus size1,682 acres
University of Virginia ranking#25 (National ranking)
UVA Acceptance Rate (2021)20.62%
Average tuition and fees$17,653 (in-state tuition), $50,900 (out-of-state tuition)

The University of Virginia (UVA) is a public university located in Charlottesville. It has gained a reputation as one of the most distinguished public colleges since its foundation in 1812 by Thomas Jefferson. It has a beautiful historic campus and is one of the few colleges in the country that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

UVA prides itself on producing leaders and delivering education at a fair cost. So, it is no surprise that UVA ranks among the top public colleges in the United States. 


UVA’s graduate programs are the highly-rated Darden Graduate School of Business, School of Law, School of Medicine, and School of Engineering and Applied Science. UVA is a world-class university and is informally known as one of the “Public Ivies.” It also has a high degree of selectivity. The UVA acceptance rate for the Class of 2025 was 20.62%. 

This article will discuss the University of Virginia’s GPA requirements to build a solid academic profile. So, keep reading to find out! 


UVA Acceptance Rate 

Admission at UVA is very competitive. In the 2020-2021 entrance cycle, a record-breaking number of 48,011 students applied, but UVA accepted only 9,898. This makes the UVA acceptance rate 20.62%. UVA received 2,937 early decision applications and accepted 968 for a 32.96% early decision acceptance rate. A total of 28,897 students applied for early action, with UVA accepting 6,186 of them for a 21.41% early action acceptance rate. 

You should remember that applying to this university if you are not a Virginia resident is more challenging. In the 2020-21 cycle, the acceptance rate for out-of-staters was only 17%, while Virginia residents had a much higher 28% acceptance rate. While the UVA acceptance rate is low, your chances depend on the strength of your profile, which includes your grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities. 


What is the UVA GPA Requirement? 

Let us talk about your high school grade point average. This is an important aspect of your application, and you must consider the UVA GPA requirement. You must meet the basic GPA requirement to avoid getting your application rejected right away. 

You can estimate the UVA GPA requirements by looking at the school’s current students’ average GPA. The average unweighted GPA of most students admitted to UVA is 4.31. This makes UVA as competitive as Ivy League universities. 9 out of 10 admitted students had a GPA of 4.0. 


It is better to maintain a GPA of 4.0 or higher in all your classes to meet the University of Virginia GPA requirements. To meet the UVA GPA requirements, you’ll have to score primarily A’s on your high school courses. Most students will want to take up to 8 AP classes to push their GPA over 4.0. It is essential to meet the University of Virginia GPA requirements while taking the most challenging courses your high school offers. 

What SAT and ACT Scores do I Need to Get into UVA? 

Apart from the University of Virginia’s GPA requirements, your application includes standardized test scores. Students can submit either SAT or ACT results. The Class of 2025 scored between 1330 and 1490 on the SAT and between 30 and 34 on the ACT. These test scores can be divided into percentiles. UVA’s 25th percentile SAT score is 1330, and the 75th percentile is 1500. The mean or average scores of candidates fall in the middle at 1430.  


UVA University super scores on the SAT. This means that UVA will consider your top reading, writing, and Math scores across all of your SAT dates. They will combine your best section scores to get the highest possible composite score.

The average ACT score of the Class of 2025 accepted students is between 30 and 34. The mean score of candidates falls at 32. Super scoring is not available for the ACT. Ensure that your test scores are closer to the 75th percentile score to improve your chances.  


What is UVA Looking for in Applicants? 

UVA has factors that fall into “very important” and “important” during the admissions process. 

Very Important: 

  • High School Coursework 
  • Class Rank 
  • GPA 
  • Letters of Recommendation  
  • Personal Characteristics 
  • State of Residency  


  • Essays 
  • Extracurriculars 
  • Talent  

Although UVA gets over 47,000 applications each year, UVA will properly review your application. Before making a choice, the UVA admissions team reviews the complete application. In UVA’s own words – “Before making recommendations, we read every file from beginning to end. Our files are read and double-checked several times.” 

It’s also worth noting that recruited athletes have a significant advantage. The NCAA Division 1 sports teams are a matter of pride for UVA. Currently, 750 college athletes attend UVA.  

Admission Tips to Get into UVA 

Does the process of getting into UVA excite you? Are you ready to be a Cavalier? Here are some tips to keep in mind while working on your application!

1. Maintain a High-Grade Point Average

As we have mentioned, coursework, GPA, and class rank are all “very important” for UVA admissions. The average high school GPA of UVA applicants was 4.31 in 2021. 90% of applicants had at least a 4.0. It is better to maintain a GPA of 4.0 or higher in all your classes to meet the University of Virginia GPA requirements. 

UVA uses a tool called ‘The Academic Index’. It is a metric employed by selective colleges with many applications. The academic Index combines an applicant’s whole academic record into a single figure, making it simple for admissions officers to reject applicants who do not fulfill a college’s academic requirements.

2. Improve your SAT and ACT scores

To be admitted to UVA, you must have excellent standardized exam results. The average test scores of UVA students are 1430 for the SAT and 32 for the ACT. It is best to take the SAT at least two to three times. This is because UVA super scores the SAT by combining your best section scores on different dates. UVA does not super score on the ACT. UVA was test-optional for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle. This policy will continue till the 2022-2023 admissions cycle.  

3. Write Engaging Essays 

UVA considers essays “important” for their admissions process. The secret to producing an outstanding essay is to write about a meaningful topic to you. If you’re passionate about the subject, your essay will be more relatable to the admissions staff. UVA requires its applicants to write one Common application essay and one essay for the program they apply to. Your essay should discuss why UVA is your first choice and how you will be a good fit for the school.  

You can always ask a parent or trusted teacher to proofread your essay. They will be able to point out flaws and mistakes that you missed. 

4. Apply through the Early Action/Early Decision route

Early applications to UVA can improve your chances of acceptance, especially if you’re an out-of-state applicant. Early decision, early action, and regular decision are the three stages of UVA’s admissions process, each with its unique acceptance rate: 

  • The acceptance rate for early decisions in 2021: is 32.96% 
  • The acceptance rate for early action in 2021: is 21.41% 
  • The acceptance rate for regular decisions in 2021: is 20.62% 

Early decision applications have the highest admissions odds, but they are also the most restricted. If you apply to UVA’s ED program, you are promising to attend if accepted. Early action is non-binding, which means that if admitted, you do not have to attend UVA and have until May 1 to decide whether or not to go.

5. Develop one or two Tier 1-2 extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are viewed as an “important” aspect of admissions choices at UVA. A well-developed interest is an excellent technique to get the attention of admissions officers. UVA wants individuals who are well-rounded with good leadership skills. The “four levels of extracurriculars” concept is simple to understand how a college rates a specific activity. Tier one activities are rare activities, such as winning a national award. Tier four activities are commonly seen, such as general volunteer work.  

At first sight, UVA admissions may appear scary. Thomas Jefferson’s college has high requirements to get in. But if it is your dream to attend UVA, make sure you have a strong application and do well on your tests! All the best! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the UVA Acceptance Rate for the Class of 2026? 

Only 9,522 students out of 50,962 applicants were accepted into the Cavalier Class of 2025. That is an acceptance rate of 21%. The acceptance rate is higher for Virginia residents. Meanwhile, out-of-staters were accepted at a rate of 15%. 

2. What is the Early Decision Acceptance Rate for the Class of 2026? 

The Early acceptance rate for the class of 2026 is considerably higher than for the non-binding early acceptance rate. It is 32%. 

3. How does UVA rate its applicants? 

 Applicants are rated on these very important factors: High School Coursework, Class Rank, GPA, Letters of Recommendation, Personal Characteristics, and State of Residency. Other important admission factors are Essays, Extracurriculars, and Talent. 

4. What is the average tuition and fee for UVA students? 

On average, the In-state tuition is $17,653 and Out-of-state tuition is $50,900. 

UVA acceptance rate


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