4.5 GPA: Is this Good? How To Improve Your GPA To 4.5 Or More?

Apr 5, 2022 | Turito Team USA

4.5 gpa

Do you want to get into a reputed college but aren’t sure if a 4.5 GPA can pass through one? Do you want to know what a 4.5 GPA means? Or are you wondering if a 4.5 GPA is good or not? Well, we will provide you with all the information that’ll help you answer these questions for yourself. Before we begin explaining what a 4.5 GPA is, here’s something that you need to know. 

No matter what the GPA rate is, it is not the only factor considered for admission. You need to have a good ACT or SAT score or, in some cases, both to be allowed entry. Every institution has different admission requirements, so contact your dream college to know theirs. 

As far as a 4.5 GPA is concerned, it might be a good score to some; for others, it might not. For instance – If ABC college is looking for a 4 or above GPA, for them, 4.5 will be an excellent score. But suppose if a college is looking for 5 or more, it might be an average score for them. But this is only from a college perspective. In this article, we’ll tell you what 4.5 means on a GPA scale and tell you the evaluation based on it. Now let’s begin!

Is 4.5 GPA A Good Grade?

As per many institutions, a 5.0 GPA is considered the highest GPA you can achieve in the examination. So, if you have a 4.5 GPA, it shows that you have a brilliant score. As per the weighted scale, a 4.5 GPA scale equals 99%. So, you are most likely to get As in all your subjects with this score. With a 4.5 GPA, you can apply to 1555 competitive colleges worldwide. But, you might not be able to apply to 4 schools that need a 5.0 GPA or, in other terms, full marks. But all in all, a 4.5 GPA is a good grade. 

You can check out the list below to understand more about the value of a 4.5 GPA in different grade levels.


For the freshman, a 4.5 GPA is a great score. It proves your outstanding academic records in high school. So, keep doing good to consistently get a 4.5 GPA. Try to get a 4.5 or more in the upcoming semesters to show a strong academic performance. 


The 4.5 GPA scale is quite an impressive GPA for the sophomore year, too. As mentioned earlier, you can get into some of the best colleges with this GPA. So keep performing well in your junior year, and you might get direct admission based on your score. 


So, you have managed to score a 4.5 GPA scale in all semesters consistently. Kudos to you! You now need to work more to pass high school with good grades. This will improve your chances of getting admission into the top colleges. If you have not decided which college you want to get into, start your research today and shortlist the name of the colleges that interest you. 


Congratulations! You have made it through the admission stage with a good GPA. You’re most likely in the college application process or have already done so. With this GPA, you can even get into the most elite institutions. 

How To Improve Your GPA To 4.5 Or More?

So now you know what a 4.5 GPA means in college admissions? So, if you have one, hats off to your diligence and dedication. But if you haven’t got one, don’t get disappointed! You can raise your GPA to 4.5 or more. All you need to do is follow our tips below, and you’ll get your GPA increased in no time. 

  • Go to class every day

We know you might be thinking that this is quite an obvious tip. But trust us, it is not. Nowadays, teachers put up lectures in Powerpoint presentations and upload them online. This allows students to skip classes and download studies whenever they need them for the test. So if you are one of them, don’t be so. Rather attend courses in the school to not miss out on the following: 

Detailed Verbal Explanations
Opportunity to clear queries
Opportunity for extra credits
Special announcements
Easy strategies to excel 


  1. Organize yourself

The best way to prepare efficiently is to keep yourself organized. By that, we mean having a study routine. Allot a separate time for each subject in a day and follow it rigidly. Keep more time for the difficult topics and allot one day for revision in a week to not forget any lesson. This will help you complete the syllabus in an organized manner. Keep a day for solving previous year’s question papers or practice tests as well.  

  1. Review study weekly

Besides revisions, solve practice tests every day to see where your preparation stands. Make a note of the mistakes and check them. If you feel you are getting low marks in a specific subject, work on it more to gain strength over your weaknesses. Solve practice tests and previous year’s question papers every week to upscale your preparation for the test. This way, you can master all your weaknesses before sitting for the examination. 

  1. Prepare with class toppers

The best way to ace your preparation is by studying for the examination with class toppers. Class toppers are toppers for a reason. It is obvious that they do something different that fetches them good marks. So, if you mix with them, you’ll learn about the strategies, how they sort their curriculum, and their study. Besides, it is believed that group study can lead to better preparation as many minds come into a single subject of learning. So, engage in group studies and solve practice question papers with them to see where you stand among the toppers. Adapt these ideas into your exam preparation, and you will have a brilliant preparation for the test day. 

  1. Use Library Resources

Textbook learning can give you good marks. But if you want to get a 4.5 GPA scale or more, you need to upscale your preparation. For that, you need to study different guides, learning materials, reference books, and textbooks. The examiners might get impressed with any new point you add in the answer and give you good marks. 

  1. Set a Goal and Reward Yourself

Good grades are a prize in and of themselves, but it never hurts to get a little extra motivation. Set a GPA goal for yourself and treat yourself with something you desire whenever you accomplish it. Besides, if you keep giving yourself gifts and celebrate every success you make, you would want to attain more and score better the next time you appear for a test. 

Final Verdict


Considering everything that we have said in the article, it’s clear that you should start studying consistently from high school. If you can keep up with the same grade for three years, no one can stop you from getting into the best colleges. Schools that are very selective look for candidates who are consistent with their grades. So keep pushing yourself and try to get the same or more scores to maintain the average. If you study every day, you can accomplish it easily. 


For sophomore, you atleast have a year to apply for colleges. And within one year, if you desire, you can make a big change. Start studying every day and strategically to score the best in one year. The higher your score is, the better will be the overall GPA. 


At this point, you should start taking the standardized test. For example, if you plan to get into a very selective school, your GPA needs to be really impressive. Or, you need to consider standardized tests, such as the ACT or SAT, to elevate your chances of admission. 


Entering the senior year with a 4.5 GPA scale is a huge accomplishment. While preparing your applications or waiting for judgments, you’ll be accepted in some fantastic colleges. Most certainly, you already have completed or are intending to complete standardized examinations before submitting your application documents. 

If your test scores are still unsatisfactory, some colleges can accept scores from examinations completed as late as February of your senior high school year. On the other hand, if your grades are satisfactory, now is the time to unwind some more and ponder your progress toward this new, exciting period of your life. Your efforts will undoubtedly pay off now and in the future!

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