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Is a 1.5 GPA good or bad? How Can You Improve Your GPA.

Apr 4, 2022

If you are someone who has got a 1.5 GPA, you might probably be searching for numerous questions. For, e.g., “what is a 1.5 GPA, is a 1.5 GPA good, What are the colleges that accept 1.5 GPA, etc. Don’t worry; along with answering all your questions, we will also provide a list of 1.5 GPA colleges in this article so that your career doesn’t get hindered anywhere. Let’s start with the foremost question.

What is a 1.5 GPA?

To understand what is a 1.5 GPA, you must know that a grade of D+ corresponds to a GPA of 1.5 on a 4.0 point scale. Therefore, it corresponds to a grade of roughly 69 percent. To be competitive, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, as this score is the national average. Therefore, to answer “What is a 1.5 GPA,” we can say that a 1.5 GPA is clearly below average. 


Is a 1.5 GPA Good or Bad?

You might have got an idea about “is a 1.5 GPA good or bad” from the previous sections. As we mentioned, a GPA of 1.5 is below the national average, indicating a low GPA. High school candidates in the US have an average GPA of 3.0, and generally, those who go on to college have even higher GPAs. 

If you still ask us, “is a 1.5 GPA good” we will say it’s not. An acceptable GPA is frequently defined as one that falls between 2.0 and 3.0. (or C). A 1.5 GPA is sufficient to warrant academic warnings or probation in some schools. To pass the course, one must get a 1.0 or D, the lowest possible grade.


We know after finding out the answer to your question that is “is a 1.5 GPA good” you might be more concerned, don’t stress out we will discuss:

How can you Improve your GPA?

As a Freshman: If your GPA is barely 1.5, it’s easy to become discouraged about your chances of getting into college. Because you’re a freshman, there’s still time to change your ways. Because you still have a lot of homework and grades to finish, raising your GPA is simple. However, if you want to increase your GPA, you must make more effort.


You could be bewildered as to how to accomplish this. Rather than stumbling and failing to make any progress, you should identify the source of the problem. This implies you must determine where you are lacking and how to improve in the areas where you are struggling.

Maintaining a GPA of 1.5 or higher is not a brilliant idea because it will make it harder to gain admission to a typical university. As a result, you must work hard to raise your GPA, demonstrating to universities that you can succeed.


With the tools and information given below, you may evaluate your chances of admission to a top-tier university with a GPA of 1.5. Along with determining how you can improve your GPA in the future.

As a Sophomore: Now that you’re a sophomore in high school, you’re halfway to applying to universities. Things are getting dicey now, but even with a GPA of 1.5, you still have a chance to improve your grade point average. If you have a 1.5 GPA, which is lower than the national average, your chances of getting into college will be considerably lowered.


You’ll need to put in a lot more effort the rest of this year and next year to raise your GPA to 2.0 or above. Smaller universities are more likely to consider your application if your GPA is in this range than 1.5 or lower.

You still have a chance to solve your problems if you confront them in class and truly comprehend them. In the next section, we’ll give you a search engine that will allow you to hunt for an average school. Finally, you can use the calculator in the following area to determine how much credit you need to earn by the conclusion of your junior year.


As a Junior: You will find it tough to change your grade at this point. As a rising junior, you have an uphill struggle in raising your GPA before going to college. At this point, a 1.5 GPA suggests that you will have a difficult time getting into college the following year; no school will accept an applicant with such low grades. If you have this grade, you can’t use any institutions as safety schools; thus, applying anywhere is a considerable risk.

To offer yourself a slight advantage, you might be able to work harder in your junior year’s first semester to boost your GPA slightly. Following that, you can use our search engine to locate schools of interest and determine your chances of acceptance.


As a Senior: On this lap, the race has ended. Your high school career is coming to a close. It is not possible to improve your GPA before applying to college. If you haven’t already begun the college application process or developed a list of colleges you intend to use, now is a terrific time. Because of your low GPA, you will have a tough time getting into any college of your choice. It’s plausible, but there’s no way to be specific.

You can check your eligibility for these colleges in the following area to determine whether you have a possibility of getting into the school of your choice.

As a College student: A 1.5 GPA as a college student will not suffice if you intend to attend graduate school. To demonstrate that you are prepared for the next stage of your education, you must have at least a 3.0-grade point average. You can reach your objectives if you are ready to put in the effort.

You should be able to attend college even if you have a GPA of 1.5. However, when deciding whether or not to admit you, college admissions officers consider more than just your grades and transcripts.

If the tips mentioned above are not applicable in your case, don’t worry about the 1.5 GPA colleges and what colleges that accept 1.5 GPA look for in a candidate in the following sections.

What do 1.5 GPA Colleges Consider During Admission?

1.5 GPA colleges consider a variety of other factors, including the following:

Extracurriculars: Colleges consider your extracurricular activities. You could, for example, join a club or volunteer your time to something about which you are passionate.

Diversity: More schools than ever before may consider your ethnicity or cultural background, geographic location, and life experiences when making admissions decisions.

Recommending letters: College admissions officers will want to learn more about you if you’ve collaborated with other organizations.

Look into schools that accept at least a 1.5 GPA as a starting point. If your institution does not require a minimum grade point average, you can begin your college education at a community college and transfer to a university after two years.

How can Conditional Acceptance Help you?

Conditional acceptance can help you get into a 1.5 GPA college; let us explain how. As per conditional colleges, you can get conditional admission with low GPAs. It indicates that your grades are insufficient to gain access to the program. They did, however, let you in. When accepting this type of acceptance, there are usually ground requirements that must be met. If you don’t meet a certain standard, you’ll be held accountable for your grades. Instead, take a set number of semester credits.

Some programs require you to complete prerequisites before you can begin the program. However, many universities will drop these requirements after a set period once these requirements have been met. How can you take advantage of this? First, check to see if the colleges you’re interested in accept conditional applications. Next, determine whether you are capable and willing to perform the tasks they have assigned to you.

Find out more about the colleges that accept 1.5 GPA in the next section.

What are the Colleges that Accept 1.5 GPAs?

Most colleges and universities use the average GPA as a guideline for applicants. Therefore, if your GPA is high, you are more likely to be accepted. Schools accept GPAs of all levels. While most schools require a GPA of 2.0 or 3.0, some will take as low as a 1.5. In addition, students with a high school diploma can enroll in community colleges regardless of GPA. Several universities also offer open admissions.

Check out the list of five colleges that accept 1.5 GPA:

1.Academy of Art University


Anglo state University
3.Baylor University
4.Aurora university
5.Lakeland University

Final words

Although GPAs play a significant role in your academic career, a low score doesn’t mean the end of everything. We hope you might have got answers for what is a 1.5 GPA and other such questions. We wish you all the luck for your future!


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