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Is 1100 a Good SAT Score? Colleges Can You Get Admission In?

Apr 5, 2022

Assuming you have recently attempted and have achieved 1100 on the SAT examination. Now you are wondering if 1100 on SAT is a good score to get you into your dream college or not. Well, SAT score is not the only thing that a University checks for selecting a student for admission. It also considers ACT, GPA score, high school performance, etc., for entry. So, does that make SAT score unimportant? No, it only means that they aren’t enough for getting you through college admissions.

But wait, if you have a low SAT score, there is nothing to worry about. You can compensate for the score by getting more marks in the abovementioned fields. With that, you must be thinking if 1100 is a good SAT score or a poor score for admission. 


This article will tell you everything about this score and which colleges accept the 1100 SAT score for admission. Keep reading to get your answers cleared. We’ll begin with how SAT score is checked by different universities and then talk about whether 1100 is a good SAT score or not. 

How Does A University Score SAT?

The University scores SAT of every candidate on a 1600-point grading scale. In addition, they take the scores of the following sections for analysis.

  1. Maths
  2. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

SAT Grading Scale

Both these sections are scored within the 200 to 800 range. The authorities take the score of each section and check it. They do not make any negative marking for the wrong answers. Instead, they prepare the final score report based on how many questions you answered correctly.

SAT also conducts optional essay tests. So, if you appear for it, the authorities will also take your essay score before publishing the result.


Is An 1100 A Good SAT score?

Now you know that 1600 is a perfect SAT score with the data mentioned above. The least SAT score ever received in the history of college admissions is 400. So analyzing these two scores, 1100 on SAT is a higher mark than average. It indicates that you are an above-average student, and your score is 59 percent. It also suggests that you have answered more than 50% of the questions right in the examination. Hopefully, this answers your question about whether 1100 is a good SAT score or not. 

So does that guarantee admission to your dream college? Unfortunately, no! Different colleges have different SAT scores. So, compare your score with your preferred college’s SAT requirement to understand your admission chances. If it is not enough, you can look for colleges accepting low SAT scores, or you can reappear for the examination until you get the desired marks.

What Does A SAT Score Of 1100 Mean On The ACT?

If we convert 1100 SAT score to ACT, it comes to 21 based on the ACT concordance. Unfortunately, not all universities publish admission information for SAT and the ACT. So, you should look at our similar rankings for both standardized tests to locate equal schools. 

What Colleges Can You Get Admission In?

Now let’s look at the colleges that accept candidates with 1100 SAT scores. Although these colleges expect a higher SAT score, they consider students with 1100 SAT scores.   

CollegeAverage SAT
University of Tulsa1210
Illinois Wesleyan University1200
University of the Pacific1210
St Mary’s College of Maryland1180
Virginia Military Institute1170
Saint Joseph’s University1200
Simmons University1160
Centre College1220
Samford University1150
Oklahoma City University1170
Union University1200
Ohio Northern University1210
Saint Marys College of California1160
Linfield College McMinnville Campus1130
New York Institute of Technology1180

How Can You Improve Your SAT Score?

Now you know which colleges you can apply to with an 1100 SAT score. If your preferred college is on the list, then congratulations, you have met their eligibility criteria. But wait, is your dream college not on the list? Don’t worry! If you need more SAT scores to apply to your dream college, you can follow our tips to get so.

The tips below will help you build a strong application and beat other students who have applied to your college. Of course, you can show your extracurricular performance and certification courses to add weight to your form. But sometimes, it is not enough. You need to get a proper score for registration. Thus, the following list will help you get that. Consider these tips, and you might get lucky with a perfect 1600 SAT score. 

  • Become Familiar With The SAT

We mean that you need to practice a lot for the examination. Before applying for the test, you should be familiar with all topics. Besides, you should be comfortable in attending to all sorts of questions. The more you practice, the more are your chances of getting exceptional results. 

While preparing for the test, study different study materials for efficient preparation. Study guides, lessons from tutors, sample papers, etc., to improve your score. This way, you can get even more scores than expected.

  1. Sit For The SAT Exam Again

When you sit for the SAT for the first time, you will only learn the question pattern, the difficulty level, etc. But when you sit for the second time, you will be prepared for all these. Additionally, you will be well prepared as you will be revising the same topics again. Thus, your results might get better.

Study as hard as possible and try to get the best results in the second exam. Take guidance from tuition teachers if you need it and ace the examination with excellent marks.

  1. Apply Even If You Have A Strong Application

If you have a good GPA, ACT, or extracurricular performance, even then apply for the SAT. This is because some institutes might prioritize SAT more than other factors. Also, other students might have a good GPA, ACT, and extracurricular performance. In such a situation, you can beat them with excellent SAT results. If you are wondering whether 1100 is a good SAT score or not, it is. But try to get more, to have more choices. 

  1. Keep More Than One College Preference In Mind

Although you might dream of studying in a specific college, it is better to keep more preferences in mind. So, if you don’t get into one college, you will have a chance of applying to the next. Besides, if you aim for colleges that need higher SAT, you will only get the required SAT score for your college. 

For example: If the university says that 1100 is a good SAT score and you can gain admission with such a score, try to aim for 1200. If you make preparations for a higher rank, you will not get a very low score. Rather you would get the one that is required to get admitted to your dream college.  

  1. Re-examine Your College List

If you are still thinking whether 1100 is a good SAT score or not, even after sitting for the examination after planning, preparing, and tutoring, it’s a strong sign that the college is not a great fit. Ultra-competitive institutions need candidates with near-perfect SAT results because they have a challenging curriculum.

If the normal SAT score for your chosen school is less, their curriculum may be too rigorous for you to get the most out of learning there, and that’s fine! Your university experience includes several other components.

  1. Stay Optimistic and On Track

If you thought 1100 is a good SAT score but found out that it is not for the college you are applying to, don’t get disappointed. Just because you did not clear the SAT examination on the first attempt, it doesn’t mean you can never do so. You can reappear again, and this time with more preparation. Moreover, you can develop the other aspects of the application form to improve your admission possibilities.

  1. Make The Best Use Of Time

You might find simple questions in the question paper. Or, you might find tricky questions too. Besides, you might also get questions whose answers you don’t know. Try to answer the easy ones first to avoid missing out on questions that you are well prepared for. Then, once done with them, try to attempt the hard ones or those whose answers you don’t know. 

The best thing about SAT exams is that they don’t have a negative marking. So, you can give wrong answers without worrying about score impacts. And you never know, sometimes guesswork can also fetch you good results by chance.

is 1100 a good sat score


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