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Is a 2.2 GPA Good? List Of Colleges that Accept 2.2 GPA

Feb 26, 2022

Your high-school GPA is crucial for getting admission into the best colleges. It is a number that reflects your capabilities and zeal to learn and achieve the set target. Most universities look at your GPA score to evaluate how much value you will bring to the college. Therefore, with a high GPA, the chances of getting into top colleges also increase.

Students with a 2.2 GPA have doubts about their chances of college selection. In this article, you will find out:

  • Is a 2.2 GPA a good grade to get you into top universities?
  • List of colleges that accept a 2.2 GPA.
  • How you can increase your GPA score.

Is A 2.2 GPA Good To Get Admission To Colleges?

If you are a student with a 2.2 GPA, you will be sad to know that it is pretty risky for you to get accepted to top-ranked universities. Though it is not considered dismal, colleges still consider it a low score. Therefore, you need to work hard to raise your GPA score to a respectable range.

What Is The Average National GPA Score?

The average national GPA is estimated at 3.0 GPA. Most colleges accept students who have achieved at least a 3.0 GPA in high school. Your GPA is the calculated average of your earned grades during a particular time. This stated time could be a semester, term, or session. Generally, course difficulty, hours spent in the class during a semester, and individual grades are considered while calculating GPA. Sometimes universities prefer percentages over grades. For example, as per the percentage system, a 2.2 GPA is considered a little higher than 70%.


Your Chances Of Getting Admission With a 2.2 GPA

This is probably your biggest concern if you have a 2.2 GPA. Frankly, it is not the optimum score to get college admission. However, in today’s cutthroat competition, you need to secure a point that is above the average national GPA. 


A 2.2 GPA means that you have achieved a grade of C or D+, and the colleges want you to be an A or A+. There is a huge gap between the two. Therefore, you need to work on improving your grades till you have time.  Though there is a list of colleges that accept a 2.2 GPA, it is always better to have a high grade because it saves you from any uncertainty of the future.

How Is GPA Calculated?

Grade Point Average or GPA is the numeric representation of your overall high school performance. GPA simplifies the evaluation process for granting admission to students. First, your performance in different high school subjects is measured in grades. Later, these grades are allotted a number between 1-4. Finally, the average of these numbers is called your GPA. 


Though some exceptions, most American high schools follow the grading scale mentioned below. 

Overall % Grade 
Above 97.0 %A+ 
93.0-96.9 %A
90.0-92.9 %A-
87.0-89.9 %B+
80.0-82.9 %B-
77.0-79.9 %C+
73.0-76.9 %C
70.0-72.9 %C-
67.0-69.9 %D+
65.0-66.9 %D
Below 65.0F

Students get a certain numeric point for each course that depends on their earned grades. The following table illustrates an example of the same.


Some schools either increase or decrease the numeric points earned by students as per the plus and minus gave to them on their grades. Generally, most high schools subtract (.3) for a minus grade and add (.3) for a plus grade, where 4.0 is considered the highest point. Though the calculation of average GPA is quite simple on a 4.0 scale, you can always contact your school’s counselor’s office for better estimation.

What Is Weighted And Unweighted GPA?

Unweighted GPA: Unweighted GPA is a traditional method of calculating GPAs. It does not consider the course credit for calculating GPA. Instead, it is measured on a scale of 0 to 4. As per this method, a student who scores an A in a less challenging course will have the same score as an A in an AP course. 


It is pretty simple to calculate the unweighted GPA of students as it does not measure the course difficulty. Suppose you take 5 classes and achieve Bs in 3 of them and As in 2 of them. The 3 Bs will equate to 3.0, and the As will be considered 4.0 points. Now when you calculate the unweighted GPA, it will simply be a summation of all the points divided by the number of courses which will give you a 3.4 GPA.

Weighted GPA: Weighted GPA is a more advanced method of calculating GPAs. It considers the course credit while calculating GPA. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 5. 


Let’s continue with the same example we used in the unweighted GPA. Let’s assume that two of them are AP subjects in the subjects where you earned 3 Bs. At the same time, one is an honor subject, and between the two As, one is regular whereas another is an honors subject. To calculate your GPA, the course challenge needs to be considered along with the points you achieve. This means that for all the honors subjects, you need to add0.5 nd for the AP courses, 1.0 points will be added, and then GPA will be calculated for five subjects. 

Your GPA will be calculated as (4+4.5+4+4+3.5 divided by 5). The result will eventually be a 4.0 weighted GPA. Suppose you are wondering about your chances of acceptance into universities. In that case, you must remember your weighted GPA will be considered when giving you admission.

Generally, students with a 2.2 GPA want to know if a 2.2 GPA good grade for admission. Remember to follow the weighted method to calculate your GPA. When course credit is included, the GPA score increases tremendously.

How Can You Raise Your GPA?

If you are a high-school student, you still have enough time to prepare and raise your GPA score. There is a list of colleges that accept a 2.2 GPA, but you need to raise your GPA score to be able to improve your learning and capabilities. 

The following steps aim to enhance your preparation and raise your GPA score.

  • Save your time by avoiding the courses that you don’t need. 
  • Be regular in class and actively participate in different events that help you raise your score.
  • Set your academic goals at the beginning of the semester and work enthusiastically to achieve them.
  • Seek help from teachers and follow their precious advice.
  • Take up challenging courses and prepare by staying focused.
Why Is Your GPA So Important?

Your GPA score is the average of your academic performance in high school. Though it does not decide how you will perform in college, it displays your educational capabilities. Universities do understand various ways a high-school measures the GPA score of students. This means that your 2.2 GPA in one school might be completely different in another. Therefore, most universities mainly focus on the course difficulty to determine your strength and capabilities. The universities also compare your performance to that of peers.

Apart from getting admission to various universities, your GPA is an important factor for the following:

  • Getting a scholarship for education.
  • Getting involved in various extracurricular activities.
  • Joining a club or organization in high school and college.

List Of Colleges Which Accept 2.2 GPA

Raising your GPA requires time, and if you are late, you must be thinking is a 2.2 GPA good score to take admission. The good news is several colleges offer admission to students who have GPAs as low as 2.2.

Below is a list of colleges that accept a 2.2 GPA.

CollegeGPA requirement
Albany State University2
Family of Faith Christian University2
Richland Community College2.2
Dallas Nursing Institute2
Fort Hays State University2
Medaille College2
Lewis Clark State College2
University of Houston, Clear Lake2
West Texas A&M University2
North Carolina State University2

Your GPA does not reflect your true spirit and all the colleges understand this. Even if you have a low GPA, you can continue your education at various colleges. Remember that you are more than just your GPA, and there is always time to improve yourself.

2.2 gpa


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