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Is 27 A Good ACT Score? Colleges that Accept 27 ACT

Apr 4, 2022

Do you often hear colleges asking for ACT scores for admission? Well, you must have. After all, it is one of the most important criteria that the authorities check before enrolling a student in an institute. ACT is an entrance test that checks whether a student is eligible for admission to a specific college or not. Different colleges have different ACT requirements, so check the score requirement of your dream college before enrolling. If it matches your ACT score, you can easily get admission to that college. 

If you have a 27 ACT and are wondering whether 27 is a good ACT score or not, we’ll tell you in this blog. We’ll also tell you what an ACT score of 27 means and ways to improve your score if you don’t have a 27 ACT score. Besides, we’ll also brief on the 27 ACT score scholarships. So scroll till the end to know everything about the 27 ACT percentile before registering your name in your dream college. 


Is 27 A Good ACT Score?

Let’s first answer your question – Is 27 a good ACT score? Yes, it is. With a 27 ACT score, you can get into very good schools. It equals 85%, which is quite higher than the average score, so, if you have got a 27 ACT, good job! 

But, different colleges have different preferences. Some colleges might want 27 ACT, and some might ask for more or less. If you do not meet the ACT criteria of your dream college, you can take a test prep course and sit for the examination again to raise your ACT mark. The test prep course will help you achieve higher grades in all the sections of the ACT examination. The four sections of the ACT test are Math, English, Reading, and Science sections. You can sit for the test prep course available on different online websites. 


What Is The SAT Value Of 27 ACT Score?

According to the College Board, if we convert the 27 ACT score into SAT scale, it will become 1280 ACT. This is a lot more than the SAT average value of 1068. 

Which Colleges Can I Get Admission Into?

If you were wondering which colleges you can get admitted to with a 27 ACT score, we have a list for your help. Read the list below to know which colleges accept the 27 ACT percentile. 

CollegeAverage ACT
Skidmore College29
Yeshiva University27
Loyola Marymount University29
American University29
University of Denver28
Mount Holyoke College28
University of Washington Seattle Campus30
Texas Christian University28
University of California Irvine29
Sewanee The University of the South27
The University of Texas at Austin29
University of California Davis29
Bentley University28
DePauw University25
Rhode Island School of Design29

How To Improve Your Score And Get A 27 ACT?

If you are stressed about not qualifying with a 27 ACT score or more, then don’t. This is because there is a genuine chance of improving your score and getting a 27 ACT score the next time you sit for it. So, let’s look at some of the ways you can improve your score and prove yourself worthy of enrolling in the top colleges. These ways will get you a 27 ACT score or even more with consistent practice. 

Get Inspired


You need to keep all those negative thoughts aside that tell you: you cannot achieve it. Hard work has always paid off. But for that to work, you need to stay motivated throughout your preparation process. Push yourself to score harder. If you are not quite motivated, you will skip the difficult subjects and focus only on the easy ones. This will not get you good marks because you’ll skip the difficult questions due to a lack of knowledge. So, get started with the boring and difficult subjects first. After that, you can start with the easy topics as they’ll be easy to learn.  

Know Your Weaknesses


If you didn’t get 27 ACT, it means some of your concepts are not clear, and the answers you are writing are not up to the mark. You need to figure those concepts or topics out. How can you do it? Just start solving practice tests. With every practice test, you’ll find the areas where you are going wrong. Study that area again and reappear for another practice test. This way, you will gain mastery over all your weaknesses and ace the examination. Many practice tests are available online. So, you can log in at any one of them and complete the paper within the given time frame. 

Know Your Strengths


Just like knowing the weaknesses is important, so is knowing the strengths. Let’s take the worst-case scenario as an example. Suppose you don’t have enough time to prepare for the exam. Instead of spending hours on difficult topics, study all the easy ones first because they won’t take much time to learn. Besides, you’ll cover more topics than you would have if you had studied the difficult topics first. This will give you enough confidence while sitting for the exam.  

If you are done studying the easy ones and still have time, you can learn new or difficult chapters. The ACT score is calculated based on your Maths, English, Reading, and Writing scores. So, if you feel you are not good at Maths, but have good grades in English, invest more time in it. Try to achieve full marks in English to compensate for low scores in Maths. 


Study Smart

Studying everything might not be fruitful all the time. Neither learning the areas of strength nor areas of weaknesses. This is because you’ll probably not give more weightage to important topics but focus on what subjects you like to study and what you don’t. 

For example: If you choose to study topics A, B, and C because you find them easy or difficult first, you might miss out on chapter D, which is the most important one for the examination. So, instead of just studying the strengths and weaknesses, see if you are covering all the important questions for the upcoming test. If not, then learn them right away! There’s no way you can risk it at the last moment. 

Experiment With Different Study Routines

Having a study routine is very important for effective preparation. But the same study routine that your classmate has won’t be beneficial for you. You need to understand for yourself which study routine works best for you. 

For example: Suppose you have allotted a specific time to learn in the morning, but you are more productive at night. So, this strategy will not work in your case. Instead, make the study table according to your preference and productivity. Keep experimenting until you find that one study routine that is effective for you. 

Aim For A Score Above 27

We know, that all you want is a 27 ACT score to get through your dream college. But it is essential to aim for more than your goal. Aim for 30 or 32, and only then will you prepare more to get this score. The chances are that you will always get less than your aim. So, if you keep 30 ACT as your goal, it will boil down to 27 on your test result day. 

 Scholarship Opportunities With 27 ACT

So, now you know everything about how you can improve your ACT score to 27 or more. If you meet the 27 ACT score criteria, you’ll also open up many 27 ACT score scholarships if you need one. However, there are scholarship opportunities for even those students who get 20 ACT or similar. The more you get, the better avenues you will get exposed to. Therefore, try to get as many high scores as possible for winning a scholarship. You do not have to repay ACT scholarship cash, unlike a loan. You must, however, follow their rules. It would help if you also make an effort to keep a certain GPA in addition to this. 


So, now you know everything about what an ACT score of 27 means and its value in getting scholarships. So, without further delay, start preparing efficiently to get one and prove your capabilities. However, before beginning to study, contact the college authorities to know about any updates in the score requirement, 27 ACT score scholarships, if any, to have a better strategy for the exam. If you already got one, see through the list and apply to the colleges that accept 27 ACTs as per your preference.

27 act score


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