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Texas Christian University(TCU) Admission Requirements

May 10, 2022

Texas Christian University is renowned as the largest religious university. Students from all faiths choose this grand university to pursue higher education. If you plan to apply here, you must know the TCU acceptance rate and TCU admission requirements, including TCU GPA, TCU SAT requirements, and TCU ACT scores. This article will help you find all the crucial information for the TCU admissions process.

Overview of Texas Christian University

TCU was established in 1873 as a private educational institution. It has a suburban setting, and the campus size is spread across 302 acres. The university follows a semester-based academic calendar.


TCU is associated with the Christian Church, but it offers more than 20 religious groups for students’ involvement. Greek life is a popular student organization. It consists of nearly 40% of the total student body involved in 30 sororities and fraternities. The university provides excellent on-campus housing accommodations, and all freshmen and sophomores must use these accommodations facilities until they turn 21 or live with their parents.

The university pays high attention to student-teacher interaction, and for this, it allocates 1 teacher to a group of 13 students. It is known for offering numerous courses, including 38 doctorates, 75 masters, and 117 undergraduate programs. Additionally, Communication and Business are the most preferred courses in undergraduate programs.


TCU 2022 Ranking

Universities are ranked according to their students’ performance as broadly accepted excellence indicators. There are different parameters for ranking universities.

Crucial parameters of TCU 2022 ranking are:

Parameter Ranking 
Best National University38
The best college for veterans46
Best undergraduate teaching 71

Texas Christian University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate is the primary factor that every applicant seeks before starting the application process. It provides information about how many applicants succeed in securing a seat at the university. According to the previous year’s TCU admissions, the TCU acceptance rate is 48%. This data makes the university moderately competitive. It ranks #8 in Texas for having the lowest acceptance rate. 

Last year the university received 21,145 applications for TCU admissions. Out of these applicants, 10,155 candidates received the admission offer after meeting the TCU admission requirements. Academically, TCU requirements are extremely high. Students whose standardized test scores are included in the top 30% of the total national test takers are considered during reviewing the application. 


Apart from TCU ACT scores and TCU SAT requirements, the university also wants applicants to meet TCU GPA requirements. Typically, candidates who have a B+ high school average GPA have a better chance of getting into college. Most first-year students at TCU are known to graduate high school in the top quarter among all the students.

What are Crucial TCU Admission Requirements?

The university is selective in offering admission to students. It follows a holistic approach to reviewing each application to make an efficient admission decision. Following are the major TCU requirements for admission:

  • TCU GPA requirements
  • Standardized test scores
  • Essay to any of the prompts provided by TCU
  • High school transcript
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Extracurricular activities

To secure a seat in the preferred course, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the TCU requirements for recommended high school curriculum from the beginning of your academic career.

These requirements include the following:

Course Credit 
English 4
Math 3
Science 3
Social Science3
Foreign language 2
Academic elective2

TCU GPA Requirements

Applicants must have a high GPA to get into TCU. GPA is the first factor that admission officers consider in comparing the educational excellence of candidates. Thus, to save your application form from immediately getting rejected, it is crucial to secure a grade above the TCU GPA average.

The university’s average GPA is estimated as 3.68 on a 4.0 scale from last year’s admission data. This indicates that the university accepts primarily B+ students in their high school. The university ranks #9 in Texas for having the highest average GPA.


The following table broadly demonstrates Texas Christian University’s acceptance rate according to the GPA of applicants: 

TCU GPAAcceptance rateCompetitiveness
Above 3.7552%Good 
3.50 – 3.7523%Above average
3.25 – 3.5019%Below average
3.00 – 3.255%Reach 
2.75 – 3.001%Reach 
2.50 – 2.75N/ALow 

TCU SAT Requirements

Applicants’ SAT score is another crucial factor that influences TCU’s acceptance rate. The university generally prefers candidates who make up the top 39% of the national test takers. According to last year’s admission data, it is estimated that the TCU considers an average SAT score of 1220 on a 1600 scale efficient for offering admissions.

Applicants with SAT scores below the university’s average face challenges getting admission. Texas Christian University ranks # 10 in Texas for seeking the highest SAT score in its admission procedure. However, in some situations, the university is known to accept candidates with an SAT score as low as 1000.

The following table broadly explains a candidate’s chances of admission according to SAT score:

SAT scoreAcceptance rateCompetitiveness
Above 1320Above 61%Good 
1215 – 132048 – 61%Above average
1110 – 121535 – 48%Below average
1005 – 111024 – 35%Reach 
Below 1005Below 24%Low 

SAT Score Choice Policy at TCU

The university provides an SAT super score policy. In this, the highest section score from all the tests taken by the applicant is considered while reviewing the application. Therefore, candidates with a composite SAT score equal to the university’s average score are highly advised to take a re-test. By doing this, there is a high probability of improving the scores. 

For each test, candidates need to focus on one section thoroughly and take as many tests as sections in the test. For example, if your Math is weak, pay complete attention to improving this section with rigorous practice. In the next test, focus on another section.   

TCU ACT Scores Requirements

Apart from GPA requirements, the university seeks applicants’ ACT scores to make holistic comparisons while reviewing admission applications. TCU accepts candidates who have an ACT score above 25. Last year nearly 59% of applicants submitted their ACT scores in their TCU application. 

Perspective students with ACT scores above 28 are given priority while offered a seat in the opted course. In addition to this, candidates with a score above 31 have a great chance of getting admission here. 

The university ranks #7 in Texas for considering the highest ACT score during the admission procedure. In certain circumstances, applicants with ACT scores as low as 22 have got admission to TCU.

The following table demonstrates applicant’s success chances according to their ACT score:

ACT scoreAcceptance rateCompetitiveness
Above 31Above 61%Good 
28 – 3148 – 61%Above average
25 – 2835 – 48%Below average
22 – 2524 – 35%Reach 
Below 22Below 24%Low 

Benefits of sending ACT score over SAT score

Applicants who send their ACT score instead of SAT score enjoy an added benefit. For SAT scores, candidates must send all the scores of tests taken by them, whereas in ACT, they have full control over which score they want to send with their application. 

According to ACT superscore policy, candidates can take multiple tests and select only the highest score of each section to apply for admission at TCU. Therefore, it is highly recommended for high school students to take as many ACTs as possible to secure a score high enough to catch admission officers’ attention.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Selection at TCU

Applicants must improve their high school GPA by taking difficult AP or IB courses available to them. It is also important to prepare strategically and take multiple tests to improve SAT/ACT scores. But if they don’t have enough time to improve their grades, it becomes highly important to focus on improving other aspects of admission requirements.

Following are a few tips that can enhance your chances of selection to TCU:

  • Write a strong essay: The university requires its applicants to write only one essay. You must choose the topic carefully according to your interest and draft an engaging story to inform the admission committee about yourself and your professional goals. An essay is a great way of portraying your personality and passion. Use this space efficiently and frame a write-up that is free from any grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Efficiently use the free expression section: This is not a compulsory section for TCU application. Still, if you have weak academics, consider utilizing this part in the best possible way. In this section, you can provide any information that makes you a strong candidate for admission. It can be a business, project, professional write-up, or anything that showcases your extraordinary potential.

Securing a seat at TCU is challenging and requires high academic excellence. High school students need to prepare for university in an efficient strategic manner. Having a strong academic profile, engaging with productive extracurriculars, writing a solid essay, and showcasing your unique talent can help you secure a seat in this prestigious institution.

Texas Christian University


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