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Is a 3.3 GPA Good? List Of Colleges Which Accept 3.3 GPA

Feb 26, 2022

Did you score a 3.3 GPA in your recent examination and now want to know if it is a decent result or not? Are you wondering what universities or colleges you may attend with such a grade?

If you are nodding yes, this guide is for you. Read the entire article to know about your chances of enrollment in the top colleges with a 3.3 GPA result. You can expect to gain insights into the following aspects of the article.  

  • The article will focus on whether a 3.3 GPA is a good grade or not.
  • It will provide a list of colleges that allow students with this grade admission.
  • It also will provide tips on how to increase your score.
  • It will give a final verdict at the end as well. 

The guide will focus on unweighted GPAs throughout and give you the essential information that you need to know before filling up the application form for a specific college. It will also give advice that you can follow even if you attain a lesser score than a 3.3 GPA, such as 3.25 or 3.34. But before moving to the details, here are certain things that you should know if you achieve a 3.3 GPA.

  • A 3.3 GPA (Grade Point Average) corresponds to a B+ passing grade on a 4.0 scale.
  • The 3.3 score equals 87-89 percent.
  • The national average GPA is 3.0, so a 3.3 is greater than the national average. You can raise your GPA further and stand out with some targeted work.

Is A 3.3 GPA Good?

If you are thinking about whether a 3.3 GPA is good or not, well, it is. A 3.3 GPA is significantly higher than the national average of 3.0. It’s an excellent GPA that displays intelligence and a strong work ethic. However, if you can score more than this mark, you can ensure your chances of admission to your dream college. 


For High School Students:

A 3.3 GPA on your application will impress colleges and institutions, especially if it demonstrates active participation in physical activities. This means that a 3.3 GPA is good if you have good records in extracurricular activities. In addition, you may be eligible for scholarships if you have a good standardized exam score.


For College Students:

Graduate programs demand at least a 2.5 GPA to be considered; therefore, a 3.3 is more than enough to be considered. In addition, if you’ve done any volunteer work or internships, you’ll be an appealing candidate to the college authorities.


Grade Level Evaluation

Now that you know whether a 3.3 GPA is good or not, let’s understand the grade level evaluation of this GPA. 

For Freshman


As a freshman, you have a good starting GPA, but there is still space for development! If you put in the effort, your GPA can improve significantly between now and when you go to college. Verify your chances of university admission that intrigue you in the next part. If you don’t meet the eligibility, you can start working on increasing your grades from the first month of your sophomore year.

For Sophomore


If you achieve 3.3, you have a better score than many candidates as a sophomore. The average GPA score is 3.0, and thus, 3.3 is an above-average GPA score. However, it may be tough to increase your GPA with this grade significantly. But you may still be able to do so before going to college. To discover if you need to improve your prospects of acceptance at colleges that interest you, look at the below list. 

For Senior


You’re probably already applying to different colleges because it’s your senior year. Try looking for your colleges in the next part if you’re curious about your prospects of admittance. With a 3.3 GPA, you’ll have a good chance of being accepted to less selective colleges. It’s crucial to space out your applications over various universities so that when you receive your acceptance letters, you have more than one plausible option.

For Junior

Between now and the time you submit college applications, your GPA is unlikely to alter significantly. With a 3.3, you’ll have a lot of college possibilities, though the most prestigious ones might be out of your reach. Search up the colleges you intend to apply to in the list below to understand your chances of acceptance.

List Of Colleges That Accept 3.3 GPA

Want to know which colleges allow admission for candidates with a 3.3 GPA? Then, check out the list mentioned below to learn. Also, check the acceptance percentage for each college. 

College/ UniversityAverage GPAAcceptance Percentage
Ashland University3.3%71%
Bloomsburg University Of Pennsylvania3.3%63%
Bowling Green State University3.3%74%
Bryant University3.3%77%
Caroll University3.3%78%
College Of Mount Saint Vincent3.3%92%
Concordia University Texas3.3%49%
Cumberland University3.3%47%
East Central University3.3%95%
East Tennesse State University3.3%87%
Edgewood College3.3%73%
Farmingdale State College3.3%46%
Fresno Pacific University3.3%73%
Hampton University3.3%36%
Madonna University3.3%70%
Malone University3.3%70%
Marist College3.3%31%
Mary Baldwin College3.3%54%
Misericordia University3.3%59%
Montana State University3.3%58%

How To Increase The 3.3 GPA? 

Now that you know about the colleges and where your preparation stands, you can build a plan to boost your GPA and attain your goals. A 3.3 is above average, and improving it will require near-perfect work, but don’t give up. You can achieve your goals with focus and dedication. 

  1. Dive Into Tasks: Finish all of your projects to the best of your ability, and ask for clarification on topics you don’t understand.
  2. Avoid Common Mistakes: Examine past work and assessments to see what kinds of errors you make frequently. Once you’ve identified the kind of errors you frequently make, you’ll be able to spot them in the future and avoid them.
  3. Ask for Advice: While preparing for the difficult topics, sit with your professor and discuss your objectives. Let them help you achieve them by giving you quality advice for optimum exam preparation.  

Final Verdict

For Freshman

As you can see from the chart above, your current GPA will open up a wide range of college alternatives for you. You’re still over the national average, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting into less selective institutions. As a freshman, though, you have plenty of opportunities to increase your GPA even better and be eligible for a broader number of colleges. So you should continue motivating yourself and study extra to improve your marks. If you can manage to put in extra effort, it will benefit you when schools realize how much you have grown during your senior school years.

For Sophomore

You still have a year to improve your GPA. Besides, you have a decent probability of being accepted to less selective schools, but many institutions may be out of reach. Therefore, you should focus on increasing your grades and pushing yourself throughout your junior year coursework. Although you may not significantly alter your GPA, universities will notice even minor changes in your scores and the complexity of your coursework. You can also begin studying for standardized tests so that you can achieve excellent results and increase your chances of admission even further.

For Juniors

You won’t be capable of making any big adjustments to your GPA before applying to college at this stage. However, you should still aim to improve your grades, but at this stage, improving your standardized test scores is your greatest bet for improving your chances of admission. So keep studying for the SAT or ACT so you can retake it and increase your scores before sending them to institutions. High standardized test scores might have a significant impact on your admissions chances.

For Seniors

You’re probably filling on college applications after having a good idea of your odds of acceptance at the colleges to which you applied. Despite your low GPA, you should have no difficulty enrolling in colleges if you develop a list that matches the merit of your application.

3.3 gpa


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