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How To Apply To Canadian Universities After 12th Arts?

Jan 31, 2023

Canada provides students with limitless opportunities and endless possibilities. Every year, more than 5 lakh international students choose the country because of the diverse courses in Canada after 12th arts. Moreover, many Indian students opt for Canadian universities after higher secondary.

You can enroll in programs at all levels, whether undergraduate, Post-graduate, doctoral, diploma, certificate, or vocational courses. Education in Canada is famous worldwide as the tuition fees are pretty low compared to the US, UK, and Australian universities. The significant courses in the arts and humanities group are English Literature, History, Political Science, Social Science, etc.


Whatever subject you choose after class 12 determines your future and career. The issue and university selection are crucial as they influence your future. You can choose from courses in Canada after 12th arts in universities with significant world rankings. You are bound to receive an excellent quality education in your preferred subject in Canada.

Why Study in Canada?

It is the right decision if you consider applying for courses in Canada after 12th arts. Since plenty of universities offer programs for students interested in a career in the arts and humanities. Many international students visit Canada every year to study at the top universities, especially in the arts and humanities courses.


Unlike India, arts and humanities in Canada have a wide range of subjects and a more significant career scope. Canadian universities provide a wide range of majors, double majors, and integration of majors and minors in the arts field. The programs may last 1-4 years, according to what you choose.

Moreover, regarding any research and educational system, Canada is regarded as one of the top countries in the world. The degree programs are more flexible in Canada in comparison to other countries. Therefore, you can go for it if you want to work while studying. You can also study two subjects at once. For instance, while focusing on English Literature, you can also study history as your primary.


Arts Courses in Canada

There are many courses in Canada after 12th arts that you can apply for. Besides undergraduate programs, you can also apply for Associate and diploma degrees, as they cost comparatively less than mainstream undergraduate programs. The most common programs are Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of social work (BSW), Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BAS), Bachelor of General Studies (BGS), and Associate of Arts (AA).

In this large field of humanities, you use a critical and analytical approach to research all kinds of human connections. The multidisciplinary major of humanities covers a broader range of topics. Below are brief explanations of those topics so that you get a better understanding of them and it is easier for you to choose.

  • Linguistics: It is the structural study of languages. You will learn about phonology (study of sound), morphology (study of words), Syntax (study of sentence formation), and Semantics (study of meaning). These aspects of linguistics will help you get detailed knowledge about a language’s structure, pronunciation, and accent.
  • Psychology: You can take a psychology course in Canada after the 12th arts. The study of human behavior includes ideas, feelings, and conscious, subconscious, and unconscious events. So even though it has a scientific approach, you can study it after 12th arts.
  • Political Science: you can go for this course if you are interested in the political structures of a country. It falls under the Social Science that examines political actions, beliefs, and theories and studies governmental types. It will help you maximize your political influence.
  • Law: Several Canadian universities provide law courses to international students after 12th arts. You can go for both undergraduate and diploma programs in law. The most common procedures in law are a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society, Advanced Diploma in Law Clerk, Juris Doctor (JD), Bachelor in Criminology, Certificate in Law, Liberal Arts Diploma in Law and Justice Studies, and so on.
  • Economics: You can take an economics course after 12 arts in Canada. The most common program is BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration), which lasts for 4 years and has a practical-based approach.

Besides these courses, you go for literature, history, and geography. But, again, these courses are a broader and research-based approach to what you already learned at school.

How To Apply to Canadian Universities?

Entry to courses in Canada after 12th arts is a simple procedure similar to other courses. However, the universities have various admission criteria you must fulfill to secure your admission to a Canadian university. The first step would be to choose the course you want to study from a diverse range of courses. Then you must select the university you prefer.


The essential requirement to get admission in an art course in Canada, especially English Literature or Linguistics, is to take the English Proficiency Tests of IELTS and TOEFL (computer and paper-based). Remember that the English language skills required for admission and VISA application may differ. 

Humanities courses do not require extra standardized tests like GMAT or GRE. However, the minimum English scores differ in each university, and you must read the university’s brochures to know the minimum scores. Moreover, the university’s admission department also considers these scores during scholarships.


Job Opportunities in Canada

The job opportunities after completing courses in Canada after 12th arts are numerous. You can become a teacher or professor in any humanities field or pursue higher education. Since the education system in Canada is very flexible, you can take up several courses at a time that will enhance your resume.

A humanities degree can help you to find employment in a wide range of professions like journalism, law, writing, psychology, education, politics, management, and many more.



Many reject humanities for Science or commerce but fail to realize that humanities are a vast field of courses you can opt for. There are hundreds of courses in Canada after 12th arts for you to choose from in the top universities with high QS World Universities rankings. In addition, you can opt for several courses simultaneously due to Canada’s flexible education system. Don’t worry, as the career prospects after course completion are also immense.

Courses in Canada after 12th Arts


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