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MBBS in USA : Admission Process, Duration, & Outline of Course

Jan 27, 2023

Attending Medical School and studying MBBS in USA is preferable because of the country’s well-regarded educational system, 25+ colleges specializing in medicine, and better salaries offered by the medical industry. In addition, the United States has long been a popular destination for students worldwide for higher education. It is common knowledge that students of any discipline, including medicine, may improve their prospects by attending school in the United States.

Why Go to the United States to Get Your MBBS Degree?

  • Students who get their MBBS degrees from colleges in the United States do not need to take the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination to be licensed to practice medicine in India. This is one of the many benefits of earning such a degree. In addition, the Medical Council of India recognizes an M.D. degree earned in the United States from an institution of higher education that has been granted official accreditation.
  • It is anticipated that the number of jobs available for doctors and surgeons in the United States will increase by 7% between 2018 and 2028. This is much quicker than all professions’ national average job growth rate of 5%.
  • The average yearly pay of a physician or surgeon in the United States is 223,000 dollars, making it the profession with the highest average compensation overall.
  • By 2028, it is anticipated that the most significant number of work opportunities will be available for psychiatrists in the United States, followed by opportunities for family and general practitioners.

The Best Medical Colleges in the United States

Learning medicine or MBBS in the USA is not a simple endeavor. During the four years students are enrolled in the program, they are exposed to substantial instruction. They are required to deal with a variety of theoretical and practical topics. 


To comprehensively understand the topics being taught, the students are provided with expert-level practical training. You are qualified to apply for employment in any region of the globe after you have graduated from a top-ranked institution in the United States. The following are examples of some of the best medical schools for MBBS in the USA:

Procedures for U.S. Medical School Admission for the MBBS Program

  • The United States medical colleges and universities use the following simplified admissions procedure for MBBS programs:
  • Prospective students should start by filling out as many applications as possible to maximize their chances of being accepted by a university. The application is not complete without the candidate’s recommendation letters.
  • One may apply for a scholarship to cover higher education and living expenses.
  • One needs a high Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) score to study medicine in the United States (MCAT). A computerized exam will evaluate candidates’ thinking, scientific, and writing skills. Each year, this hopeful may take the test three times. The MCAT is challenging like other MBBS admittance or entrance examinations, but a high score may be achieved with dedicated study and practice.
  • Most of the best medical schools in the United States require or strongly recommend that applicants use American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS).

Duration and Outline of the Course

The MD, sometimes known as the Doctor of Medicine, is an alternative to the MBBS offered by most medical schools and colleges in the United States. International recognition and respect are hallmarks of the United States’ four-year M.D. program, which is analogous to other countries’ MBBS. In addition, American medical schools provide a residency program for MBBS/MD graduates with more advanced training and varies in duration based on the student’s selected specialty area.


Some American universities offer dual MBBS in the USA and M.D. degrees and residency training that may span anywhere from seven to nine years. In addition to classroom instruction, students must take and pass USMLE Steps I, II, and III to graduate with an MBBS.

Preparing for a Career in Medicine: What to Anticipate?

This is a full-time commitment since the instruction you will get is quite thorough. In the first year, you’ll have to memorize a lot of information for subjects like anatomy, pathology, histology, and biochemistry. These courses will combine the theoretical and practical study of the human body in a classroom setting and a laboratory setting.


If you want to practice MBBS in the USA, you’ll need to take and pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination, also called the Board exam. You will take each of the three sections of this examination at various points throughout your academic career. 

The first part of the exam will typically take place after your second year of medical school, the second part during your fourth year, and the third part after your first year of residency. Each exam is unique and is designed to check whether or not you have attained a specified level of education in the United States.


How Much Does it Cost to Get an MBBS in the United States?

For MD/ MBBS in the USA, for example, you may select between prestigious institutions like Harvard and the University of California, which charge higher tuition rates, or less expensive public colleges like North Carolina State and the University of Central Florida. 

The total amount you will spend to get an MBBS degree in the United States might range anywhere from 24,000 US Dollars to 66,000 US Dollars, with the cost fluctuating according to the institution you choose.



The United States of America is renowned not just as a top travel destination but also for its unique educational system. You may learn from the industry’s leading professionals in the United States by pursuing an MBBS degree. Studying MBBS in the USA is a popular option because of the country’s excellent educational system, welcoming society, and cutting-edge technology.



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