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Study Fine Art Abroad

Feb 9, 2023

The study of Fine Art abroad programs includes a variety of artistic mediums like music, dance, writing, sculpting, theater, and painting. It also includes other disciplines like graphic designing, interior designing, photography, drawing, and many more. Many people confuse fine arts with Liberal Arts, but they are entirely different.

Fine Arts is a creative discipline that effectively turns your concepts into reality. So if you love singing, dancing, painting, or simply clicking pictures, Fine Arts are for you as it helps to turn your talents into successful careers.


If you want to study Fine Art abroad, it is an excellent choice as almost every institution in the world offers several programs in this field. However, remember that most courses have many prerequisites for admission, and you must have a solid foundation in the areas you want to find employment.

Why Choose Abroad For Fine Arts?

If you decide to study Fine Arts abroad, you can express yourself more freely, explore and grow your creative talents, and pursue a profession you are intensely interested in. Furthermore, the universities are all equipped with advanced technologies and course structures to provide you with in-depth knowledge about any course in the Fine Arts field.


Fine Arts is a diverse profession, and the universities abroad offer a wide range of courses and programs to select from. These distinct courses will result in a wide variety of employment opportunities. Moreover, the flexible educational system of most international universities enables you to apply for more than one course at a particular time, thus enhancing your talents.

Also, the career scope in foreign is enormous. You can opt for employment options like Art gallery manager, Fine Artist, Magazine Illustrator, photographer, museum curator, and interior designer. In addition, several countries allow you to work during or after the completion of your degree so that you will have a refined portfolio.


Essential Requirements For Fine Arts

You must fulfill several requirements to secure admission to study Fine Arts abroad. The admission representatives of all international universities consider your practical experience and passion for classic and modern art. It will help if you send a portfolio with all your past work.

This information about your knowledge and expertise will immensely benefit your application for Fine Arts fields like media studies, performing arts, interior or graphic design, creative writing, etc.


It would help if you had substantial risk-taking abilities, an excellent capacity for observation, research, developing creative ideas, and business abilities to promote your work. You must also take constructive criticism of your work and be impartial about it. Finally, fine art requires inspiration, and you must be able to get it quickly from anywhere.

Fine Arts Course Structure

If you want to study Fine Art abroad, you must know the course structures in foreign universities. The international Fine Arts programs include Bachelor’s degree (BFA), Master’s degree (MFA), diploma, and doctoral programs. In addition, you can declare fine arts as your undergraduate major in many countries and allocate specific credits.


As prerequisites are essential for a Fine Arts degree from abroad, some universities may require you to have a foundation degree in visual arts before opting for a Fine Arts course. Also, Fine Arts don’t just call for solitary study; you will also frequently work in groups to explore concepts or work on a particular project.

One good thing about teamwork is that you will collaborate with other students pursuing other degrees, grasping a solid knowledge of various fields. Due to the reputation for top-notch education and modern facilities, Europe and the UK are the most popular destinations for overseas students studying abroad.


Programs In Fine Arts

The Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (BFA) is the most common degree you can opt for if you want to study Fine Arts abroad after class 12. In some countries, this degree is also referred to as a Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA) or Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA). BFA usually takes 3-4 years to complete, depending on the country you are pursuing it from. The first two years are subjected to general Fine Arts studies, with a major in the 3rd year.

Once you complete your BFA, you can either go for a job or pursue a Master’s in Fine Arts (MFA) degree at the postgraduate level. You can also go for MFA after a break in your studies. You can opt for an MFA without a BFA if you have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline. MFA is the highest degree you can achieve in this field, even though a few universities have introduced doctoral programs.


Besides BFA and MFA, you can also opt for a diploma course in Fine Arts if you don’t have much prior Fine Arts experience and want to learn some fundamental skills before opting for a BFA. You can also apply for a diploma if you want to build a proper portfolio, which is required for admission to most foreign universities.

Best Foreign Universities For Fine Arts

There are many university options if you want to study Fine Arts abroad. As mentioned, the UK is the best destination for Fine Arts enthusiasts. The USA, France, and Italy follow close behind. Here is a list of the best Fine Arts universities in the world.

  • The New School, USA
  • Royal College of Art, UK (World ranking #1 for fine Arts)
  • Glasgow School of Art, UK
  •  Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • University of the Arts, London (World ranking #2 for Fine Arts)
  • MIT, USA
  • Aalto University, Finland


Fine Arts is a fantastic and comparatively new course that you can apply for if you want your career to be a bit different. You can select from numerous universities and colleges if you want to study Fine Art abroad. However, you must remember that admission to Fine Arts has a lot of requirements that you must fulfill, like teamwork skills and a profound portfolio. Like other courses, Fine Arts has undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, and diploma programs, and you can apply according to your talent.



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