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Auburn Admission Requirements – Scores & GPA

Mar 2, 2022

Want to enroll in Auburn University for your preferred course? Well, then there are specific requirements that you need to fulfill to get admission. While there are many things that you will need to get into college, you should focus on a few more important ones than the rest. These important ones are Auburn ACT and SAT requirements, GPA requirements, and application requirements. 

In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the above requirements to form a strong application to get into Auburn University seamlessly. 


Admission Statistics

Registration Rate80%82%81%
Percent Of Students Who Enrolled27%30%29%

Test Requirements

Candidates must submit the admission exam scores with their application. Auburn University pays special attention to exam scores before admitting a student to its institution. Please contact the school immediately if testing Auburn University ACT requirements and SAT requirements are postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

SAT and ACT Requirements

Each school has its own set of defined testing standards. However, the SAT or ACT is required by most institutions, and many also need SAT subject assessments.


You must pass either the SAT or get the Auburn average ACT score. But more significantly, you must do well to submit a strong application to Auburn. Besides, you must also work on your extracurriculars and take some time to gather letters of recommendation to boost your chances of admission. 

Must-Have SAT Scores For Auburn Admission

First, let’s begin with SAT scores that you need to get into Auburn. Auburn Institution often prefers applicants whose name appears in the 32 percent of SAT examinees. In addition, the candidates need to have an Auburn score of 1150 on a 1600 scale to be eligible for admission. However, the institution also takes students with a 1060 Auburn score depending on various factors. 

SAT ScoreAdmission Chances
1320 And Above>88%
1235 To 132081%-88%
1150 To 123571%-81%
1065 To 115060%-71%
Less Than 1065<60%

Must-Have ACT Scores For Auburn Admission

Now let’s talk about Auburn ACT scores! Referring to the previous admission data, Auburn University accepts only those prospective students with an Auburn score of 25 or above. Applicants who score in the top 22% of the country sent their application to Auburn. In some cases, the college also accepts minimal ACT composite scores of roughly 22.

According to Auburn ACT requirements, students who submit an ACT composite of 28 or more are put into the top half of the applicant’s category, and students who submit a 31 or higher have a good chance of admission. Thus, performing well in the examination is crucial to getting at least the average ACT score for Auburn. There are high chances of meeting this criterion as 84 percent of candidates submit ACT scores to Auburn University.

ACT ScoreAdmission Chances
31 and Above>88%
28 To 3181%-88%
25 To 2871%-81%
22 To 2560%-71%
Less Than 22<60%

SAT Or ACT Writing Portion Requirements

An optional essay section is included on both the SAT and the ACT. Auburn University also requires the SAT Essay or ACT Writing part. They consider this while making admissions decisions.

GPA Requirements and Average GPA

Along with Auburn’s average ACT and SAT scores, candidates also require a good GPA to enroll in the University. They need to have an average high school GPA of 3.74 and a typical high school grade of A-. The school has the leading average GPA in Alabama. If your grade is above a 3.74 GPA, you have a very strong chance of getting admitted as Auburn accepts 81 percent of all applications. The table below indicates your chances of getting into the University according to your GPA scores. 

GPA ScoreFirst-Year Students Within Range
3.50 to 3.7518%
3.25 to 3.5013%
3.00 to 3.2510%
2.75 to 3.005%
2.50 to 2.75N/A
2.25 to 2.50N/A
2.00 to 2.25N/A

High School Class Rank

Sixty percent of Auburn University first-year students graduated in the top twenty-five percent of their class.

High School Class RankFirst-Year Students Within Range
First 10% Of The Class29%
First 25% Of The Class60%
First 50% Of The Class86%
Bottom 50% Of The Class14%
Bottom 25% Of The Class2%

Application Requirements

Every institution requires a basic application that includes a high school certificate and GPA, a registration form, and other relevant information. Apart from this, SAT and ACT scores, recommendation letters, application essays, and interviews, are also all required by many colleges. So, ensure to have them with you before applying to any college. In the table below, you can find the specific needs of Auburn University to assist you with the application procedure. 

Application RequirementsYes Or No
Common ApplicationNo
Universal ApplicationNo
Personal StatementsYes
Letters Of RecommendationYes
Is Fee Waiver Available?Yes
Is an Electronic Application Available?Yes
SAT Subject TestsYes
ACT Writing Or SAT EssayYes
Regular AdmissionYes
Early ActionYes
Early DecisionNo

Now you know everything about the GPA, SAT, and Auburn ACT scores. So, prepare hard and obtain the Auburn average ACT score to improve your chances of being a part of Auburn. The information mentioned above will help you attain good scores and build a strong application.

Main Academic Excellence That Meets Auburn Admissions Requirements

  1. Take the SAT and get a score of 1160 or 81 on the ACT.
  2. Maintain a minimum 3.89 GPA.

Prepare Your Application

Assuming that you have the correct scores and meet all the GPA, SAT, and Auburn University ACT requirements, it’s time to prepare the application and make it stand out. Follow the steps below, and you will have the perfect application for enrollment. 

  • Write an outstanding essay that demonstrates to Auburn University (AU) something they didn’t notice in the rest of your application. 
  • Acquire instructor recommendations that are relevant to your character. If you know what you want to major in and put it on your Auburn application, aim to get at least one recommendation from a professor in that field. The more, the better!
  • Apply before the deadline. Too many candidates wait too long to submit their applications, and too much may go wrong during this brief window of opportunity. It’s possible that Auburn’s system might crash because so many kids are registering on the last day. Don’t add so much to your stress. Submit your application a few days early to be on the safe side.

Develop Extracurriculars To Mention In the Application

This might sound surprising, but extracurriculars play a significant role too in getting admission into Auburn University. Thus, it is essential to have a strong base in this. Read the steps, and you will know how you can make a good impression with extracurriculars on your application. 

  • Join a band, an athletic team, or another group activity at school. If Auburn University (AU) places high importance on music, consider joining a music-related organization.
  • Volunteer in your local community. Beyond the college, there are other ways to get engaged at Auburn. Auburn University (AU) is looking for students who would be good ambassadors for the school, giving back to the communities and the Auburn area in general.
  • Enjoy your summer doing something which reflects your ideals, personal growth, leadership qualities, and other non-quantifiable attributes. Auburn wants to know that you will be a productive and participating member of their community. Besides your test scores and GPA, your experiences should indicate that you are so much more than your academics.


So, these are the Auburn Act scores, GPA, and SAT scores you need to enroll in the University. Start preparing from today to attain at least the Average ACT score for Auburn. Also, since the admission depends on your letter of recommendation, personal statements, and extracurriculars as well, work on these aspects to ensure your admission to Auburn University. Hopefully, the guide will help you in preparing right for the examination. If you still have questions, you can call Auburn University and get all your queries resolved.

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