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Carnegie Mellon: Admission Requirements and Acceptance Rate

Mar 30, 2022

Do you want to know about Carnegie Mellon acceptance rate and admission requirements? If yes, the guide will give you enough knowledge on these two topics. Besides, it will also brief you on the yield rate, Carnegie Mellon transfer acceptance rate, tips to apply to the University, and more. But before stating them, let’s look at a brief overview of Carnegie Mellon University. 

Carnegie Mellon University is one of the most competitive private institutions. It is situated in the USA. Many students apply to the University for its brilliant academic records. If you want to pursue higher studies, there are certain criteria you should follow. Abide by the following requirements to get admission to this University at ease. 


Carnegie Mellon Acceptance Rate

When it comes to Carnegie Mellon’s acceptance rate, the admission officers are very selective. They check the student’s grades before selecting them for admission. Thus, you need to get an SAT score of 1460-1560 to place your name in the Carnegie Mellon transfer acceptance rate list. Alternatively, you need to have 33-35 in your ACT for admission. The deadline for application form submission was 3rd January 2022. 

Early Decision Acceptance Rate of 2023 Class 

Carnegie Mellon accepted 19% of the candidates who applied by 1st November. This Carnegie Mellon acceptance rate is 4% more than the students selected from the regular decisions. Thus, students who want to ensure a seat at the University must fill out the form by 1st November. Authorities make and publish their decisions by 15th December 2022. 


Early Decision Acceptance Rate Of 2024 Class

The University accepted 17 percent of students out of 42,962 first-year submissions. This rate is slightly better than the 15% Carnegie Mellon University acceptance rate for the 2023 class. 

The following are the results from different schools or programs:

CollegeAcceptance Rate
College of Fine ArtsArchitecture: 34

Art: 23%


Design: 11%

Drama: 4%


Music: 31%

Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences26%
Information Systems24%
Mellon College of Science22%
School of Computer Science7%
Tepper School of Business23%

Carnegie Mellon Admissions – SAT, ACT, and GPA

The ACT and SAT middle 50% levels and average GPA by the institution for the 2024 Class are as follows:

College of Fine Arts700-740730-78033-343.77
Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences740-770790-80034-353.87
Information Systems740-760780-800353.89
Mellon College of Science740-77080035-363.92
School of Computer Science770-780800363.95
Tepper School of Business730-760790-800353.88

What Are The Admission Requirements Of Carnegie Mellon University?

Carnegie Mellon University selects many students for the first-year class. Moreover, they select the most qualified students for admission by considering important factors. The important factors under the Carnegie Mellon admission requirements are as follows.  

  1. High School Performance
  2. A common application form
  3. A fee of the application form
  4. Standardized Test Reports including IELTS and TOEFL
  5. A common application essay
  6. Secondary school counselor assessment
  7. High School Transcript
  8. Teacher and Counselor Recommendations
  9. Non-academic information such as –
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Perseverance and Passion
  • Leadership and Community Engagement
  • The Common Application Essay
  • Carnegie Mellon Short Answer Questions

Extra Requirements:

  • A Writing Supplement including three short answer questions. 
  • A review of the portfolio, pre-screen or audition. (For candidates of Drama and Music) 
  • All fine art applications. 
  • Academic Portfolio (For homeschooled students)

Students must abide by these factors to get admission to the University. 


How Carnegie Mellon University Selects Candidates?

The University considers several factors according to the Carnegie Mellon admission requirements. They check the secondary school record, GPA score, and class rank. Besides, they also check the test scores and performance in extracurricular activities. Apart from that, they also see the paid and volunteer work experience. After all these analyses, they publish the final list of the selected candidates.

Carnegie Mellon University also checks the student’s skills to understand different capabilities. They judge and analyze which students can serve them better in their future improvement plans.  So, students passionate about getting into the University must build a strong application. They can take part in different activities to fulfill the Carnegie Mellon admission requirements and impress the authorities. For example, They can participate in sports to show that they are physically active. This will make the authorities feel that they can contribute to sports at the University. Similarly, they can participate in other activities to show what they are capable of.

Who Gets A Chance For Admission Into Carnegie Mellon University?

The factors mentioned above are important for selection. Besides, the University also considers ethnicity, location, country, and gender important for admission.  The demographic of the recent Carnegie Mellon undergraduates are as follows. 

GeographicallyEthnic IdentityCountriesGender
In-state students: 14%White: 22.3%China (40%)Male: 50%
Out-of-state students: 86%Asian: 38.0%Qatar (11%)Female: 49%
39% come from the Mid-Atlantic Region.Hispanic: 9.3%South Korea (10%)Non-Binary: 1%
African American: 3.4%India (9%)
Two or more: 4.4%Canada (6%)
International: 15.9%Singapore (3%)

Carnegie Mellon University’s Yield Rate

The yield rate of Carnegie Mellon University is 37%. This Carnegie Mellon University acceptance rate is 40 points less than Stanford and Harvard University. But, it is the same as other selective universities. Tulane University has 34%, Michigan has 42%, and Amherst has an acceptance rate of 41%.  

Tips for Applying to Carnegie Mellon University

If you want to be one of the 27,000+ CMU applicants, you should know the following tips. These tips will help you pass the upcoming admission cycle.

  • Carnegie Mellon University does not take any form of alumni or in-person interviews for undergraduates. Thus, the students can show two mandatory recommendations for selection as per the Carnegie Mellon University graduate admission requirement guidelines. One from the teacher who knows them on a personal level and another one from a counselor. Applicants can also send a third letter of recommendation if they wish to. 
  • As per the Carnegie Mellon University graduate admission requirement guidelines, the institution does not examine “proven interest.” Thus, it won’t be a problem to visit campus and call an admissions officer. You can consider the school’s lower ratio and reach out to an academic adviser with a query. Besides, you can also attend a virtual session or engage with the institution on social networking sites. 
  • You will need to submit a new application and pay the extra fee if you wish to fill out a form for more than one college. CMU does not allow its candidates to choose a secondary school in a single application form. 
  • Make sure you give enough effort and time to the three 300-word extra essays that Carnegie Mellon requires. 

They are as follows for the 2020-21 admission cycle:

  1. Many students attend college to pursue a relevant degree, job path, or personal goal. Whatever the reason is, you will need to study to achieve your goal. How would you describe a great learning experience throughout your college days?
  2. Many undergraduates select their major based on a long-term passion or motivation. What inspiration or passion drove you to this field of study?
  3. Take a look at your entire application. What do you believe is important in your application? What do you think the admission committee must consider? Make a special note of anything that means a lot to you or that you haven’t had an opportunity to share yet.

The goal of writing these 300-word essays is to explain your motivation to the admission board. Besides, another reason is to tell them about your interests and what keeps you up through the night. Furthermore, it is to show your vision, ambition, and talents. These are essential to help authorities make a decision. 

Thus, share your vision for the future and a detailed description of how you want your college career to look and feel in the essay. The more personal you can make these papers, the better. The plan is to establish a genuine relationship with the admission authorities. 


Carnegie Mellon University is pretty selective in its admissions procedure. Although it has a definite Carnegie Mellon University acceptance rate, it is subject to change every year. Students should contact the University before filling out the application to know about changes (if any).  

Regardless of the high admission process, some students worldwide get admitted into Carnegie Mellon University. As a result, prospective students should plan ahead of time and prepare for the admissions process. Candidates can also enjoy an exciting campus life if they fulfill all the Carnegie Mellon University graduate admission requirements and get admission. 

carnegie mellon acceptance rate


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