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Apr 1, 2022 | Turito Team USA

university of chicago acceptance rate

The University of Chicago is regarded as a prestigious institution to pursue higher education. The university receives more than 30,000 admission applications every year. Students who aim at taking admission to this university need to know the University of Chicago acceptance rate and the University of Chicago SAT requirements. Applicants who know various University of Chicago admissions parameters have a good chance of receiving the admission offer. 

This article provides detailed information about UChicago acceptance rate and tips to improve your chances of success. First, let’s have a quick overview of the university.

Overview Of University Of Chicago 

The University of Chicago is a private educational institution founded in 1890. It is located in an urban area, and the campus is spread across 217 acres. The university follows a quarter-based academic calendar.

As per the 2022 ranking for the Best Colleges in National Universities, the University of Chicago is ranked #6. In addition to graduate courses, the university offers postgraduate programs through its highly ranked colleges such as Harris School of Public Policy Studies, Law School, Booth School of Business, and Pritzker School of Medicine.

The university has excellent on-campus accommodations for its students. Moreover, all the freshmen are required to live on-campus. In addition, the university provides more than 450 communities for students’ social support. The University of Chicago is renowned for its enrichment programs and rigorous academics. Moreover, students can choose from 50 major and 40 minor programs.

What is the University Of Chicago Acceptance Rate?

Students who apply for admission to the University of Chicago need a strong application to secure a seat in their preferred course. Last year around 37,977 candidates applied for admission, and nearly 2,468 were selected to the university. These figures suggest that UChicago acceptance rate is 6.5%. 

With a low acceptance rate, the University of Chicago is ranked #1 among the most competitive universities. Academically, University of Chicago admissions requirements are exceptionally high. Applicants must meet all the GPA, ACT, and the University of Chicago SAT requirements to secure a seat in the school.

The following table compares the University Of Chicago Acceptance Rate 2025 to its 2024 acceptance rate:

Class  Total applications Accepted  UChicago acceptance rate
2025 37,977 2,468 6.5%
2024 34,648 2,137 6.3%

Early Decision University Of Chicago Acceptance Rate 2025

The University of Chicago offers 2 rounds of early decision application. The deadline for the first round is on 1st November, whereas the deadline for the second round is on 4th January. Although there is no data to calculate the University Of Chicago Acceptance Rate for early decision applications, it is generally believed that students have an added advantage of getting an admission offer.

Average GPA Requirements for University of Chicago admissions

Applicants require an exceptional GPA to increase their UChicago acceptance rate. Although there is no minimum requirement of GPA to apply for admission, students need to meet the average GPA requirements of 4.0.

As per the GPA requirements, UChicago seems to be extremely competitive. Moreover, applicants with a GPA below 3.75 have a hard chance of getting admission. Therefore, students need to take difficult AP and IB courses in their high school to improve their weighted GPA. 

The following table demonstrates the University of Chicago acceptance rate:

GPA UChicago acceptance rate Competitiveness 




3.50-3.75 13% Reach 
3.25-3.50 3% Reach 
3.00-3.25 1% Reach 
2.75-3.00 N/A Low

University Of Chicago SAT Requirements

Applicants’ SAT scores are crucial for admission to the University of Chicago. The university typically prefers applicants in the top 1 percent of the SAT test-takers. Therefore, to fulfill the University of Chicago SAT requirements, applicants need to have at least a 1535 score on a scale of 1600.

Applicants with an SAT score below 1500 have a hard chance of getting into the university. However, in certain situations, the university accepts students who have SAT scores as low as 1460.

The University of Chicago ranks 1 in Illinois for considering the highest SAT score while offering admission. The following table clearly shows the UChicago acceptance rate according to the University of Chicago SAT requirements:

SAT score Acceptance Rate Competitiveness 
1570+ 11% and above Good 
1535-1570 7-11% Above Average
1500-1535 4-7% Below Average
1465-1500 3-4% Reach
Below 1465 Below 3% Low

University of Chicago Admissions Requirements For ACT Score

The university considers an applicant’s ACT scores a crucial factor for offering admission. Moreover, the University Of Chicago Acceptance Rate 2025 was highly influenced by applicants’ ACT scores. Nearly 58% of the applicants submitted their ACT scores in admission applications.

Last year’s admission data shows that the university accepts only applicants with ACT scores above 34. This figure makes the University of Chicago admissions procedure extremely competitive. 

Applicants with an ACT score below 33 have a hard chance of getting into the university. However, in certain situations, the university accepts students who have an ACT score as low as 32.

Applicants with an ACT score of 35 or above are given priority when granting admission offers. Therefore, if you have an ACT score above 35, you will have a great chance of securing a seat in the university.

The following table gives a clear idea about the ACT score and its competitiveness.

ACT score University of Chicago Acceptance Rate Competitiveness 
35+ 18% and above Good 
34-35 7-18% Above Average
33-34 4-7% Below Average
32-33 3-4% Reach
Below 32 Below 3% Low

University Of Chicago Supplemental Essay 

Most of the top-rated universities require a supplemental essay in the admission application. The primary reason for asking for an essay is to check the applicant’s enthusiasm towards attending the college.

The University of Chicago wants its students to be attentive and dedicated to their studies, actively participate in extracurriculars, and add value to the campus. Therefore, to write a strong and convincing essay, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • Before writing the essay, you need to figure out why you want to attend UChicago. For this, you need to visit the university’s website, talk to the alum or students, and contact the admission authorities.
  • After doing proper research, including all the specific points in your essay, instead of writing generic content, list down all that you find interesting about UChicago and how it differs from other universities.
  • You need to show your interest in joining the course. Tell the admission authorities what attracts you to pursuing a course from the University of Chicago and how you can relate to the course you want to enroll in.
  • Tell them your future plans and how UChicago can help achieve them.

University of Chicago Admission Trends For The Class Of 2024 And 2025

  • The university made a record for receiving the highest number of applications for its class of 2025. 
  • The University Of Chicago Acceptance Rate 2025 was estimated to be the lowest from all consecutive years.
  • Around 156 applicants accepted into the university’s class of 2024 came from international rural areas and small towns of America. 
  • Out of 2,150 students admitted into the class of 2024, nearly 274 were first-gen students.

Who Has A Better Chance Of Getting Into UChicago?

According to the University Of Chicago Acceptance Rate 2025, students from the following demographics have a better chance of getting into the university.

Demography Acceptance 
Mid-Atlantic 24%
West 21%
Midwest 19%
Southeast 14%
South 11%
New England 11%

There is extreme competition among the applicants hailing from states because they are highly qualified. On the other hand, candidates based in areas like Montana, Nebraska, or South Dakota have a better chance of securing a seat in the university.

Based on the ethnicity, the following students are selected to the University of Chicago for 2021 freshman courses:

Ethnicity Acceptance
Asian American 27%
Hispanic 19%
International 18%
African American 10%

 Academic Life At UChicago

The university has nearly 78.9% of its classes with less than 20 students. Moreover, the student-faculty ratio of the university is 5:1. This means that for every 5 students, 1 teacher is allotted. 

The most preferred courses of UChicago include Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Political Science, Experimental Psychology, Statics, Philosophy, Physics, and Public Policy Analysis. The average indicator of student satisfaction and freshman retention rate is 99%.

Yield Rate of the University Of Chicago

The yield rate of a college is calculated by dividing the percentage of students accepted by the college by the actual number of students who take admission.

From the available data, the yield rate of UChicago is 83%. This figure is the highest of any other university in the country. Only Stanford and Harvard have comparable yield rates, i.e. 82%.

We hope you know everything about the acceptance rate, University of Chicago SAT requirements, GPA requirements and ACT requirements. Although getting admission to UChicago is extremely difficult, with rigorous preparation and strong application, you can secure a seat in your preferred course. 

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