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What is the Highest SAT Score You Can Get?

Oct 11, 2022

Are you preparing yourself for the SAT and wondering how to set your targets to achieve the possible highest SAT score?

We are here to make the process easier for you by getting acquainted with the scoring process of SAT. Your dream is our dream and we will help you with the right steps and guidance to reach there.


This article will give you an in-depth analysis of how you can turn your knowledge of SAT scoring into the biggest step on your ladder toward your achievement. There can be no reason that you do not have one of the highest sat scores on the SAT exam. Go through this scoring guide, for a glimpse of what your SAT score report will look like, and tips to boost your performance in SAT for you to ace it by taking the right advantage of your knowledge.

Guide to the Highest SAT Score

The highest sat score on SAT exam is 1600 and the lowest is 400. The total composite score is based on two main sections: the Math Section and the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section. The total number of questions in the Math section is 58 and for the reading & writing sections, it is 52 and 40 respectively.


The minimum to maximum score range is 200 to 800 per section thus totalling up to the overall range being 400 to 1600. The optional essay score ranges between 2 – 8 and is not included in the total of your composite SAT score. For the essay, you are given three scores between 2-8 for Reading, Writing, and Analysis each by two examiners leading to the average score between 2-8.

The SAT scores from the main two sections are further divided into cross-test scores and subscores that help the college board determine your ability in wide-ranging proficiencies. These subscores and cross-test scores are based on different questions you answer in your exam’s Math Reading and Writing sections.


You can get an estimate of your SAT score through the raw score which is the number of questions you answer correctly. There is no negative marking for incorrectly answered questions on SAT. To understand your SAT score report and the conversion of raw scores to scaled scores leading to your composite SAT score, let’s quickly dive into the next section.

A Glance into SAT Score Report

The official college board SAT Score Report will give you a total score, separate sections scores each for maths and evidence-based reading and writing, and three test scores that are scores for Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. Additionally, there will be two cross-test scores, one for analysis in science and the other for analysis in history/social studies. The cross-test scores would be selectively based on two main sections of the exam.


Moreover, there will be 7 subscores, out of which 4 would be from the reading and writing section and the rest 3 from the Math section. The subscores from the reading and writing section would be categorized under Words In Context, Command of Evidence, Expression of Ideas, and Standard English Conventions. Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving, Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math would be from the Maths section.

With the total scores of each section, cross-section, and subscore, your report will also display your essay scores for Reading, Writing, and Analysis along with percentile for section scores and total scores. With the marks obtained, the range of minimum to maximum marks would also be displayed for each scoring element in the report.


As you would be too overwhelmed with the above information, we’ve got you covered with the consolidated information about your SAT score report below:

CompositeTotal (Overall Score)400 – 1600
Section ScoresMaths200 – 800
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing200-800
Test ScoresReading10 – 40
Writing & Language10 – 40
Math10 – 40
Cross Test ScoresAnalysis in History/Social Studies10 – 40
Analysis in Science10 – 40
SubscoresCommand of Evidence1 – 15
Words in Context1 – 15
Expression of Ideas1 – 15
Standard English Conventions1 – 15
Heart of Algebra1 – 15
Problem Solving and Data Analysis1 – 15
Passport to Advanced Math1 – 15
Essay Score (optional)2 – 8

This breakdown of scores and score ranges will help you understand better the scoring system of SAT and to get near to the highest possible score you need to land up at the upper end of these ranges.


SAT Score Percentiles 

The percentiles provided in the score report assist you by taking you one step ahead in tracking your progress. The percentile helps you understand where you stand and what percentage of other test takers you scored similar to or better than. The SAT score provides you with two kinds of Nationally Representative Sample Percentile and Your Sat User Percentile – National.

By the college board remarks, the nationally representative sample percentile compares your performance with all the US students of a particular grade, even the ones who didn’t typically appear for the test. Your SAT User Percentile compares your overall performance with every SAT-taker intending to get into a college from 11th or 12th grade.


Thus, since your SAT User Percentile doesn’t take into consideration the students who don’t appear for SAT or are college-bound test-takers, the Nationally Representative Sample Percentile will be higher. As a result of which, the Your SAT User Percentile becomes more useful in determining how competitive your scores are concerning college admissions.

Estimating Your Total Score Through Raw Score

Since you are on the threshold of getting into your dream college and are now aware of the scoring systems, you can take up some practice tests and estimate your total score from the raw score. The raw scores are simply the number of questions you answer correctly and are first converted into scale scores before getting totalled as the composite score.

The process of converting raw scores to scaled scores is called equating and the resultant scores are slightly different based on the difficulty level of SAT exams being conducted on different dates. Thus the equating process ensures the representation of the same level of abilities by taking into consideration the difficulty level and adjusting the scaled scores numerics accordingly.

You can calculate your estimated score through your raw score by referring to the table on the college board’s official website that provides you with the scaled scores individually for Math, Reading, and Writing by your raw score. Each scaled score table will be slightly different for each practice test paper so if you are not taking the practice test from the college board’s website, make a note that the estimated score would differ slightly from the real score.

To calculate the estimated score for math, all you need to do is count your raw score and refer to the table for that test to get a scaled score between 200 and 800. For the estimated score of the evidence-based reading and writing section, the process is a bit more complex. Find individual raw scores first for both the reading and writing sections and refer to the table for getting your scaled scores for both individually.

Once you have the scaled scores for the reading and writing sections, add them both and multiply the resultant number by 10 to get your total score for this section. You can get the composite estimated result of the SAT by combining your results from the individual sections.

Inching Closer to the Highest SAT Score

Wondering what will be the perfect score for you to get into that dream college?

After going through the above scoring process, curious about what is the average score required for college admissions.

According to recent college board statistics, nearly 2.2 million students appeared for SAT, and approximately 7% of them, that is 153,892 students, had a composite score between 1400 – 1600. From the percentile statistics, less than 1% of SAT appearances that is fewer than 22,000 students scored between 1550 – 1600.

Inferences from 2019 SAT results, the approximate average SAT score was 1059 out of 1600, in which the average score for the Math section was 528 and the average score for the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section was 531. So a good score conclusively can be the one that places you in the top half of students who appear for the test.

With these statistics, getting the perfect score is undoubtedly rare but it ain’t impossible. You know you deserve to be in the top half and here are some techniques based on the scoring guide to beat the odds and get the highest possible score on SAT.

  • The first and foremost thing is to not miss questions. To be able to inch closer to the highest score it is imperative to bag a perfect 800 in each section.
  • For the Math section being the most scoring one, all 58 questions need to be correct to reach the perfect raw score of 800.
  • For the reading section, out of 52, only 1 question could be afforded to be wrong. For the writing section, again all 40 questions need to be correct to get you closer to the highest sat score.
  • The essay is optional so don’t commit most of your time to it but don’t completely brush it off either.
  • Develop a strategic approach for the reading and writing section and the math section, identify the areas you are missing, and practice them well.
  • With the help of regular practice, inculcate a habit of developing targeted raw scores.
  • Make the most use of facts about no penalty for wrong questions.

Magnify Your Prep and Enhance Your Performance

  • Develop a strategic and consistent prep plan and organized study schedules.
  • Aiming for perfection. Aim for the highest score and get all questions correct to reach near it.
  • Regularly solve SAT practice and mock tests to keep a recorded track of your process.
  • Delineate the correct study guides and rich resources to prepare from.
  • Develop a strategy for approaching questions.
  • Avoid and eliminate careless mistakes.
  • Be acquainted with the major grammatical rules.
  • Understand your weaknesses and strengths, figure out patterns of your mistakes and transform them into success.
  • Analyze your performance in the regular practice tests, reflect on the areas you can work on, note them down and track your performance in those aspects with each step ahead.
  • Double-check the answer before bubbling in.
  • Read the instructions carefully and underline important parts of the question.
  • Make quality your priority before working on quantity.

Conclusively, remember that with a consistent study plan, the right strategy, persistent efforts, a determined goal, and regular practice along with analysis of your performance, attaining the highest sat score is possible.

Even with the possible score, do not put a lot of pressure on yourself as SAT score does boost your college application but along with it the admission committees also consider other aspects of your college application.

Gear up your preparations in the right direction and you are all set to achieve the perfect score on the SAT!

Highest SAT Score


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