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Chico High School-An Overview,Financial Aid and SAT/ACT Scores

May 17, 2022

Do you want to know about Chico High School admission requirements? Go through this article. Along with providing you with Chico Senior High School’s admission requirements, it discusses school ethnicity and academic records. However, first of all, let us briefly introduce the High School.

An Overview of Chico High School

Chico Senior High School was established in the year 1902 as a California Distinguished School by the California Department of Education (CDE). This is a four-year (grade 9-12) comprehensive public high school in Chico, California, United States of America. In 1998 and 1999, the High School was named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.


However, in 2001, it was renamed a National Service-Learning Leader School. In addition, the Chico Senior High School received the National Smaller Learning Communities School Award from 2002 to 2005. 

In the 2022 National Rankings, Chico High School ranked 3584. Today, it has an enrollment of over 1700 students. The student-teacher ratio in the School is 23:1, and its male-female ratio is roughly in line with Butte County’s overall population. Therefore, students in your classes should have an equal number of boys and girls. 


The majority of the School students identify as members of a single ethnic group. However, this does not account for more than 70% of the entire enrollment. Additionally, white students make up 26.3 percent of all California students, making them the state’s second-most populous group after Hispanics. As a result, Chico High School is one of many with primarily white students in California. 

Check out more details of Chico Senior High School’s homogeneity from the following table:  

American Indian/Alaska Native1.8%
Pacific Islander/ Native Hawaiian0.3%
Two or More Races1.5%

Chico High School has a total of 17 girls’ sports teams. The School is ranked in the top quarter of all California schools that offer girls’ sports, a significant percentage. There are numerous sports and levels of competition available to women. At Chico High School, the boys have 18 sports teams.

Chico High School is in the top half of California schools for boys’ athletics because it offers many options. Due to its versatile nature, enrolling in Chico Senior High School feels like a mini college to students.


Who Is Eligible for Chico High School Financial Aid?

The income levels of students who qualify for financial aid are expected to rise as the proportion of eligible students for financial aid decreases. Chico High School students qualify for reduced-price lunches at 5.9 percent and free lunches at 37.6 per cent. This indicates that poverty at Chico High is lower than the state average. Chico High’s poverty rate is lower than the state average, with most students ineligible for free or reduced-price lunches. As a result, families in Chico are likely to be well-off.

To be eligible for a reduced-price meal, a family’s income must be less than 185 per cent of the federal poverty level. This equates to an annual income of $45,000 or less for a family of four. Any family’s income must be less than 130 per cent of the federal poverty level to be eligible for School benefits. This equates to a yearly salary of $32,000 or well-off for a four-person household. 


Chico High School is in the middle of the pack regarding income. It is expected that students in wealthier schools attend higher-quality classes and participate in higher-quality extracurricular activities. 

What Are the Graduation Requirements at Chico Senior High School?

Graduation rates are an excellent place to start when assessing one’s academic progress. California wants as many Chico High students to graduate because a high school diploma can make a significant difference in securing a job. Ninety-one percent of Chico High School students graduated within four years of starting their first year. The state average is between 80 and 85 percent. However, the state of California has set the goal of 90%. Chico High’s graduation rate ranks it in the 73rd percentile of all public high schools in the state. 


Chico High School will award degrees to the students who meet the following criteria for a high school diploma:

Subject Duration/Credit
EnglishFour years/40 credits
MathematicTwo year/20 credits in addition to Integ Math 1 or equivalent (10 credits)
Physical EducationTwo years/20 credit
Career Tech/Fine Arts/Foreign LanguageOne year/10 credits
Integrated MathOne year/10 credits
Life ScienceOne year/10 credits
HealthOne semester/5 credit
Physical ScienceOne year/10 credits
US HistoryOne year/10 credits
GovernmentOne semester/5 credit
World HistoryOne year/10 credits
EconomicsOne semester/5 credit
ElectivesRemaining 80 credits

If a student falls behind in credits for graduation, they can make up those credits through Butte College programs, CTE, work experience, and, in some cases, on-site credit recovery.


SAT Test Scores at Chico Senior High School

The national average score for the SAT is 1500, but students here get an average of 1600. Every year, 228 students from Chico High School take the SAT. A fantastic SAT score puts Chico High School in the top quarter of all California high schools and above the national average (68 percent of students score above the national average). 

This is one of Chico High School’s most notable academic achievements. In addition, Chico High School’s high graduation rate indicates that you will receive an excellent education. So even if your School isn’t among the best in California, you’re still in a great location.

ACT Test Scores at Chico Senior High School

In California, the ACT is less popular than the SAT. Fewer students take the ACT, and these students are more intellectually prepared and motivated. Therefore, it is more challenging to compare Chico High School ACT scores to other schools across the country. Students at Chico High School averaged a composite ACT score of 23, higher than the national average of 20. 

Every year, approximately 66 percent of the total students take the ACT. As a result, Chico Senior High School is now ranked in the top half of all California public high schools. Because the ACT measures what you learn in School, these ACT scores indicate that you will receive an excellent education at Chico High School.

AP Exams at Chico High School

Every year roughly 590 students take AP exams at Chico High School. Understanding how students perform on the AP exam is essential for passing the exam and earning college credit. Passing the exam with an AP score of 3, 4, or 5 entails passing the exam and receiving college credit. Chico High’s AP test takers have a 2.9 out of 5 average. Chico High received an average test score on this one. The passing score for AP exams is a 3, and the percentage of students who pass and fail is roughly equal. 

Chico High School is now in the top half of all AP test-takers. You will be able to take college-level classes thanks to Chico High’s AP program. While half of all AP students in this School fail to receive a passing grade, you can still outperform the average if you work hard throughout the year. Chico High School offers 12 AP courses. Some of the most popular AP courses in math and the humanities and others may be available to you.

Requirements for Academic Achievement: Block C

  • Every student must maintain a 3.5 GPA for two out of three consecutive semesters. Students in their first year are not included.
  • Aside from the standard CSF requirements, students are not required to join or participate in the CSF club.
  • Students transferring from Chico High School as juniors or seniors must have completed one semester of Chico Senior High School and have a high school transcript that meets the above requirements for two or three semesters (one at Chico High).
  • A note signed by a counselor from a student who meets these qualifications must be submitted to the CHS ASB Comptroller.

Application Requirements

  • Two address proofs in your parents’ or guardians’ names, such as these:
    • Rental/Lease Agreement 
    • Current Utility Bill 
    • Driving Licence 
    • Notarized declaration from the property owner or renter detailing the names and addresses of the people who live on the property.
  • Previous transcripts and withdrawal records 
  • Evidence of immunization with the T-dap vaccine is required.
  • Birth proof (affidavit of the parent, guardian, baptismal certificate, birth certificate, birth record, passport, or other legal proof)

Final Words

Chico High School has all the necessary features needed for overall individual growth. Its great environment of education and morality will make you a better human being. By hoping this article served the purpose, we wish you all the best for your academic career.

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