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May 9, 2022 | Turito Team USA

colby college acceptance rate

Do you want to get a graduation or post-graduation degree from Colby College? If yes, you need to meet the eligibility criteria to fall into Colby college’s acceptance rate.

Colby College has a diverse curriculum and is known for its immense contribution to students’ development. Besides, it is ranked #17 in National Liberal Arts Colleges. Many students apply at Colby to study their preferred subject and get a good degree. So, if you are also aiming for the same, read the guide below to know the college’s admission requirements.

Colby College Acceptance Rate

Colby College’s acceptance rate is 13.1%. In other words, 13 students get an admission out of every 100 applicants. This makes the college very selective in its admission process. Thus, students need to have a strong resume to become a part of Colby College.

The authorities are quite specific with their choice, so students need to get their required GPA, SAT, or ACT scores for admission. In case you are wondering which they are, keep reading to know. Apart from the scores, essays, extra-curricular performance, and recommendation letters are also essential for admission to Colby College.

What Colby College Looks For In A Candidate?

Colby authorities do not choose candidates selectively based on their background. Instead, they choose candidates based on merit. For instance, in the 2025 class, many candidates selected for admission belonged to 48 different states and countries. Colby authorities select candidates based on their GPA, SAT, ACT scores, and achievements in resumes. It doesn’t make any discrimination on any other factor. But, it considers some factors important over others. Read below to know what factors they consider important, very important, and unimportant.

Important Factors That Colby College Checks For Selecting Candidates

Colby College considers some factors more important than others during selection.

The following table shows what the authorities consider more or less important when shortlisting candidates. 

Very Important Factors Important Factors Considered Factors Unimportant Factors
Course rigor Test scores  State Residence  Religious affiliation
Recommendations  Talent  Interview
Character Essay  Legacy 
GPA Racial/ethnic status Geographic Residence
Class rank Extracurricular activities  Volunteer Work 
Work Experience 
Applicant Interest 

Colby College GPA Requirements

Colby college admissions need a GPA score of 3.86 on a 4.0 scale. This means that students need to get above 95% in their examinations to meet this GPA requirement. Besides, they need to have an ‘A’ grade in all their subjects to meet this eligibility criterion. Yet, meeting only the GPA needed is not enough to crack the admission process. In addition, they need to show amazing SAT or ACT scores to make their resume look attractive.

Colby College SAT Requirements

Although SAT is not mandatory for selection, students can show the results to compensate for a low GPA. In other words, if your GPA is not high enough to crack the eligibility, a high SAT score can help. 

According to the University norms, students need to have a Colby college SAT score of 1380. This score will place them among the top 6% of SAT applicants. Besides, it will show that the students got most of the questions right in the examination. The Colby college SAT score is measured on a scale of 1600. So, 1300 is quite higher than the average score, and hence the result should also depict the same for admission.

Colby College ACT Requirements

Colby College expects students to get 31 ACTs or more for admission. So, if you can get 31 ACT, you will pass the eligibility criteria. But, if you manage to get more than this, you will appear competitive to the authorities. Besides, it will confirm your name on the list. So, aim for more to set an impression in the authorities’ minds. The more you get, the higher your rank will be in the Colby college acceptance rate list.

How To Get Through Colby College Easily

Now you know what scores you need to get through the Colby College admissions. But apart from scores, there are a few more things that can elevate your admission possibilities.

Read below to understand other ways to get through college admission and beat the competition.

  • Take Part In Subject-oriented Programs

The best way to make the CV more attractive is by attaching completion certificates of different programs. Indeed, the authorities focus more on the curriculum results of the board exam. Yet, having additional certificates will add a bonus factor to your resume. You can enroll in courses that match your interest. Besides, you can also apply for programs related to the degree you are aiming to meet at Colby and attach the completion certificate with your resume. 

  • Recommendations

Another way to please the authorities is by attaching three recommendation letters. You can collect these from teachers and counselors to submit with the application form. Convince your teacher to write a letter that shows your academic experience and how you are as a student. The more they write about your abilities, the better your scope of getting through the admissions will be. The authorities will read the letter to understand you and your abilities before finalizing their decision. 

  • Compose Engaging Essays

Colby college allows students to tell their story in an essay and attach it to the application. This way, the authorities give a fair chance to the students to prove why they are deserving. Besides, it also helps them understand whether they are making the right choice. So, candidates should make the most of this opportunity to bring out their skills. If you are passionate about Colby college admissions, elaborate on why you want admissions here. Also, try to mention how you are better than other candidates in a few lines. Besides, mention your strengths, achievements, and academic records for more emphasis.

  • Try To Improve Your Extra-Curricular Performance

So, you have good academic scores to consider for admission. But, the increasing enrollment rate requires you to show more to ensure a seat at Colby. You can improve your extra-curricular performance and get your name on the Colby acceptance rate list. The extra-curricular activity will help the authorities understand how you can contribute outside the school projects. So, make sure that you select an activity wherein physical fitness is depicted. For instance: A good rating in basketball and other activities will show how fit you are. Besides, there are also other extra-curricular activities that you can enroll in. 

Check out the four tiers of extra-curricular activities and choose the one that interests you to create a better CV.

  • Tier 1 Extracurricular Activities

In tier 1, you can choose activities that involve certification and prizes. For example, you can take up a course outside the curriculum and get amazing marks on the examination. This will show your achievement and engagement in high school.

  • Tier 2 Extracurricular Activities

This is less influential than the first one. Here, you can be a part of a club and try to achieve a leadership role. If you manage to win a state-level competition, that would also make an impact.

  • Tier 3 Extra-curricular Activities

This carries less weightage than the third one. For this, you can join any Art event or play sports and get a leadership position to impress the authorities.

  • Tier 4 Extracurricular Activities

This is the most basic of all the extra-curricular activities. For this one, you can add your mere participation in a club, volunteer work, or sports to your resume.

  • Apply Early Decision

Like many other universities, Colby University conducts three admission procedures: 

  • Regular Decision
  • Early Decision 1 
  • Early Decision 2

All these admission processes have their limitations. So, whichever you wish to apply for, check for the limitations before enrolling. But, you can apply for Apply Early Decision as it can improve your admission chances better than the Regular Decision process. In the Early Decision, the authority considers candidates who applied early to the University. Thus, applying early can be beneficial to all students. Besides, Early decision has a high acceptance rate, so getting admission through this is easier. All this makes Early Decision (ED) the best way to attend Colby.  


Now you know about the Colby acceptance rate, Colby college SAT requirements, and other Colby college admission requirements. So, tally your scores and check whether you fulfill all the requirements without delaying further. If yes, apply for the admissions as soon as the form is out. But, if you feel you need to uplift a score, start working on it today to get through Colby college at the earliest. Remember, the earlier you start, the better you will be prepared. In addition, this will improve your chances of getting through Colby’s acceptance rate

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