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Colorado College Tuition and Admission Requirements

May 17, 2022

Colorado College Tuition

Colorado College is a four-year private college located in Colorado Springs. The college offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. As per the latest statistics, around 10,257 students applied to the college, and 1,395 students were granted admission. Out of these, 539 students enrolled in the school. 

The acceptance rate at Colorado College is 13.6 percent. This number indicates that the acceptance rate is very high. The college is ranked number 2 in Colorado for the lowest acceptance rate. Most students admitted into Colorado college were at the top of their high school class. 


Colorado College Admission Requirements

  • High school GPA scores
  • High school class ranking
  • School records
  • College preparatory classes
  • Letters of recommendations
  • SAT/ACT scores are required
  • TOEFL exam scores for foreign language students are required.

Colorado College GPA requirement falls around 3.89. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that students aim for a GPA higher than 3.89. Colorado College’s average SAT score requirement is 1385 on a 1600 scale. Students should work for an SAT score above 1300 to keep their chances of getting admitted into the college high.

Colorado offers budgeting, loans, and scholarships to its students. This article will highlight the Colorado College tuition fee and other financial details. 


It meets 100 percent of its demonstrated financial needs based on its FAFSA and CSS profile. Parents and students can schedule a meeting with the authorities at Colorado College to look into the processing needs and options available. 

The Academic Year 2022-23 Colorado College Tuition Details

  • Fixed Direct Charges Academic Year 2022-2023 tuition- $64,554
  • Student Activity Fee- $474
  • Housing- $8,376 (only for the double room in the residence hall)
  • Meal Plan- $6,000

Estimated Expenses for the Year 2022-2023 Based on an Average of 9 Months

  • Books and Supplies Allowance- $1,240
  • Misc. Allowance- $1,354
  • Transportation- $1,230 2-3 trips home a year
  • Total Estimated Costs – $83,228
  • Health Insurance- $2,817

Students are also required to provide annual proof of coverage. The college also provides a comprehensive student health plan to all its students. If a student decides to opt for coverage under a different health plan, the health insurance should meet the minimum criteria. Students can look into the minimum criteria for the student health insurance plan on the official website of Colorado College. The estimated cost for the student health insurance plan is $86,045. 


Colorado College Tuition 

Colorado college tuition fees are $62,070. The national average cost of tuition is $43,337. This figure makes the tuition at Colorado College more expensive than at other colleges. It is to be noted that these numbers indicate both the tuition and fees. The fees will differ according to the different facilities provided at the college, including library fees, gym facilities, student centers, and campus health services. 

Total cost refers to the sticker price and includes the room cost, books and supplies, transportation, and other personal expenses. On the other hand, the net price is the average cost of the college after discounting aid and scholarship funds. The total cost at Colorado college is 


$78,080. The net price at Colorado College is $24,504. 

Colorado College Tuition & Cost

  • Tuition and fees (2021-22)- $62,070 
  • Room and board (2021-22)- $13,668
  • Total price for federal loan recipients (2018-2019)- $26,753

Total Price by Family Income (2018-2019)

Family IncomeAverage Cost

Financial Aid Statistics for Colorado College

Financial aid is the funding that students receive to pay for tuition. Colorado College awards its finding aid only in terms of merit or need. It provides Financial Aid according to a family’s ability to pay for college. It calculates it using the FAFSA – Free Application for Need-based Financial Aid, including – federal loans and work and study loans.


Merit-based needs scholarships are provided to first-year students with specific talents or academic marvels. In the Fall 2019, the average need-based aid or scholarship awarded to freshers at Colorado college was around $56,559. A total of 45 percent of fresher students were given Financial need-based aid at Colorado College in 2019. 

  • Applied for need-based aid- 100%
  • Needs were fully met- 75%
  • Received need-based financial aid- 50%
  • Received need-based self-help aid- 25%

Colorado College Cost of Attending As Per 2020-2021 Data

Books and Supplies$1,240
Other Fees$474
Room and Board fees$13,392
Other expenses$2,584

The total cost of attending Colorado College as a regular student fell around USD 78,080 in 2020-2021. Out of this sum, $60,390 was the tuition fee, $1,240 for books and supplies, and $474 for other expenses. For out-of-station students, the total cost is around- USD 60,390. 


Net Price at Colorado College 

Average Net Price as of 2019-2020 is:  $27,319

Colorado College Financial Aid 

Half of full-time Colorado students received grants, scholarships, and fellowships from the college and government bodies, including state, local and federal government. The aid covered $47,280 per student during the 2019/2020 school year. Students do not have to pay back scholarships and grants. Around 24 percent of students were given federal student loans turning the average to $4,820, and 1% of undergraduates received private student loans turning the average to $26,627.

TypeAverage StudentsStudents Receiving
Total Grant and scholarship aid$47,28050 percent
Institutional grants and scholarships$4506347 percent
Pell grants$475914 percent
Other federal grants$62187 percent
State and local grants$48423 percent
Federal student loans$484225 percent
Other student loans$266271 percent

Projected 4 Year Degree Price at Colorado College 

4 Year Sticker Price is around $312,320


All Residents


The current cost of living and attaining a bachelor’s degree in a four-year program at Colorado College amounts to $312,320. This estimated price could increase at a rate of 4.9 percent in the next four years. 

Credit Hour Cost and Price per Class – Colorado College

Price per Credit3 Credit Class4 Credit Class
All Residents$2,536$7,608$10,144

Tuition Payment Plans Available at Colorado College

  • Tuition Payment Plan- Yes
  • Prepaid Tuition Plan- No
  • Granted Tuition Plan- No
  • Alternative Tuition Plan- Yes

Colorado Pledge

Earlier, many students couldn’t consider applying to this college mainly due to its sticker price. Without scholarships and financial aid, a student must pay around USD 71,000 per year on tuition and other room charges at Colorado College. To help students feel financially relaxed, the Colorado Admission Department has launched an experiment titled – the Colorado Pledge.

This pledge aims to help students experience less financial shock or sticker shock while applying to Colorado College. This would also help increase the number of in-state student applications. As per this Colorado Pledge, students whose families make less than 60.000 USD will attend Colorado College free of cost. 

According to the 2017 Harvard University Report, It has the second-highest share of students from the wealthiest 1 percent of American families, with their families making more than USD 630,000. Additionally, about 24 percent of students came from 1 percent of rich American families, while ten percent came from families making less than USD 65,000. 

Let us look into the working of the Colorado Pledge: 

  • Colorado students who come from families making a gross income of less than $60,000 annually do not have to pay for tuition and other fees.
  • Colorado students who come from families making a gross income between $60,000 and $125,000 annually will pay only the room and board fees. 
  • Colorado students who come from families making a gross income between $125,000 and $200,000 annually will have to pay the in-state cost of attending the University of Colorado.
  • The Colorado Pledge is available to new students seeking admission from 2020 onwards and does not apply to students of previous years’ batches. The Colorado Pledge is available to transfer students as well.

The Colorado Administration is looking forward to expanding the Colorado Pledge. 

Final Word

It is a liberal arts college offering diverse courses to its students. Therefore, the Colorado College acceptance rate is highly competitive. Students can get more information regarding the Colorado College tuition, Colorado College SAT, ACT, and GPA requirements by visiting the official website of the college.


colorado college tuition


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