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Manhattan College Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements

May 11, 2022

The Manhattan college acceptance rate is 78%, making it somewhat selective. The typical SAT or ACT score for applicants to Manhattan is between 1060 and 1280, respectively. Manhattan’s rolling deadline for normal admissions applications. The Manhattan early decision application deadline is November 15 for interested applicants. 

Manhattan College is a private institution of higher education that is based in Riverdale, New York. It is known for its various academic programs across different fields, especially Liberal Arts.  


Marymount Manhattan College is one of the famous schools under Manhattan College specializing in liberal arts. Students who wish to take admitted should be aware of Marymount Manhattan college’s acceptance rate, Marymount Manhattan college’s GPA, and other crucial factors for admission. 

This article gives complete information to interested students. It gives special emphasis on Marymount Manhattan College as it is more sought-after than all Manhattan Colleges. It covers the Manhattan College acceptance rate and Marymount Manhattan College acceptance rate.  


Brief Overview of Manhattan College

Manhattan College was founded in 1853. It has a total of 3894 students across Graduate and Master’s courses. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1, it has an average class size of 23 and 240 full-time faculty. 

It is a catholic school where undergraduates can choose from courses across disciplines. These include art, business, education, health, engineering, and science. Manhattan College has the following schools under it: 

  • The school of liberal arts 
  • The O’Malley School of Business 
  • The School of Education and Health
  • The School of Engineering
  • The School of Science 
  • The School of Continuing and Professional Studies 

The campus is spread across 22 acres and is located in an urban setting. It follows a semester-based academic system and ranks 13th in Regional Universities North. 

Manhattan College Admissions

75% of applicants are accepted into Manhattan College, making admissions competitive. With an SAT or ACT score between 22 and 28 or both, roughly half of the applicants were accepted to Manhattan College. But out of the applicants who were accepted, one-quarter had scores above these levels and one-quarter had scores below them.


Application fees for Manhattan College are $75, and the deadline for submission is rolling. The GPA of a candidate is one of the most crucial academic criteria for admission to Manhattan College. For admissions officers at Manhattan College, letters of recommendation and, if available, a student’s high school class rank are both very crucial factors. Find out more about College Compass to view additional academic criteria along with other school statistics. 

Manhattan College Acceptance Rate

Manhattan College’s acceptance rate is 74.5%. This means that for every 100 students that apply, 75 of them get admission. This places Manhattan College under the Lightly Selective category.  


Marymount Manhattan College under the university is one of the renowned colleges that specializes in liberal arts and is sought after. Marymount Manhattan college’s acceptance rate is 88%. It is slightly higher than the University average and places it under a slightly selective category. For every 100 students that apply, 88 are admitted to the college. 

Manhattan College Admission Requirements 

The following are the admission requirements for Manhattan College. These may vary depending on the course and availability of seats: 

  • Official High School Transcript: An official High school transcript is needed as proof of completion of high school and to assess your academic record. A good academic record shows your level of commitment and consistency in academics. Colleges often look for students with a certain level of academic rigor. This tells them that they can handle the academic challenges that the college curriculum will throw at them. This is needed even if you have completed a 4-year college course. 
  • Official College Transcript: If you have attended more than one college, you must submit an official College Transcript as well. 
  • List of Current Courses: If you are enrolled in a college course at the moment, you are required to submit a list of all the courses you are taking. 
  • SAT/ACT score: You need to submit only if you have completed less than 15 college-level credits. 
  • Letter of Recommendation: Letter of recommendation adds additional credibility to an application. You must submit a letter of recommendation by the high school teacher, college professor, or employer. Additionally, you can also submit a character reference. 
  • Personal Statement: A personal statement is a form of an essay. It tells the college about your motivation behind the course you have chosen and helps them understand you better. 

Marymount Manhattan College GPA 

Colleges look at GPA as a measure of academic competence. That is why most colleges give importance to High School GPA to assess your academic competence. This is to make sure you will be able to handle the academic challenges ahead. 

The average Marymount Manhattan College GPA is 3.46. This puts it in the category of moderately competitive. This means that the college wants you to be somewhere in the middle of the class rank. To achieve this GPA, you will need a mixed grade of A’s and B’s. You can also consider taking more difficult and advanced courses. This will boost your weighted GPA and bring you closer to the required Marymount Manhattan College GPA. 


If you are in your senior high school year, your GPA will be a little difficult to change. In that case, you should aim for a higher SAT/ACT score. This might compensate for a low GPA on your application. 

Marymount Manhattan College SAT Requirement 

The average SAT score at Marymount Manhattan College is 1091. This places it in the category of a ‘Competitive’ college. The 25th percentile score in the New SAT is 1030, and the 75th percentile score in the New SAT is 1220. This means scoring 1030 on SAT will put you below average compared to other applicants while scoring 1220 and above will place you higher than the average. The higher the SAT score, the more chances you have got admission 

The college has an SAT score policy for the ‘Highest Section.’ This means you can send as many SAT scores as you want to the college. The admission team will consider your highest score in every section from across all the tests you sent.  

Marymount Manhattan College ACT Requirement 

The average ACT score at Marymount Manhattan College is 25. This makes the college Moderately Competitive. The 25th percentile score on the ACT is 21, and the 75th percentile score on the ACT is 27. This means scoring 21 on the ACT will put you below average compared to other applicants while scoring 27 and above will place you higher than the average. The higher the SAT score, the more chances you have got admission 

Steps to Improve Your Admission Changes 

Now that you know the Marymount Manhattan acceptance rate, and what you need for your admissions,

Let us Discuss How you can Improve your Admission Chances at Marymount Manhattan College: 

  1. Meet the GPA requirements: Now that you know the average Marymount Manhattan College GPA, you should aim to achieve that score in your high school. The GPA score is a reflection of your dedication and academic sincerity. Aiming for a GPA and working your grades backward is a good way to understand how many A’s and B’s you would need for the required GPA. A good GPA can open up opportunities across colleges. While it is not the only deciding factor, it still plays a very important role. 
  2. Meet the SAT score requirements: A good SAT score is always beneficial for college applications. It strengthens your application and improves your chances of getting into your desired college. While college websites may not mention an SAT score cutoff, you should aim at being in the top 50 percent of students by aiming for the score mentioned above. This means starting preparations in time and also seeking tuition if necessary. 
  3. Letter of Recommendation: Marymount Manhattan College makes one letter of recommendation compulsory. Therefore you should be on good terms with people in academic positions. Also, try to take additional responsibility outside of the classroom. This increases your chances of getting a glowing recommendation from an academic figure. 
  4. Personal Statement: The importance of a good personal statement or essay cannot be understated. The essay is what tells the college about you as a person. Thus, invest a good amount of time in writing convincing essays. These essays should talk about your academic profile, challenges, and personality.  

Life at Manhattan College 

Manhattan College has an urban setting, and you will be able to get a taste of the best of New York during your time at the campus. It has a strong culture of Social Service and giving back to society. You will find a host of student groups and communities organizing all sorts of social drives and events. 

The campus is always abuzz with things to do and experience. Some of these include social service, having family weekends, graduation fairs, Spring Concerts, etc. The college offers 5 residence halls to choose from, and living in these provides a complete and fun college experience. Often floormates become like family members, and people find friends for a lifetime. 

The university has a mission called Lasallian Mission which aims at promoting inclusivity and providing education to all. Housed in one of the most diverse cities, this campus seeks to promote inclusivity for minorities and aims to build a conducive learning environment for all. 

The campus also focuses on health and wellness. It has 18 circuit stations, numerous cardio machines, exercise classes, personal training, and fitness assessment to promote physical fitness among students. It also has certified counselors and mental health experts that provide counseling and therapy. This is to ensure the mental health of all students and help those in need. 


manhattan college acceptance rate


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