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Pitzer College: Admissions, Acceptance rate and GPA Requirements

Jan 24, 2023

Pitzer College Acceptance Rate and GPA Requirements 

Do you want to get admission into a reputed National Liberal Arts College? If yes, Pitzer College is the best option for you. Pitzer College has served many students and helped them pursue their dream. Today, it is considered one of the best National Liberal Arts Colleges for providing quality education.

Pitzer College Admissions Chances

Pitzer College has a low acceptance rate. This makes them highly competitive. Students who wish to get through Pitzer College must abide by their GPA and SAT/ACT requirements. It is important to understand that Pitzer College doesn’t give a lot of priority to SAT/ACT scores. Instead, they expect to see an appealing resume to shortlist candidates. Thus, students should polish their extracurricular performance. Furthermore, they should take relevant degree courses to beef up their resume. Collecting recommendation letters from teachers can also help in making an impact. 


Pitzer College GPA Requirements

Pitzer college’s acceptance rate for GPA is 3.85 on a scale of 4.0. In other words, students must be among the class toppers to apply at Pitzer. This rate equals 90-92%. So, if you are planning to get into Pitzer College, you need to get 90-92% or an ‘A’ in all your subjects and a strong test score. So, start preparing today. Improve your secondary and high secondary school rank to get this GPA for admission.

Your high school grade point average (GPA) is a number that reflects your academic performance in high school. Colleges consider either a weighted GPA or an unweighted GPA when determining GPA. And strong test scores. 


Pitzer College ACT And SAT Requirements

The ACT and the SAT are optional at Pitzer College. But if you want to add weight to your GPA scores, you can sit for either of the two. Taking the ACT or SAT will compensate for low GPA scores. Besides, it will help you appear as an academically strong candidate for admission. Furthermore, you can apply for the specific departments that look for the ACT or SAT scores as well. Thus, you will have more options to apply for.

Pitzer College SAT Requirements

Pitzer College’s acceptance rate for the SAT is 1410. Thus, you need to receive an above-average score to add weight to the resume. But it is important to note that this is the bare minimum asked in the college. So, your application will get selected if you get 1410. But, if you want to get a seat in the college, you need to aim for more. Try reaching 1450 or 1460 to impress the head of the college.


Pitzer College SAT Score Choice Policy

Pitzer College follows a definite score choice policy. They consider the highest score to determine the SAT score. So, for example, if you get 1000 in Math for the first and 1100 for the second examination, the person in charge will select the second score as it is the highest. This is also known as superscoring.

There is no limitation on the number of tests you can send to the authority. So, you can appear for the SAT as many times as possible and send all the scores for them to consider the highest one.


Pitzer College ACT Requirements

Like the SAT, the highest score is considered in the ACT too. The Pitzer acceptance rate for ACT is 31. In other words, it is one of the highest scores you can achieve in the ACT examination. Undoubtedly, this means you need to work hard to meet the cut-off and get a step closer to admission.

If you fail to achieve 31 ACT, the head of the college will consider you weak. But, if you can manage to get more, you will be selected for the next step.


Pitzer College ACT Score Sending Policy

Taking the ACT examination is more beneficial than the SAT. You have the freedom to sit for many tests and select the one with the highest score. Although there is no limitation to taking the SAT as well, you will be required to send the test results of all. This can create a negative impact on the authority. If you send more than 5 test results, the authority might wonder why you are not improving in lesser attempts. But in the ACT, they will never know how many times you sat for the examination. So, if you are unhappy with the test results, you can reappear as many times as you want unhesitantly.

Pitzer College Admission Processes

There are two processes through which a student can apply at Pitzer College.


Early Decision

Students who have brilliant academic records can select the Early Decision process. The Early Decision is an agreement that says you cannot get into other colleges if you crack Pitzer College admissions. In other words, if you sign this agreement, you have to leave other options and get admission here.


Regular Decision

Regular Decision is the basic admission process wherein you have to send your scores and get admitted with the basic process. You can apply to other colleges in this process and also keep a backup plan.

Documents Needed For Pitzer College Admissions

The following are some of the mandatory and optional admission requirements of Pitzer College.  

Mandatory RequirementsOptional Requirements
Common App ApplicationInterview
Pitzer Writing SupplementSAT Scores
RecommendationsACT Scores
School ReportOther Degree Certificates
College Report
Mid Year Report
Official Transcripts
English Language Test
Extra-curricular Performance

Admissions Office Information 

Tips To Improve SAT And ACT Scores

Don’t have the required SAT or ACT score to present an outstanding resume? No worries! You can try to get one the next time you appear for the test. Following are some of the foolproof ways to get better with every attempt. Try to follow these steps to put your name under the Pitzer acceptance rate.

  • Get Familiar With The Syllabus

Before you start preparing, it is important to get familiar with the syllabus. The curriculum can change every year. Thus, stay updated with the curriculum whenever you begin studying. You can do so by searching for the syllabi online. Besides, if you take coaching for the test, you can ask your teacher as well. Furthermore, you can see what types of questions come in the practice test and the topic it covers. All this will give you a complete idea of the syllabus.

  • Prepare The Important Topics First

As you check the practice test paper, see the topics from where most questions are asked. Once you understand which questions came most last year, study them first. It is important to remember that the key to success is studying smart. So, instead of covering all the topics, try to cover the most important concepts first. For example, if you find that the trigonometry questions appear more in the Math section, study trigonometry before other topics. This way, you can confidently answer all the questions in the test and get better results.

  • Solve Test Papers, Analyze and Study – The golden rule to getting better marks is solving test papers, analyzing, and studying. No matter which subject you prepare for, this strategy works for all.
  • Solve Test Papers – The best way to check your preparation is by solving test papers. You might feel you are completely prepared, but if you don’t sit for the test, you won’t understand how much.
  • Analyze – Check the results of the examination and analyze them in-depth. Understand where you made mistakes and which are your weak areas. Once you are done finding them all, write them somewhere and keep track of it.
  • Study – Now you know which are the areas wherein you need improvement. So, start preparing those topics again. Revise the portions which you feel are difficult for you to remember and then sit for the practice test again.

This way, you can get through all the troublesome areas and get better results next time. Don’t forget to repeat this process, again and again, to get outstanding results in the test.

  • Get Help From A Tutor Or Expert

If you have never considered taking help from an expert for SAT or ACT preparation, you must do it from now on. Sometimes self-studying is not enough. You need to have the right guidance to help you score more in your field. When it comes to Pitzer, you need to understand that Pitzer college’s acceptance rate is quite high. Unfortunately, many students fail to crack their requirements and be a part of this University. So, do not hesitate to take expert help for your studies. The experts will boost your confidence, give you the right help and make you understand concepts better. Besides, they can familiarize you with the topics with an easy approach.

Pitzer College Financial Aid and Tuition 

Pitzer College receives need-based financial aid for 36% of full-time undergraduates, and the average need-based scholarship or grant award is $44,406.

College funding need not be difficult or expensive. Visit the Paying for College knowledge center for tips on saving money and cutting expenses, or use the U.S. To find the best tax-advantaged college investment account for you, use the News 529 Finder.

Similar College Acceptance Rates in the Neighborhood 

School Acceptance Rate 
Harvey Mudd College 13.7% 
Scripps College 32.0% 
Claremont McKenna College 10.3% 
Pomona College 7.4% 
La Sierra University 55.2% 


Now you know everything about Pitzer college’s acceptance rate and the tips you can follow to get good scores. So, what are you waiting for? Start your preparation today and become a part of Pitzer College with amazing scores and tips. Keep a check on their official website to know the dates of admission form release. 

pitzer college acceptance rate


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