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Princeton University Admissions: Complete Guide

Apr 26, 2022

Do you want to get into Princeton University but are unaware of its admission requirements? Don’t worry! This guide will give you all the information related to Princeton acceptance rate and admission requirements to help improve your application. Read the guide till the end to not miss out on any important information.

Princeton Acceptance Rate

The first thing you need to know before getting into Princeton or any other college is the acceptance rate. This rate determines how competitive a college is and the score you need to get admission. So, if the acceptance rate is low, you have to get outstanding scores. But if the acceptance rate is high, you can get through a college admission with above-average scores.


The acceptance rate varies from one college to the other. However, Princeton acceptance rate is 5.5%. In other terms, six students out of 100 get a seat at Princeton University. This means the University follows a very strict admission process. Thus, you have to work hard to meet Princeton GPA requirements and SAT/ACT requirements to get a chance here. Besides, you need to collect letters of recommendation from your teacher. Furthermore, you need to be good in extra-curricular to add weight to your form.

Total Number Of Applications Princeton University Receives Every Year

Princeton receives many applications every year. More than a thousand students apply to get a graduation degree from Princeton University. Hence, the competition is quite high for Princeton admissions. Over the last few years, the competition for admission has increased. 

29,303 candidates applied at Princeton in 2022, and 6.5% of students got admission. For the 2025 class, 37,601 students applied, and only 3.98% of applications got accepted. 

Princeton University Admission Statistics

Princeton class Of 2025

Statistics Of 2025 Class Admission

Applicant OverviewClass Overview
Total Applicants: 37,601The class comprises 49% men and 51% female.
Total Admitted: 1,64718% of students are from families that have never attended Princeton University.
Total Enrolled: 1,34522% of candidates got admission for Federal Pell Grants.
50% of the students got scores between 740-800 in Maths and 710-770 in Reading and Writing.
The rest, 50% of students got ACT scores between 32 to 35. 

Princeton University’s GPA Requirements

Many schools set a standard GPA for shortlisting applications. But, you need to score as high as possible to meet the Princeton admission requirements. So, instead of achieving the bare minimum, try to get more to keep your name under the admission list. In case you are wondering what GPA I need to get into Princeton, read below to know:


Princeton has a GPA acceptance rate of 3.9. Thus, you need to have a 3.9 GPA score to fall under the Princeton GPA requirements. Now let’s understand what a 3.9 GPA means? 

3.9 GPA is a topper-level score. In other words, you need to be a topper in your class to get a 3.9 GPA. Besides, your grades should show ‘A’ in all subjects, and you should have a degree in IB or AP courses. If you are studying in a high school, it might be difficult to change your GPA or improve it if you have less than 3.9. But, you can compensate for this low score by trying to achieve more on the SAT or ACT. It is not necessary to sit for both the ACT and SAT examinations. You can choose to sit for any of the two. 


The college considers the GPA and SAT/ACT scores before selecting candidates for admission. The college also considers your performance in extra-curricular activities. So, if you score less than the Princeton University GPA Requirements, it can be adjusted with the other scores. 

Princeton University SAT Requirements

Now let’s understand the SAT scores you need to get through Princeton’s admission process. Generally, the Princeton requirement for SAT is 1450 on a 1600 scale. This means that if the score is below this range, then the admission form will get rejected. On the other hand, if the SAT score equals 1510 or more, the student will get guaranteed admission to Princeton. Although it is a difficult score to beat, it is necessary to win the race. 


Princeton University ACT Requirements

As far as the ACT score is concerned, you should have a 32 ACT score or more for admission. The lowest ACT score you need to get your application selected is 30 ACT. But, to get through the Princeton University admissions, 32 ACT or higher is important.

Princeton University is quite popular among students. Many students dream of getting their degree and being a part of this University. In addition, they aim to complete their graduation under the University’s remarkable educational services. Thus, the competition is higher. It is important to remember that some candidates might get 32 or more. So, you should aim for a greater score to make your dream come true.


Princeton University Application System Requirements

Princeton University accepts three types of applications:

  • The Common Application
  • The Coalition Application
  • Quest Bridge Application

Whichever application platform you select to apply from, you must fill out the Princeton supplement online.


Documents Needed For Princeton’s Application Submission

You need to submit certain documents while filling out Princeton’s application. If you fail to provide these documents, you will not meet the Princeton University requirements. Thus, your application will get rejected. The following documents are a must for admission to Princeton. 

  • Princeton Supplement
  • Application (Common/Coalition/QuestBridge)
  • School Counselor Letter
  • Transcript
  • Graded Written Paper
  • School Report
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • Two Teacher Recommendations
  • Arts Supplement

Applying Early To Princeton University

Princeton University does not provide Early Decision options to the students. But as per the Princeton requirements, students can either apply for the Regular Decision process or Single-Choice Early Action. Students wishing to apply Single-Choice Early Action must submit their applications by 1st November. Single-Choice Early Action is non-binding. It is the same as what other institutions refer to as Restrictive Early Action. Therefore, you can attend another school even if you receive an offer from Princeton University. 

The following are the college types wherein you can apply this approach:

  • A service academy or a public school that accepts a non-binding admission process
  • A higher education institution that follows a non-binding procedure for admission
  • International institutions that conduct a non-binding admission process

Students who wish to apply for this Action must keep track of the mid-December notifications. Princeton releases the Single-Choice Early Action application date around December. You can visit the official website to see the notifications. After filling out the application form, keep an eye on the April notification. The final decision gets released in April. 

However, just because you applied for this admission doesn’t mean you will get it. Your request has the chance to get accepted, denied, or deferred as per the Princeton University admission norms.

Final Admission Verdict

Now you know everything about Princeton University’s acceptance rate and what GPA you need to get into Princeton University. Since the college is very specific, it is a must to have a good SAT or ACT score and a good GPA to match the Princeton GPA requirements. To get a guaranteed admission, you must aim for a 3.9 GPA and a 1510 or above SAT score or 32 or above ACT score. If you fail to meet this criterion, the authorities can discard your application.

Besides, you need to be good in extra-curricular and have a degree in AB or IB courses. If you can cater to all these Princeton University’s requirements, you can easily get through the admission process. So, stay calm, prepare well, and do not stress out. With regular study, you can achieve these scores. Although the score might seem difficult to get, it is not impossible.

Recently, the authorities have decided not to reveal the admission statistics for the 2026 Class. This is because students stress out and do not get good GPA scores. So, to reduce the pressure on the prospective candidates, the authorities have decided to keep the statistics a secret. Yet, the guide contains the 2025 Class statistics to help you get a fair idea of Princeton’s admission rate and prepare accordingly. You can refer to the early statistics and prepare for the entrance based on that. 

If you have more queries, you can call the authorities and get clarity on the Princeton requirements before applying. Good Luck!

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