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Purdue University – Admission, Rankings And Acceptance Rates 

Sep 23, 2022

Purdue University is among the oldest and most popular universities in Indiana. This university is located in West Lafayette, and it also comes under the flagship campus of the Purdue Global University system. The University was founded during the late 1870s when John Purdue made his donation for the same. He wanted to establish a college of technology, science, and agriculture, for which he donated his land and money. There were just 39 students in the first class at Purdue University. And now, Purdue University comes in as the major institutional college in the entire United States. 

Most people target themselves to get the engineering program at Purdue Global University. The reason behind the same is that Purdue University is well known for the same. The main campus of the university is located in West Lafayette. It provides more than 270 courses currently for undergraduates. Of these courses, 200 are majors for undergraduates, and 70 include other courses like doctoral and master programs. The college also has around 18 sports teams and 900+ student organizations attending college. The Big Ten Conference was also found in this college, which is now the biggest student body in Indiana. 


Here we will be looking at the admission process, rankings, and the Acceptance Rates of Purdue University. So, if you are also looking forward to getting your admission done at Purdue University, you have landed at the right place. You can check all the important elements that should be known before pursuing access to Purdue University. 

Purdue University Admissions 

All of the applications taken through Purdue University admission are evaluated, keeping two things in mind. The first thing for the same is the GPAs, ACT, and SAT test scores. The next thing seen is the available seats in the program for which the candidate has been selected. The first preference is given to the scores obtained in the examination. But the students must note that some important things are needed for the registration process. If the students have been selected, they must also have a high school diploma or any other certificate equivalent to that 


These documents are only required under one condition the candidates are below 18 years of age. If the candidate is above 18 years, then they do not need to provide the same— proof regarding the same needs to be submitted to Purdue University. After submission, the university will check the same and inform you about the confirmation status. Let us look at the complete admission process that students must follow when they register for the first time. 

  • First of all, the candidates must fill in the application form. It will be available on the official website.
  • Now the candidates should answer the Purdue-specific questions. These questions play an important role in the admission process.
  • The high school grades must be reported to Purdue University. Checks would be made on the same.
  • SAT and ACT scores should also be self-reported.
  • The students from “non-English speaking” countries need to give their English proficiency tests.
  • At last, the applicants need to submit the application fees for the same.

These are the important steps the candidates need to follow to get themselves registered at Purdue University. The competition at Purdue University is very high, due to which the candidates need to prepare well for the examination. Some factors act as a tiebreaker whenever there is a clash between the marks of two students. These factors can be checked on the official website of Purdue University. 


Purdue University Rankings 

Now we will be having a look at Purdue University rankings. We all know that Purdue University is among the top-ranked colleges in the United States of America. This University has been on the list for a long time, so students prefer being admitted to this college. In 2021, Purdue University was ranked as the 5th most innovative University in Indiana. Along with that, the University ranked 17th position for the best public university present in the United States. In the list of overall standings for the universities, Purdue University was able to secure 53rd rank. At last, Purdue University has been ranked the 114th best University in the Global rankings. Achieving such a good rank in the Global rankings is a big thing, and students from different parts of the world have made a target to get admission to Purdue University. All of these reports regarding the rankings have been provided by the US News & World Report. 

Purdue University was also reported as the 35th best University for undergraduate courses. In the list of Best Value Schools, Purdue University ranked in the 83rd spot. And the University secured 284th rank in the “Top Performers on Social Mobility”. These are the rankings achieved by the University among different aspects. 


Purdue University Acceptance Rates 

The most important thing that the candidates take a look at is the acceptance rates of the University. So, it is necessary to take a look at the acceptance rate of Purdue University. If we look at the earlier reports, it can be seen that Purdue University acceptance rate is 67%. This means that two out of every three students who have applied to Purdue University would be able to register themselves at the University. So, it can be said that Purdue University has a great acceptance rate among the top colleges. 

Now we would be looking at the minimum required scores the candidates must have for their registration. The candidates must have SAT score that ranges between 1190 and 1430. If the candidates have applied for the ACT exam, they must have an ACT score of between 25 and 33. The candidates who have been admitted to the same need to ensure they have the required scores. Along with that, the candidates must complete their registration before the deadline of the admission process. 


This is all the important information that the candidates must know if they are applying to Purdue University. More information regarding the same can be checked on the official website of the University, and the candidates can go on with the registration process. 

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