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Purdue Average ACT – Guide on Admission And GPA Requirements

Apr 4, 2023

Purdue Average ACT

Let’s discuss about Purdue Average act scores in this article

The main campus of the Purdue University system, Purdue University, is a public research university in Indiana. Major institutional rankings have placed it among the finest public institutions in the country, and it is well known for its engineering curriculum. 


Purdue defines variety as greatness manifesting through the overlapping of viewpoints and life events. They work hard and consistently to make sure that everyone on the campus feels accepted and valued.

Purdue offers courses in various disciplines, and their engineering and aviation courses are some of the best.


Applicants who are interested in pursuing one of the various courses offered by Purdue University will find all the relevant information right here, such as Purdue ACT scores, admission details, acceptance rates, rankings, etc.

Purdue University – An Overview

West Lafayette, Indiana, is home to the public institution Purdue University, founded in 1869. The university is one of the top research universities in the country, and it has a solid reputation for providing high quality education at reasonable costs.


The campus of Purdue University is a sizable research facility. The institution is renowned for its offerings in math, science, technology, and engineering, as well as for its creativity, originality, and ingenuity. It is a location where people who want to learn go to put their ideas into action, especially when such innovations have a positive influence on the fields of science, technology, society, or humanitarianism.

There are almost 40,000 students at Purdue University. The university has more than 200 programs at the undergraduate level and 80 programs at the postgraduate level. Purdue University has 12 campuses in total. 


Purdue University minimum GPA required: The minimum GPA required for admission to Purdue University is 3.0.

Purdue University minimum ACT score requirements: The minimum ACT score required for admission to Purdue University is 25. 


The List of Colleges Under Purdue University are:

  • College of Agriculture
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Education
  • College of Health and Human Sciences
  • College of Science
  • College of Veterinary Medicine
School TypePublic
Founding Year1869
Academic Calender FollowedSemester wise
Phone+1 765-494-4600

Purdue University – Scholarships

Purdue University offers scholarships for students who are eligible. The scholarships offered by Purdue College include:

  •  Financial-Need-Based University-Wide Scholarships
  • Trustees Scholarship
  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Purdue Promise
  • National Merit Scholarship
  • National Recognition Programs Scholarship
  • College-Based Scholarships

Notable Alumni of Purdue University

Purdue University has a plethora of mention-worthy students. Notable Alumni of Purdue University include:

  •  Neil Armstrong
  • Gene Ceman
  • Drew Brees
  • Ted Allen
  • Gus Grissom
  • Orville Redenbacher
  • Roger B. Chaffee
  • Matt Hamill
  • Chesley Sullenberger
  • John Wooden 

Purdue University Admissions 

The acceptance rate at Purdue University is 67%. The minimum SAT score required is 580. For GPA and ACT score it is 3.0 and 25, respectively. International students have to display their proficiency in English and show evidence for financial assistance for applying to the university.

Application PortalOfficial website of the university
Application Fee$60
Minimum Score for SAT580

Purdue University Predictable Acceptance Rate for the 2022-2023 Session

The acceptance rate at Purdue University is 67%, which means out of 100 applicants, 67 are selected. This makes Purdue University somewhat selective regarding its admissions. The minimum Purdue score required for ACT is 25, and the minimum GPA is 3.0. 


Getting admission to Purdue University is not very easy, and applicants need to have high scores on tests and really good credentials in order to secure admission to the University.

Purdue University- Admission Requirements 

For getting admission to Purdue University, the following are the requirements:

  • High school grades
  • Reports of SAT/ACT scores
  • Evidence of English proficiency for international students
  • Reference letter

Purdue University-Ranking 2022 

The rankings received by Purdue university in the year 2022 are:

  • 12 Best Pilot Schools and Aviation Colleges in 2022- 1st
  • The top 100 Universities in the USA- 32nd
  • The Top 25 Colleges for Aviation Degrees-1st
  • Rankings of the Top Actuarial Science Degrees-1st
  • Top 200 Universities in the World- 20th
  • The 10 Best Aviation Colleges in the USA: 1st
  • Top 10 cheapest vet schools: 1st

Academic Life at Purdue University

Purdue offers a wonderful student experience. The atmosphere at the institution is quite welcoming, so the students have no trouble adjusting to their new surroundings and settling in. The college’s comfortable and safe housing benefits the students as well. They are instructed to schedule time for co-curricular activities in addition to academics. 

Students may live and enjoy their stay at Purdue University in a very comfortable and welcoming environment. For the students’ protection, considerable security is given. Additionally, the institution offers areas for students to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Purdue University- Undergraduate Admissions- International Students Requirements 

For applicants interested in enrolling in undergraduate courses at Purdue University, these are the requirements:

  •  A transcript of grades
  • Standardized test results
  • Letters of reference
  • Essay on instructions provided by Purdue University
  • Additional materials, such as resumes or questionnaire forms, as required by the course.
  • Records displaying proof of financial assistance
  • Test results for English language Proficiency
  • Identity Proof
  • Visa

Purdue University- Postgraduate Admissions- International Students Requirements 

Applicants who are interested in pursuing any of the postgraduate courses at Purdue University need to fulfill the following guidelines:

  • A transcript of grades
  • Evidence for language proficiency in English
  • Reports of GRE or GMAT results
  • Reports of GRE or GMAT results
  • Statement of Purpose, as required by the program.
  • 3-4 Letters of recommendation
  • Supplemental materials, as required by the programs
  • Evidence of financial assistance
  • Identity Proof
  • Visa
  • Results of prior college 

Purdue University- A Quick Recap 

The acceptance rate at Purdue University is 67%, and this makes the university somewhat selective in its admission procedure. Purdue University offers classes in a range of academic fields so that students can learn and get a degree. The institution’s academic offerings are adaptable and thoughtfully designed to satisfy the needs of the students. The minimum Purdue ACT score required is 25. 

This article completely details Purdue University’s required ACT/GPA scores, rankings, acceptance rate, and admissions process. Additionally, it contains crucial details on academics, applications for international students, etc. Before applying to any course at Purdue University, interested applicants can learn all the information.


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