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May 9, 2022 | Turito Team USA

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How to get into Rice University? This is a common question that most students ask after completing their high school studies. So, if you are also looking for answers to this question, read the guide till the end. This article will tell you everything you need to know to beat the other competitors in the race.

Rice University is one of the best universities nationwide. Many students apply here as it provides high-quality education to all students. Undoubtedly, the University witnesses a huge demand every year.

So, if you want to be a Rice University student, you need to fulfill Rice University admission requirements. Besides, you need to establish your name within the Rice University acceptance rate list. Read the guide below to know their admission requirements and start preparing accordingly. Get the best score possible to make your way through the Rice college acceptance rate.

Rice University Acceptance Rate

Rice University has the lowest acceptance rate in Texas. The Rice University acceptance rate is 11%. This means getting a chance here requires you to be a topper in your class. As per last year’s statistics, out of 23,455 students, 2,555 were selected for admission. This proves that you need to excel in your studies to pave your way through the Rice college acceptance rate. Try to get an ‘A’ in all your subjects in high school. This will improve your GPA score, which will help you in meeting the Rice University GPA requirements.

Rice University GPA Requirements

On a scale of 4.0, Rice University GPA requirement is 3.96%. In other terms, you need a 90% or higher in your high school. Yet, it is important to note that meeting only the Rice University GPA requirement is not enough to get you through admission. Keep reading to know what else you need to ensure your seat at Rice University apart from Rice University’s average GPA.

Rice University Admission Requirements

Besides Rice University’s average GPA, the following scores are also needed to enroll as a Rice University student.

Admission Requirements At Rice University
SAT Scores/Rice University ACT scores
High School GPA
Completion Certificate Of College Preparatory Program
Letters Of Recommendation
High School Class Rank
Demonstration Of Competencies

Rice University SAT and ACT Requirements

Every University has a different test score requirement. While some universities ask for SAT scores, some ask for ACT scores. Yet, when it comes to Rice University, you can skip submitting both acts or SAT scores. Standardized test scores are not necessary to be considered in the Rice acceptance rate list. But you can still choose to sit for the test to add weightage to your application form. Besides, the scores can also compensate for low GPA scores. In 2021-22, 54% of candidates submitted Rice University ACT scores, and 46% submitted SAT scores.

Rice University SAT Requirements

Rice’s average SAT requirement is 1505 on a 1600 scale. In other terms, you need to get 1505 for the authorities to consider your application. Yet, 1505 is not an easy score to beat. Therefore, you need to study strategically to achieve 1505. Try to aim for more than the Rice average SAT, as 1505 is not enough to get you admitted to the University. This is because many students might get a 1505 SAT score and secure admission through the Early Decision process. So, if you achieve more, you will have more chances of getting accepted.

Rice University SAT Score Choice Policy

Rice University has the ‘highest score’ choice policy. In this policy, the authorities ask for all the SAT scores and then pick the one that has the highest score to determine Rice’s acceptance rate. For example, suppose you appear for 3 SATs. You get 1200, 1300, and 1400 in each of the tests. The authorities will select the 3rd score as it is the highest. Rice University does not average the score to find the highest score. Instead, they check all the submissions and select the one that has the highest SAT score.

It means you have a chance to increase your score with every try and get better results. Yet, you might think, how many scores should you send to the University? Well, it is better to take 4 to 6 tests and send scores for each of them. If you send more, the University authorities might develop a negative impression of you. So, sticking to 4-6 attempts is a good choice. Besides, it is a safe thing to do. If you get low scores the second time, the University will still take the highest score.

Rice University ACT Requirements

Rice University ACT score requirement is 34 ACT. So, try to get 34 or more to fulfill their eligibility criteria. It is important to get more than the requirement to create a good impression. Besides, the authorities can place your name at the top of the list if you get better than 34 ACT.

Rice University authorities consider a 33 ACT or below as an average score and scores above 34 as a good Rice University ACT score. So, if you want to impress the authorities, try to achieve the latter.

ACT Score Sending Policy

Unlike SAT, the authorities won’t pick the highest score for selection. But you will have the freedom to send the score you prefer. So, for example, you can take as many ACTs as you like and send the score with the highest mark. This way, you can save yourself from embarrassment in front of authorities.

Besides, you can take the test more than 4-6 times to place your name on the Rice acceptance rate list. So the chance of getting into Rice University is higher with the ACT examination.

Who Gets Admission To Rice University?
Demographics Of 2025 Class Of The Rice University
State Division Ethnic Identity Gender
13% of International Students 48% White 49% Men
50% of Texas Students 1% American Indian 51% Female
50% of Texas Students 17% Hispanic
40% Asian American
11% of African American

Tips To Know Before Applying To Rice University

There are some tips you should know to improve your admission chances to Rice University. Some of the important ones are as follows.

  • Besides meeting Rice University GPA requirements, SAT, and ACT scores, participate in different courses. Enroll in more programs and advanced classes to add weight to your resume.
  • The authorities don’t conduct interviews with first-year students. So, try to make your resume as attractive as possible to get selected based on that.
  • Write good supplemental essays to submit with the form. In the essay, write about your qualifications, why you deserve admission, and others. A good essay can convince the authorities to consider you for Rice University admissions.

How To Improve SAT or ACT Scores?

If a low SAT or ACT score is causing trouble in your admission to your dream college, here are some tips to help you out. Follow these tips to increase your score and crack Rice University admissions easily.

  • Take A Test Prep Course

There are many test prep courses available in online and offline modes. Choose the one that suits your needs and enroll in the course without delay. Test prep course will help you prepare outside the classroom. The teachers will tell you the right study strategy to score more than other students and beat the Rice University admission requirements.

  • Study With A Partner

Sometimes, studying with another person can help than studying alone. It brings motivation into the study, and you can also understand concepts fast. Besides, you can ask for help while solving questions or studying difficult topics. This will clear your concepts and help you get good marks to be considered for the Rice college acceptance rate list.

  • Study The Difficult Topics First

Do not keep the difficult topics for the last. Covering difficult topics can be time-consuming. So, try to finish them first when you have ample time and then study the easier ones. This way, you can make the best use of time, cover the complete curriculum in a given time and get a good Rice University GPA score.  


Now you know everything about Rice University acceptance rate, Rice University admission requirements, and how to get into Rice University. So, if you have the required score, do not wait longer. Send your application as early as possible to not lose the opportunity. But, if you don’t have one, you can try again next time. 

Follow the tips mentioned above to learn how to get the Rice University GPA and other scores and get a seat at Rice University. For further questions, you can contact the authorities and clear your doubts. Keep checking their website to not miss the latest Rice University admissions updates. 

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