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Trinity College – Admissions, Rankings And Acceptance Rates

Oct 6, 2022

When you hear Trinity college, understand it is not the age-old  Trinity College, Cambridge, U.K; here, we will be looking at Trinity College, Connecticut, U.S.A. Trinity College, Connecticut, is one of the oldest private Colleges in the state, committed to liberal education. Founded in 1823 as Washington college with an episcopalian heritage, it prohibits the imposition of religion on any students or faculty. The Washington College was renamed Trinity College in the year 1845 

The vast heritage of Trinity College, Connecticut, can be seen throughout the regional history; the new state capitol of Hartford stands on the old “Campus Hill” of Trinity college. Accredited by the New England Commission of Education (NECE), Trinity College is peer-reviewed to have one of the best curriculums and educational amenities.  


Many people wonder that “is Trinity College a Good School?”  

 Here we will answer all your doubts, do not get confused; we are not talking about Trinity College, Cambridge, but rather Trinity College, Connecticut U.S.A. 


Located in the heart of Hartford, Trinity College is where students worldwide gather to engage in the demanding liberal arts education, find unique answers for tomorrow, and explore new possibilities. 

The educational committee at Trinity promises its students an impeccable platform for critical thinking, expressing good questions, and seeking sound solutions. With a student-faculty ratio of 9:1, professors take personal responsibility for every student’s academic development. With more than 800 courses in 41 majors, Trinity CollegeConnecticut is a hub for students to learn and experience a diverse, independent, liberal arts environment. 


In addition to its main campus in Hartford, Connecticut, Trinity College has a study-abroad campus in Rome, Italy, and a field station at Ashford, Connecticut. Throughout its arduous history, Trinity College has been a home for many notable alums who have made significant changes to society. The Pulitzer Prize winner and columnist George Will, Chairperson of MGM casino chains, and journalist and television host Tucker Carlson are some of the notable alums of Trinity College, Connecticut.  

Now, this page will look into Trinity College, Connecticut’s admissions, rankings, and acceptance rates. 


Admission to Trinity College

Trinity College, Connecticut, has highly selective admission procedures that baffle many aspirants. The candidates can apply through online platforms available on the College website; make sure you don’t mistakenly get into Trinity College, Cambridge website. 

At Trinity College, there are less than 3,000 seats available for undergraduate studies; the competition is tough, and any discrepancy during the application process may have resulted in your rejection. Fret not; the university has dedicated counselors who will guide you through all stages of our applications. 


The admission officials at Trinity College are looking for students who will explore most of their dedicated courses while taking advantage of the given facilities to contribute to the college. 

Trinity College has a highly personalized application process where the management and reviewers will get to know your academics and extra-curricular achievements. For smooth admission procedures, the college has provided information about all the techniques you must take to fill up the application and what to expect next on their website.  


Here are the candidates’ requirements for successfully registering at Trinity College, Connecticut. 


  • Complete the online application through Common App
  • Pay an application fee of $65 (application fee waived for first-generation applicants)
  • Submit your official high school transcript.
  • Submit Common Application school report.
  • Submit Documents for current academic progress.
  • Submit Recommendation Letter(s)[Max 3]


  • Submit English proficiency examination results

IELTS (7.0) 

TOFEL (100) 

DuoLingo (120) 

  • Complete Financial documents

CSS Profile 

Statement of Financial Forms (SoFF) 


  • Common application essay (recommended)
  • Admission Interviews (highly recommended)
  • SAT/ACT scores (optional)
  • Art Portfolio (majoring in Arts)

Admission reviewers of Trinity College take recommendation letters seriously; even though there is no penalty for not submitting recommendation letters, the college considers these letters a mark of student-teacher relationships and the character of the said student. Therefore, the college desires a recommendation letter from your teacher or counselor to make your application a lot more complete. 

Ranking at Trinity College

 Let’s have a look at the rankings of Trinity College, Connecticut. Being a famous private college with a long history to boot, Trinity college is one of the best places for a student to achieve dreams of Liberal arts education. 

U.S.News& World Report ranks Trinity College as #35, while Forbes and Niche rank it #12 and #37 among national Liberal arts colleges. In addition, many reports rank Trinity College as one of the best-value colleges in the U.S., with innovative schools with full social mobility. 

Niche ranks Trinity college among the best small colleges in America and ranks it #83 among the top private colleges in America. In addition, it is one of America’s best colleges for Public Policies and History. 

While looking through various rankings of Trinity College, we can consider the answer to the question, “is Trinity College a Good School?” as yes! But don’t jump to conclusions; let’s look at the acceptances and various criteria for students being admitted to the university. 

The acceptance rate at Trinity College

At last, we will examine the Acceptance rates of students at Trinity College, Connecticut. The competition among candidates at trinity college for enrollment is fierce. With low acceptance rates of 38%, only 3-4 out of 10 candidates get accepted into Trinity College.  

We can say that Trinity college selectively enrolls students with high academic and interpersonal skills into its fold to create a highly academic atmosphere where its students can thrive. College admission officials consider high school GPA and recommendations essential for enrollment. Even though standard test scores of SAT and ACT scores are optional at Trinity college, an average of 1333-1480 SAT and 29-33 ACT scores can enrich your application. 

After going through the overview, admission criteria, ranking, and acceptance rates, What do you think about Trinity college? Is Trinity College a Good School? 

Trinity College


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