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Tufts University Acceptance Rate: SAT, ACT Requirements and Tips To Improve GPA

Jan 13, 2023

Tufts University is a dream college for many students worldwide. It is one of the top 50 undergraduate schools. So, undoubtedly every student wishes to get admission here. Yet, only a selected few get a chance to participate in this University because of the Tufts acceptance rate.


So if you want to apply to Tufts University for a graduation degree, you need to know Tufts acceptance rate and admission criteria. In this article, you will learn about their admission requirements and more. 

Tufts University Acceptance Rate 

Tufts is quite selective with its admission process. Due to its high demand, it receives many applications every year. As a result, Tufts’s acceptance rate is 16%. But Tufts made a record for the Class of 2026. The Tufts early decision acceptance rate was only 9% of applicants, which is the lowest in the history of Tuft’s admission. This has made admission more challenging than before. So, if you wish to get into Tufts University, you need to have a remarkable GPA and SAT/ACT scores.


Wondering what is Tufts’s GPA and SAT/ACT requirements? Keep reading to know. But before that, let’s take a look at the profile of the 2025 class.

Class of 2025: Profile

The following table consists of the profile of the 2025 class. Go through the table to know how candidates are selected within the Tufts University acceptance rate.

Application Information
Applications    31,198
Acceptances     3,566
Tufts acceptance rate    11.4%
Test Score Ranges Of Admitted Students 
Mid 50% Range for SAT – ERW720-770
Mid 50% Range for SAT – Math740-790
Mid 50% Range for ACT 33-35
Demographic Profile Of Enrolled Students 
Enrolled Students1,805
Percentage of U.S. Citizens Who Are Students of Color*48.4%
School of the Museum of Fine Arts (BFA)82
Arts and Sciences1,343
School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Combined Degree)83
Black or African American7.8%
Two or More Races10%
Native or Indigenous Background37
Percentage Receiving Pell Grants12%
% No Race or Ethnicity Given3.6%
Foreign Citizens233
1st Generation College Bound228
High School And Geography
U.S. States Represented (excluding Puerto Rico and DC)    50
Public High School     53%
Foreign Countries Represented     74
Independent Schools, Religious, and Parochial Schools     47%

Tufts GPA Requirements

Like many other institutions, Tufts also has a basic GPA requirement to accept applications. However, if you want to get the acceptance letter to the University, you need to score more. For instance, you might have the Tufts average GPA score for your application to get selected. But, many other students might have the same score as yours. So, to ensure that you get through the Tufts University admissions no matter what, try to get a high score as much as possible. 

Tufts GPA requirement score is 4.04. So, try to get 4.04 or more to secure a seat. 4.04 GPA is equal to 94%. This means you need to be a topper in your class. In addition, you must have an ‘A’ in all the Class 12 subjects. Besides, having a completion certificate in I.B. or A.P. courses is a plus factor.


If you don’t have one, there is nothing to worry about. You can adjust your score with the ACT or SAT. Try to get a better ACT or SAT score to make up for a low GPA. The following section will tell you Tufts’s SAT and ACT requirements.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Different schools have different requirements. While some might ask for the SAT scores, some can ask for the ACT scores. However, Tufts University accepts both. So, you can show your SAT score or ACT score to compensate for a low GPA.


Tufts University SAT Score Requirement

Tufts University expects its applicants to be among the 6% of SAT takers. So how can you be one of them? You simply need to get a 1380 SAT score. But if you can get a 1460 SAT score, your chance of getting through the admission process will increase.

Tufts University ACT Score Requirement

Tufts asks for a 32 ACT score for admission. But like SAT, if you get more, you can place your name at the top of the Tufts admission list. For instance, if the score is 35 ACT, it is quite challenging for many candidates to beat this score. Thus, students might get less, which will push your name upward on the list.

Tufts’s acceptance rate16%
Tufts GPA requirement score4.04 and more
Tufts SAT requirement score1380 and more
Tufts ACT requirement score35 and more

Other Tufts Admission Requirements

Now you know what GPA, ACT, and SAT score you need to get through the Tufts admission process. But is that all? No, there might be candidates with the same Tufts GPA, Tufts ACT, or Tufts SAT score as you. So how can you win the race? For that, you need to make your application stand out.

The key rule is to make your application as strong as possible. You can ask for recommendation letters from your teachers. Let your teachers speak about your performance on your behalf. A recommendation letter is a letter that speaks about how good you are as a candidate. So, ensure that you have at least one letter of recommendation from your teacher. The more you have it, the better your chances of getting a position on the Tufts admission rate list.


Besides, try to submit an application essay with your form. But what is an ‘application essay’?

An application essay is where you need to write about yourself. You can write about your beliefs, opinions, and why you want admission to Tufts University. Make it look convincing, attractive, and genuine to increase your chances of admission.

Apart from this, try to improve your extra-curricular performance as well. So, if you want to take admitted to Tufts University, extra-curricular performance is also what you should focus on. Extra-curricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation can give a boost to your application. So, send this with your documents to increase your chances of being a Tufts University student and place your name on the Tufts early decision acceptance rate list.

Tips To Improve GPA, SAT, and ACT Score

If you don’t have the desired GPA, SAT, or ACT score for Tuft University admission, don’t worry! There are genuine ways you can improve your score and put your name on the Tufts University acceptance rate list.

The following tips will help you elevate your GPA, SAT, and ACT score easily and get through the Tufts admissions.

  1. Take notes: Undoubtedly, it is important to attend all the classes. But it is even more essential to take class notes. You might forget something important discussed in class. But, if you have the notes, you can go over them anytime you want. 
  2. Join Class Discussions: Don’t just listen to the teacher’s lectures; join class discussions. This will help clear your doubts and help you understand the topics even better, and get a Tufts University GPA.
  3. Follow a study schedule: The moment you begin your preparation, make a study routine first. A study routine helps to prepare lessons each day without lagging. Try to follow the routine strictly to cover all the lessons within a given time and place your name under the Tufts admission rate list. 
  4. Solve Questions: The more questions you solve, the better will be your preparation. So, do not neglect this step while trying to improve your score.
  5. Study the difficult topics first: Do not neglect the difficult topics. Instead, try to study them first. It is easier to cover the easy topics at the end. But it is not easy to learn difficult topics after the easy ones are over. 
  6. Write it down: The best way to remember all the topics is to write them down. The more you write, the better your preparation will be. This way, you can analyze your mistakes and work on them. Besides, you won’t forget an important topic for the examination. 


Here is a recap! Tufts University is quite selective with its admission process. You need to have a 4.04 GPA or more to put your name under the Tufts University acceptance rate. But, having an SAT or ACT score is an extra factor that will help you compensate for a GPA lower than the Tufts GPA requirement. Besides, attaching recommendation letters, extra-curricular records, and application essays will improve your application.

So, what are you waiting for? If you meet the Tufts acceptance rate criteria, then submit your application today. But if you don’t have one, reappear for the tests to get your desired score. Remember: A good strategy will help you master your weaknesses and get outstanding scores in the examination.

tufts acceptance rate


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