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35 ACT Score: Is This Good? Colleges You Can Get Into

Apr 4, 2022

Is your college asking for a 35 ACT score, but you are clueless about what it means? Relax! This blog will tell you everything about the 35 ACT scores you need to know before applying to a specific institution. Read till the end, and you will be able to determine whether 35 on the ACT is a good score and what it means on the scale. 

Is 35 A Good ACT Score?

Let’s clear your confusion about the 35 ACT score. If you have attained a 35 ACT or your college is asking for one, it means they are asking for an above-average score. 35 on the ACT is equal to 99%. So, this means you need to be a topper in the class to have a 35 on the ACT. 36 ACT is considered as 100% or full marks in all subjects. So, you can easily understand how competitive a 35 ACT score is. To summarize, 35 on the ACT is just one mark less than the perfect ACT score, and you have attained an almost perfect score.


Highly selective colleges generally ask for this score as not every student can get one. So, if your college asks for one, they are very particular about perfect scores and students’ admission process. 

What Does 35 ACT mean on an SAT Scale?

35 ACT equals 1540 on the SAT according to ACT concordance. However, 1600 is considered the perfect SAT score, so undoubtedly, 1540 is a much closer score to an excellent 1600 on SAT.


What Colleges Can I Get Admission Into?

Hopefully, we have cleared your concept on 35 ACT. Now let’s look at some of the top-ranked colleges that ask for this ACT. It is important to note that these are also the top colleges worldwide, irrespective of their ACT score requirements. 

CollegeAverage ACT
Harvard University34
Princeton University33
Stanford University33
Yale University34
Duke University34
University of Chicago34
California Institute of Technology35
Massachusetts Institute of Technology35
Rice University35
Johns Hopkins University35
Brown University34
Dartmouth College33
Amherst College33
Northwestern University34
Vanderbilt University34

How Can I Improve My Score To Get 35 ACT? 

Didn’t get a 35 ACT on the first attempt? That’s okay! ACT 35 is a challenging score to beat on the first attempt. But don’t worry! If you follow our techniques, you can surely get one next year. Follow the steps mentioned below to know how you can achieve ACT 35 with smart work, dedication, and consistent effort. 


Take A Practice Test

So, if you failed on your first attempt, sit for a full-length ACT practice test. It is important to figure out your strengths and weaknesses and the best way to do so is by sitting for the practice set. Then, you can analyze the score and the portions where you have made mistakes for yourself. For example, suppose if you take a practice test for all the four sections of the ACT, you might conclude that the score for Maths is the lowest. Thus, you can practice Maths more during preparation, so that you don’t make a mistake again and lose a mark.


Practise tests come with a time restriction. So, try to finish it within the given time, the same as the one in the ACT. After all, you would not want to miss a score just because you did not finish the paper on time. The ultimate goal is to understand where you are lacking and improve on it. 

Set Raw Score Goals for Each Section


The most important thing to do next is to understand the raw score goals for each section. If you want to get 35 ACT, you don’t need to attend all the questions asked in the question paper. Instead, you can answer only the ones you are confident with. This will help you in managing time. Here is a goal you can set to get ACT 35 scores.

  • English: 72 out of 75
  • Math: 56 out of 60
  • Reading: 39 out of 40
  • Science: 39 out of 40

So, these are the scores that you need to get to meet a 35 ACT. But, it is important to get all of them right, else your total score might drop. Since ACT doesn’t have a negative marking, if you finish the paper before the given time, you can answer the left out questions as well. Your guesswork can also contribute to a better score if you are fortunate enough.


Gather ACT Prep Materials

Textbooks can give you an average score. But if you want more, you have to study more. So, we suggest you buy ACT prep materials available in stores. You can also study guides, reference books, and learning materials available online to ace up your preparation. The ACT prep materials will give you an idea of the important topics. Besides, it will provide you with questions that you can solve and extra notes to gain clarity over a subject or a topic. 


General Advice To Follow While Sitting For The ACT Examination

Now you know how you can make an effective preparation for the ACT examination. Apart from these, here is some advice that you can follow to get the most score improvements in less time during the examination. 

Always Guess

There is no penalty for guesswork on the ACT. So, it’s preferable to write in random answers to difficult questions, even if you aren’t sure of them. Take a chance because you have a 20-25 percent probability of getting the answer right. 

Use The Process Of Elimination

Eliminating incorrect answers is an excellent method to tackle difficult questions. It will boost your chances of receiving points if you get stuck on a topic and have to guess. Even if the correct answer isn’t always evident, it’s possible to notice at least 1 – 2 incorrect replies. This will increase your chances of answering a question to 33% or even 50% correctly. For instance, suppose you get a question and don’t know its answer. But then you look at the four options and find out that the third option is a complete no. So, you can now focus on the three other options left to see which one is right. This will help you in answering all the difficult questions easily.  

Don’t Get Stuck On Hard Questions

Marking difficult questions and returning to them later is a wonderful practice. On the ACT, timing is crucial because each question has less than a minute time limit. This implies that if you spend five minutes on a difficult question, you’re preceding the chance to work on five other questions. This will lower your score. So, answer the easy questions first and if you see that you still have time to answer some more, then go back to the difficult questions and try to work on them. 

Mark Unsure Questions

Don’t merely correct multiple-choice questions and add up your total when practicing. Rather, mark any questions you’re not sure about with a star. This way, when you go back to correcting your responses, you’ll be able to identify why you had difficulty with that particular question. If you only concentrate on incorrect responses, you risk leaving some content holes unfilled. Remember that the study aim is not to get all answers right but to be sure that no answers get wrong.

Identify And Fix Weaknesses

When revising your ACT practice problems, don’t go over the response justifications quickly. Instead, it would help if you determine why the examiner gave the incorrect answer and how you can avoid making the same error in the future. You cannot improve your score if you drill practice questions without knowing the limitations. We recommend keeping track of your mistakes in a notebook. This will assist you in keeping track of your weaknesses and directing your study time.

Don’t Worry About The Essay

The ACT Writing part, sometimes known as the Essay, has no bearing on your overall score. So, if achieving ACT 35 is your major goal, don’t waste too much time studying for the Essay. But, allot minimal time for the Essay as some institutes might ask for it. But don’t squander valuable time practicing for this part when you have more vital sections to answer in the examination.


Hopefully, we have answered all your queries regarding ACT 35, the colleges that you can attend with this score, how you can improve your score, and general advice while giving the examination. Keep the tips and tricks in mind to improve your score drastically and get admission to your desired college. You can contact the shortlisted colleges if you have more questions on the 35 ACT. We hope you get through your dream college without much hassle and graduate with a high rank. Good luck! 


35 ACT Score


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