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Tulane University Acceptance Rate and Score Requirements

Mar 11, 2023

Tulane University might be the best place for you to attain world-class education. The school’s campus offers rich history, unique spirit, and vibrant culture and delivers top-class education in various fields. The school attracts the best students around the world. Tulane’s acceptance rate is very low, and it is known for its high competitiveness. Founded in 1834, Tulane University is a private school that offers both undergraduate and graduate courses. 

In the fall of 2020, its total undergraduate enrollment was estimated at around 7,700. It follows a semester-based academic calendar. In the past year, Tulane’s Acceptance Rate was 9.7%. Unfortunately, this means that of every 100 applicants, only 10 get a chance to enroll. 


Most of the students who got accepted had SAT scores above 1520. Students also need a composite Tulane average ACT score of a minimum of 32. It is also estimated that the Tulane GPA requirements range between 3.5 and 3.96. Tulane University is a highly selective college. Therefore, applicants need extraordinary scores to get a seat in the school. 

Ranking Of the Tulane University 

Colleges are ranked as per their performance in various accepted indicators of acceptance. Tulane University is a private educational body ranked 42 on the list of national universities. 


Tulane Acceptance Rate

You would be wondering how hard it is to get into Tulane University. The average Tulane acceptance rate is 12.9%. This figure further decreased to 9.7 % for the class of 2025. Due to its low acceptance rate, it is ranked 1 in Louisiana. Last year’s data shows that only 5,431 out of 42,185 applicants got an admission offer. Therefore, students need to prepare rigorously to get into school. 

In previous years the average Tulane GPA requirement was estimated at 3.5 on a scale of 4.0. This figure indicates that according to Tulane University GPA, only B+ students are considered for admission. Anyone with lower grades hardly gets a chance to take admitted to the school. 


Admission Requirements That Decide Tulane Acceptance Rate

While planning to take admitted to Tulane University, the first question that comes to your mind is: What are the admission requirements? Though many aspects are included in this university’s admission. It would be best if you primarily focused on the following: 

  • Tulane University Average GPA 
  • Tulane Average ACT 
  • SAT score requirements. 
  • Essay writing. 

This article will cover the Tulane Acceptance Rate and admission requirements to increase your chances of selection. If you want to enroll in Tulane University, the first thing to notice is its acceptance rate because it tells you the level of competition. The average Tulane Acceptance Rate is calculated at around 12.9%. This means that in every 100 students, 13 are granted admission by fulfilling SAT score, Tulane Average ACT, and Tulane GPA Requirements. 


From the available data, it can be said that the college is highly competitive. But, if you fulfill all the admission requirements, consisting of SAT score, Tulane Average ACT, and Tulane University GPA, you will undoubtedly get an admission offer. 

Tulane University Average GPA Requirements

All the prospective applicants want to know about the Tulane GPA Requirements to secure a seat in the university. From the available data, it is estimated that the average Tulane GPA for a freshman is nearly 3.5 on a scale of 4. Therefore, it will be perfect to say that students with B+ and higher grades are considered for admission.


The following table demonstrates Tulane University Competitiveness according to the Tulane University GPA.

Tulane GPA Acceptance RateCompetitiveness 
3.75 and above30 %Good
3.50 – 3.7524%Above average
3.25 – 3.5022%Below average
3.00 – 3.2515%Reach 

SAT Score Requirements For Tulane University

Apart from the exceptional Tulane University Average GPA, your SAT scores play a vital role in getting admission to Tulane University. Let’s find out the average SAT score for the school. Typically, admission officers want applicants to be among the top 7% of SAT test-takers.


In addition, the university generally wants your SAT score to be at least 1280. If you score anything below this figure, your chances of getting admission might be negligible. The school ranks 1 in Louisiana for considering the highest SAT score for admission. The average SAT score is estimated to be 1440 out of 1600. The following table demonstrates the SAT score required for increasing your chances of selection.

SAT ScoreAcceptance rateCompetitiveness
1520 and aboveAbove 20%Good 
1440-152013-20%Above average
1360-14408-13%Below average
Below 1280Below 5%Low

Tulane Average ACT Requirement

Besides Tulane University GPA, your ACT score is essential for the admission requirements. Previous years’ admission data indicates that the school grants admission to only those whose ACT score exceeds 32. However, in some cases, the school accepts an ACT score as low as 30. 


Applicants with an ACT score of 33 or above are given top priority while offering admission. Therefore, students with 32 or higher ACT scores stand a great chance of getting into Tulane University. It would be helpful to focus on scoring exceptional marks on the ACT to enhance your chance of getting into the school. The following table will give a clear idea about the ACT score and its competitiveness.

ACT ScoreAcceptance rateCompetitiveness
34 and aboveAbove 20%Good 
30-3413-20%Above average
27-308-13%Below average
Below 24Below 5%Low

What Does Tulane University Look For?

Tulane University evaluates applications comprehensively and considers various factors for granting admission offers. However, the authorities primarily focus on applicants’ scores. Tulane University Average GPA, SAT, and ACT score is very high. Therefore, applicants need to prepare rigorously to get exceptional grades on these tests.

Along with meeting the Tulane GPA Requirements, applicants need to work on extracurricular activities. Activities like club participation, volunteering for various causes, research, and much more dramatically benefit you in having a solid application.

Undoubtedly Tulane University GPA, SAT, and ACT score requirements are essential factors for getting admission. On a broader aspect, the school looks for students who can engage with the university. One of the best ways to know about the school is by visiting the campus and interacting with the admission counselors.

Tulane University itself reaches out to students to offer admission through the Focus Louisiana Program on specific grounds. Some of these criteria include:

  • The applicant should be a resident of Louisiana.
  • Student or graduate of Louisiana high school.
  • Minimum 31 ACT score.
  • SAT score of 1450 and above.
  • Tulane GPA above 3.6 
  • Applicants need to be a freshman.
  • Applicants should have no record of bad conduct in high school.

Apart from the above-mentioned criteria applicant should have completed high school with the following conduct:

  • Four years of English.
  • Three years of lab science, mathematics, and social science.
  • Two years of foreign language.

Tulane University’s Application Evaluation Criteria

Tulane University primarily evaluates an application according to the following criteria:

  • Tulane GPA Requirements
  • ACT score
  • SAT score
  • Challenging courses are taken by applicants
  • The class rank of the applicant

The school also considers the following factors before making the final decision:

  • Letter of recommendation
  • Essay writing
  • Code of conduct or character of the applicant

How can you increase your chances of selection?

From the above data, it is clear that getting into Tulane university is quite challenging. Therefore, applicants need to prepare rigorously in high school to secure a seat in college. 

Following are some tips that will increase your chances of selection:

  • Your GPA score is one of the essential factors that get you through the admission procedure. Tulane University Average GPA is estimated to be 3.5. You should work hard to earn at least a 3.5 GPA to improve your chances of selection.
  • Get involved in Extracurricular activities to stand out from your competitors. Tulane University values unique talent and quality while making an admission decision. The school authorities want to know what benefits you will bring to the school. 
  • If you have the documents of in-state residency, then you should use them to apply as a Louisiana resident. In-state, applicants have higher chances of getting through the admission process. 
  • Essay writing is an essential part of the admission procedure. Though an essay is optional for application, it certainly helps you get an edge. Focus and enhance your writing skills because it enables you to showcase your uniqueness and stand out from the crowd.

The school has three application processes, namely early decision (ED), regular decision (RD), and early action (EA). You should apply for ED and AD because their acceptance rate is higher. Though the school is highly competitive, you can increase your chances of selection with proper paperwork and rigorous preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are my chances of admission to Tulane? 

Tulane admits 11% of those who apply. The admissions competition is fierce, and the college has high admissions standards. Check your grades and test scores to see if you are eligible for admission.

2. What is the SAT score cutoff for admission to Tulane University?

The median SAT score for admitted candidates is between 1340 and 1500. When applying, 23% of students include their SAT results. Check to see if your SAT score qualifies you for admission. 

Tulane Acceptance Rate


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